My entire childhood I lied to my dentist about flossing my teeth once a day. In truth, while my brushing habits were spectacular—mostly thanks to my electric toothbrush—my flossing was less than exemplary. Spoiler alert: They definitely knew I wasn’t telling the truth and eventually started calling me out in adulthood. That’s when I discovered water flossers. 

The devices blast away plaque and debris with a jet stream of water to leave your gums impeccably clean. And although they’re not a replacement for traditional floss—the two products should be used in conjunction—it’s an easy way to upgrade your oral health habits for an extra clean mouth. And it turns out, Health readers have already picked their favorite one: the Waterpik Aquarius Electric Water Flosser ($40, was $70;

The countertop flosser was one of Health readers most-shopped-for products in yesterday’s Prime Day sale—and it’s easy to see why. The number one best-selling water flosser has more than 35,000 5-star reviews from shoppers that call it “godsend” for removing food debris, relieving irritated gums, and preventing bad breath. And while the flosser typically costs almost $100, it’s on sale for just $40 until 11:59 p.m. ET.

Available in a variety of colors to match your bathroom decor, the water flosser comes with 7 different head options, including specialized options for braces and implants. It also has 10 different water settings—as well as a massager mode—that lets you control the water pressure up to 100 PSI (i.e. the highest force of a water flosser). While the lower settings are ideal for beginners, you’ll want to stock with 70 PSI or higher to ensure you’re really removing 99.9% of plaque.

Plus, its built-in reservoir actually holds enough water for up to 60 seconds of continuous flossing (unlike handheld options that require multiple refills). As a result, it’s easy to integrate the treatment into your nightly routine with minimal effort—and reviewers say it actually pays off. 

“It has totally changed how I feel about flossing my teeth. My teeth are very close together and regular floss gets caught and feels like I am going to pull my crowns and veneers off. The Waterpik gets my teeth cleaner than regular floss and doesn’t hurt,” wrote a reviewer. 

Another shopper added: “I am the son of a dentist, the brother of a dentist, and the son of a professor of dentistry at one of the prominent dental schools. Needless to say, oral hygiene has been beaten into me since I was a child. Having grown up with a WaterPik in my house and always [owning] one, I can tell you that this is the best one I’ve ever had.”

In fact, multiple people claim it also leaves your teeth feeling like you just left the dentist—and a few even say it’s saved them thousands of dollars on expensive procedures and treatment. Of course, it’s always important to consult your dentists before trying out new oral health products, especially if you have veneers or other implants.

So if you’re ready to improve your oral health for the better (while seriously impressing your dentists), look no further than the Waterpik Aquarius. Just be sure to snag the best-seller while it’s still discounted or you’ll end up paying almost twice the current price.

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