Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, ex-Overwatch pro turned full-time Twitch streamer, has revealed his plans to buy his outro music for his streams, in order to avoid any DMCA copyright strikes or even a ban from the platform. 

The ongoing DMCA controversy has plunged many Twitch streamers into legitimate concerns over permanent bans to their channels. Many have called for Twitch itself to do more to protect its content creators from bans, but it seems that the platform are incredibly limited in terms of their options.

As a result, some of the biggest names on Twitch have been forced to remove thousands of hours of past content. Pokimane confirmed that she would be removing all her old VODs, while summit1g revealed just how close he was to a permanent ban after three separate DMCA strikes.

It seems that, like summit1g, xQc is under threat from DMCA strikes, revealing in a November 7 live stream that he intends to purchase the rights to his outro music in order to avoid strikes over its inclusion in past content. The song Lengyel plays over the end of his streams is ‘Enterlude and Exitlude’ by American rock band The Killers.

He has, in the past, stated his contempt for the record labels that are fuelling the DMCA controversies, but he appears to know that inaction will eventually lead to a ban on his channel.

“Also I have to tweet at The Killers about their song, if I can listen to it for outro [music],” he said. “Otherwise I’ll buy the license or whatever. Chat how much do you think it is for me to buy the license for me to listen to the song for outro. $25k? Well, I’ll buy it regardless because I think it’s part of the stream identity and whatever the price is, I don’t wanna lose that.”

He went to explain that he thinks it’s a “big part of the stream” and not something he wants to lose. He continued: “I’m not gonna say ‘oh the stream wouldn’t be here without it’ but it’s like a part of what it [the stream] is, regardless.”

It’s not yet clear whether xQc will be able to obtain the rights to the music he wants, but it would certainly be a big step in him keeping his streams the way they are. Even if verbal permission is not granted, xQc appears determined to buy the music, if that’s what the situation requires.

Streaming veteran Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar has revealed just how close to a ban from Twitch he is, having received three copyright strikes in the ongoing DMCA controversy. 

Recent weeks and months have seen a number of Twitch streamers forced to delete countless hours of past VODs and clips to avoid receiving copyright strikes and, ultimately, being banned from the platform.

Many have called on the platform to do more to protect streamers and their content, but it seems Twitch has its hands tied. The general response from streamers has been to remove past content from Twitch and re-upload it to other platforms where the risk of accumulating copyright strikes is far lower.

Despite being on the platform full-time since 2012, Summit has been affected just as strongly as any other streamer. In fact, it seems he’s treading an incredibly fine line at the moment, confirming on November 7 that he has already received multiple strikes.

“It’s getting kinda serious, I gotta be honest,” he said, when asked about the situation by a viewer. “I’ve been DMCA’d three times now. And I had to send off emails saying like ‘Yo, I started this deletion process, I need these reverted.’ I’m assuming that something went down because I’m not banned and I’m on a three-strike banger.”

Most DMCA claims relate to music featured in old broadcasts, and it appears that no one is safe, not even streamers who have been on the platform for nearly a decade. Pokimane, for example, the most followed female streamer in the world, has also been forced to remove all her VODs from the platform.

When a viewer suggested he would be protected due to his popularity on the platform, Summit explained his concern. “When it comes down to getting sued by the music industry, or getting rid of the streamer that’s causing that suit, I don’t know man, I’m a little worried.”

He went on to explain that it would be “quite a swing of life, if all of a sudden I was not employed by Twitch anymore, that would be a curveball. I’m not really sure what I would do after that.”

Whether Summit can avoid a ban despite the numerous strikes remains to be seen, but it would certainly be significant news if a streamer of his tenure and popularity receives a suspension. For now, we’ll have to hope his emails keep him on the right side of any DMCA ramifications.

Source: https://www.dexerto.com/entertainment/xqc-says-hes-willing-to-pay-huge-money-to-avoid-twitch-ban-for-music-1449550/

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