Wyze, a fan-favorite at 9to5 for budget-focused smart home gear, is announcing three new products today. All will have slightly different release dates, but we’ll dive into what each new item has to offer. You’ll find that Wyze is releasing a much-desired video doorbell, a pair of active noise-canceling headphones, and even a smart thermostat. What all will you get with the new Wyze gear? Keep reading to find out.

Most video doorbells on the market are $80 or more, and even those that go for around $100 (like Ring), only just recently got an upgrade to shoot 1080p. Wyze said that they wanted to create “the most affordable and compact hardwired doorbell on the market.” They took what other companies have done for years, which is to make bulky video doorbells, and put it into a fairly compact design. Using a similar camera sensor to the Wyze Cameras, they were able to pack “crisp 1080p video quality” into their new Video Doorbell. Like normal, you can expect free 14-day rolling cloud storage as well as the ability to utilize Cam Plus, which includes continuous video recording and more. Each Doorbell comes with a Chime, which makes it simple to know when someone’s at the door if you can’t get to a phone. Night vision ensures that you’ll know who’s outside, whether it’s light or dark at the time. Given the spec sheet, it seriously looks like Wyze will give video doorbell makers like Ring and Arlo a run for their money. Wyze Video Doorbell is breaking the mold and offering all of this in a low-cost package and will be available for pre-order starting today at $29.99.

Most people associate high prices with active noise-canceling headphones. And while pricing isn’t available for Wyze Headphones yet, we can imagine that it’ll be quite affordable. According to Wyze, the company’s first foray into headphones required partnering with “master audio engineers” to “create an affordable pair of headphones that feel and sound like a $200 pair.” Placing “extra emphasis” on active noise cancellation, Wyze Headphones offers a 40dB quick on/off setting that can block out the world around you. With four noise-canceling mics and an “ultra-fast ANC processor,” the ambient noise around you is “reduced to a whisper so you can stay focused while the world buzzes around you.”

Rocking 38mm biocellulose diaphragm drivers, Wyze Headphones are designed to let you rock out and “transport you to the front row of your favorite concert.” Offering in-app EQ, you can either create your own custom preference or choose from the remade music, voice, movies, gaming, or other settings. You’ll find dual voice-isolating microphones on Wyze Headphones, which are designed to make sure the person on the other end of the call only hears you, and nothing else. Plus, Amazon Alexa is built-in, giving a native voice assistant that gives you access to weather, music, reminders, and much more through simple vocal commands.

Pricing isn’t yet available on Wyze Headphones, but we’re expecting them to be fairly budget-focused, considering the price of the company’s other gear and the newly-announced Wyze Video Doorbell. We do know that Wyze Headphones will be available for pre-order on September 29.

When most people think of a smart thermostat, the first thing that comes to mind is a big screen on their wall that they have to touch to change the temperature. Before smart thermostats, we had dials, buttons, or bars that we would physically interact with in order to make it warmer or cooler indoors, but gone are those days…until now.

Wyze Thermostat offers the ability to use an app, Alexa/Assistant, or a dial to change the temperature inside. You’ll have all the benefits of normal smart thermostats, including schedules, away-from-home control, automatic changes (like adjusting the temp when you’re away or return), and even soon, learning, but also have the ability to turn a knob to make it warmer or cooler. This is something that no other smart thermostat provides, and I honestly think it’s really cool.

The best thing about Wyze Thermostat is that automated learning is on the horizon. Wyze is currently working on finishing up the feature that will learn your slight adjustments throughout the day to better tailor the temperature to fit exactly what you want, when you want, with no input from you. This is something generally reserved for higher-end thermostats, like ecobee and Nest, so finding it in something that will likely be fairly budget-focused is awesome.

Similar to Wyze Headphones, no pricing is available on Wyze Thermostat yet, but we’re expecting that in the coming weeks and will keep you updated as soon as we know more. Given the company’s other products, we’re expecting it to be on the lower end of the pricing spectrum when it comes to smart thermostats. While we might not know the exact price here, we do know that Wyze Thermostat will be up for pre-order on October 6.

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