Fans of Grand Theft Auto Online are looking forward to the game’s next major update, which is set to release this winter. So, here’s what we know so far. 

Ever since releasing back in 2013, GTA Online has been chock full of updates – be it to celebrate a real-life holiday, the game’s anniversary, or to bring a whole host of new content. 

Prior to the Los Santos City Special summer update, which brought a whole host of new cars to GTA Online, Rockstar Games gave players a little bit of insight into what’s coming after that – specifically, a major winter update.

This upcoming update is set to add a new heist for GTA Online players to try their hand at. So, with that in mind, here’s everything that’s known about the update so far. 

Up to this point, Rockstar have been pretty cryptic about when an update will release. They’ve said that it’s coming this winter, but that could mean anything. 

In the last few years, the Christmas update – where snow and other decorations are added to Los Santos – has typically been released between December 18 and December 21st. However, with this update bringing a heist with it, it could come sooner.

In fact, last year, the Diamond Casino Heist update – which is a similar update to what we’ll be getting this time around – was released on December 12. So, we’ll just have to wait and see what the GTA devs do, but updates come on a Thursday so don’t’ expect a random Monday update. 

As for what the new heist will entail, again, Rockstar have been ultra cryptic. They’ve teased an entirely new location but that’s it so far. 

Some fans have taken that to mean that they will be whisked away to some island for a job, although others have suggested that Rockstar will simply open up buildings inside Los Santos that have never been available. 

Again, it really is just a case of wait and see until they either ramp up the teases or just give out some confirmed information – and neither of those can be too far away at this stage. 

With Christmas being the time for giving, Rockstar also usually hands out gifts to players simply for logging in and playing a few moments. 

These rewards typically come in the form of new clothing, free ammo for weapons, and discounts on vehicles, and we can expect those to make a return this holiday season too. 

As for everything else, there will likely be some new vehicles, jobs, clothes, and possibly houses to purchase once the new update comes around. 

With the move to the next-gen consoles on the horizon, Rockstar might take a huge leap forward with GTA Online. We’ll just have to wait and see what they’ve got up their sleeve.

Cypher is Valorant’s one-man surveillance network with the power to provide valuable intel, so these handy tricks will give you the inside scoop so you can stay one step ahead of your opposite number. 

As one of the only sentinels in the game right now, Cypher has spent his fair share of time in the spotlight. He’s dominated the meta with his ability to gain information on his opponents and give his team positional advantages.

Riot has been repeatedly forced into patching the Sentinel’s glitches, including this game-breaking Spycam exploit which allowed him to gun down enemies via the camera. There was also another exploit that literally gave him a leg-up on his opponents.

Bugs aside, Cypher dominates the competitive meta in Valorant — and with good reason. Players who have got to grips with the surveillance expert can single-handedly hold a Reactor Site with their array of traps and recon utility.

Although, Cypher’s Spycam is often easily destroyed depending on just how sneaky players are when placing it. That’s where these nifty spots come into play.

We’ve put together a round up of some of the best spots to place Cypher’s camera. These spots will give you the best vantage points and also keep your camera out of sight.

Here are a couple of examples of some clever spots which any Cypher main can utilize, to gather essential intel which can alter the course of a round.

This spot in A Showers/Bath, where Cyphers can place their Spycam on the lightshade, is tough for the enemy to spot as they walk in from A-Long. This could save vital player resources, as your team will no longer need to dedicate an Agent to prevent early control of this area.

Over on B site, u/ZACORT420 discovered a spot that provides coverage of both B site and B long. It takes a bit of practice to get right, but the payoff is huge.

Meanwhile, this spot, displayed by u/Zachattack6089, is slightly easier to execute, but also more likely to be spotted out.

They both cover similar areas, so knowing how to execute each of them can be a useful trick to have up your sleeve and keep opponents guessing.

There are spots for your Spycam on other maps too. This Ascent spot, discovered by u/jolo_mat2008, takes a bit of practice to execute, but it can provide coverage of B main while also being hard for attackers to spot out.

The bottom line with Cypher cams is to mix up the locations as much as possible. Keeping opponents guessing is the best way to gain an advantage for your team.


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