Nintendo recently released a demo for Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity on the Switch earlier this week and while many Zelda fans have been enjoying it, one common concern seems to be about the game’s frame rate.

Frame rate tests so far reveal the game is targeting around 30fps, but in reality, it can dip as low as 20fps. It seems to be up and down like a yo-yo and well, people have noticed. Here’s what one member of the GameXplain team had to say about it:

“the framerate chugs, it chugs so bad…I hope they find a way to somehow patch this before release because it really does kind of hinder the experience…it does get better in the second level where you’re fighting the guardian, but still, that means it’s probably going to come back in later levels as well.”

This issue has also been highlighted by a number of players over on the Nintendo Switch subreddit and social media platforms, like Twitter:

“Really, I like everything about the demo, expect [sic] the biggest problem that everyone is already talking about : The frame rate is so bad in the first mission, I really hope that they will find a way to be a little be [sic] better. The second mission was better for the frame rate, but really, a lot of people will give up the game if the first mission in the demo got a bad FPS.”

The resolution in certain parts of the game, and both docked and portable mode, also hasn’t gone down so well – with a lot of players describing it as “blurry”:

Looking back at the short history of the Hyrule Warriors series, perhaps we should have seen this coming.

The original Hyrule Warriors game had its own set of issues when it first arrived on the Wii U. And even when its target frame rate got bumped from 30fps to 60fps during the transition to Switch, Digital Foundry said it still wasn’t “good enough” – jumping between 40-60fps.

At the time, John Linneman also noted how Fire Emblem Warriors was in a much better state on release – offering a few modes, so perhaps Age of Calamity will bounce back or a patch will resolve any performance issues.

“low res 720p 60 frames per second mode and a 1080 30 mode, and it did a reasonable job of hitting 60 but it wasn’t consistent”

How has your own experience with the Age of Calamity demo been so far? What do you think of the game’s frame rate? How about the resolution – do you think it’s too “blurry”? Share your thoughts down in the comments below.

When he’s not paying off a loan to Tom Nook, Liam likes to report on the latest Nintendo news and admire his library of video games. His favourite Nintendo character used to be a guitar-playing dog, but nowadays he prefers to hang out with Judd the cat.

I honestly didn’t notice the frame rate dropping THAT much, though to be clear, frame rate isn’t an issue that bothers me too much. The funny thing is my biggest problem at first was getting over the fact it’s gameplay is quite different than the first Hyrule Warriors. But the demo has really grown on me. Regardless, I hope they do patch the frame rate in some capacity when it launches. I’m fairly confident they will.

This close to release, I highly doubt we’ll see something at launch that fixes this. Could hope to be wrong, though.

It drops a bit, but it’s not that bad. There were a few times when button presses didn’t register, but I’ve noticed that seems to happen with the Switch from time to time, for some reason. Maybe I’m just too light-handed? I was more annoyed at not being able to invert the camera y-axis.

Outside of one instance in one of the side missions, I didn’t even notice the framerate until I saw people point it out. Then again, I still can’t tell that Star Allies is only 30fps.

It was still a pretty great first impression for my first Warriors game, but I think a day-one patch to polish up the framerate would be very welcome.

Sad part is, this probably shot them in the foot instead of building up hype ala Daemon x Machina. I’m still going to pick it up. A bad game is…usually better at some point in this patch on patch gaming world we live in, and I still want to experience this game for myself. I don’t think dropping framerates is the end of the world anyway.

I was honestly a bit surprised considering that this is supposed to be Nintendos holiday title. It looks kinda dirty and plays not that great. I feel like the first one was better in both things. (but I could remember wrong)

@Xenobound94 Yeah, Im not really bothered by frame rate either, which is why I’m perfectly fine with 30fps in nearly all games.

I don’t have a technical eye at all, but even I was pretty appalled at the frame rate and general blurriness.

Here we go. Frame rate discussions on the Switch 3 years later. On a Zelda game.

If you can actually show me a current gen Warriors game with stable performance, let me know

I never noticed any frame rate problems. Then again, I’m not sensitive to it, like some people. I think some people are wired differently, and some notice it, while others don’t, or not to the same extent. We know some people are color blind, some people need glasses, some dyslexic. Not everyone see’s or processes visual info the same way.

Yeah, I noticed the general performance was really quite messy. Quite a few frame rate drops, general blurriness but it’s a Warriors game, they’ve never exactly been technical masterclasses.

For those who played other Warriors games this isn’t news, especially considering how much of a visual step up this game is from the first Hyrule Warriors – and that game’s framerate was not great.

I guess in growing up with games that had single digit frame rates during slowdown this kind of issue doesn’t bother me at all. I thought the game ran fine.

Nintendo really don’t got nothing for this holiday so why on earth didn’t they step in and provide some help?

I have over 300+ hours on Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition on the Switch, so far. Currently, I have a few hours into Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, and so far I’ve had nothing but fun with it. I don’t recall experiencing any frame rate issues. Nothing game hindering either. I do noticed that they added a ‘focus’ thing when you target a boss, where the focus is on them directly and things around them get a little blurry. But that’s clearly by design and kind of neat, as it doesn’t last forever, just when you first focus on them. When you un-target them it goes back to normal. But it also goes back to normal on its own after a moment. So I’ve had nothing but fun with it. I don’t have any complaints on frame rates or blurriness or anything else. I noticed the combo moves for Link are a little different than the previous Hyrule Warriors game, so, getting used to that. But I don’t have any complaints on anything technical in the game. Seems to run perfectly fine, and I’ve been having fun with it. I’ve had it pre-ordered since it was announced, and I will definitely be picking it up on day 1 and putting another 300+ hours into this like I did the previous game. The new level select, and weapon upgrade, etc, design is cool, with the new map style layout instead. But yeah, technical issues, so far, I haven’t had any problems. No frame rate issues, while beating every level in the games demo (several times each), and as for the blurriness, that was clearly by design at specific parts, when you choose to do so, and again, its temporary and quick. So, so far, I have no complaints with this game.

Sure, I noticed the frame rate issues, but did they particularly bother me? No, not really!

The demo was fun but the rough framerate combined with being a Zelda game did make me wonder if Age of Calamity was originally going to be a launch title for a new Switch revision in early 2021 (starting off Zelda 35th anniversary celebrations) meanwhile 3D World being the big holiday 2020 title.

It’s not even a good looking game. The cut scenes are nice I can’t wait till we get a game that looks like that.

I played in handheld & definitely noticed framerate drops. It wasn’t that bad or even close to game-breaking, so it was a complete non-issue for me. I thought the demo was still great! I look forward to the final product!

As someone who put over a thousand hours on hyrule warriors on the Wii u (don’t ask) you can definitely get used to it

There’s definitely a lot going on in these type of games. So much my ADD brain can’t play them. Maybe the Switch has similar issues?

Maybe the demo was downsized in order to lower the disc space required to download? Eh? Is that… a thing that game folks do sometimes?

I wasn’t too bothered by it – I survived the first Hyrule Warriors on Wii U and it wasn’t much better. But it’s definitely noticeable.

I’m guessing that it’s more difficult because they’re trying to make it look like Breath of the Wild…which most of the time is pretty empty. The other two Nintendo Warriors games were doing their own thing and didn’t have a reference for what it should look like, which probably why they made great character models and everything else wars very simple.I wouldn’t be surprised if the grass is causing a lot of issues, I find it annoying to render so I can sympathize to some extent.

My 6 year old son & I played the 2-player mode splitscreen, and woof, I swear it chugged to sub-5 frames per second at the first encounter. It was like playing GoldenEye 64.

But he didn’t mind. He had a blast; we got to play Zelda together. He was happy.

i haven’t had any issues with the game demo. maybe its just me and the 33 inch TV that i have. for all we know the resolution issues only happen for those who have 40 inch TVs and bigger. either way, i think these issues will be fixed before the game gets released.

Well as long as it’s not pokemon sword I felt all the other complaints from fans about the dex and animations were over exaggerated as this was a great pokemon game and although not the best a worthy addition to the franchise except the story that was trash but it is pokemon why did you expect anything there hasn’t been a good one since gen 5 and 6. 7 just had good characters not a good story. Anyway, on to the relevant part, the game was absolutely great for me but still to this day has horrible frame rate issues. It has freezes for 3 seconds at a time 0 frames that is right frozen. And it is especially jarring given the fact all zones in the wild area are supposed to transition seamlessly. Sigh, still a good game that is under appreciated IMO. If you dont like it that’s fine but it is about what I personally would have wanted out of first console pokemon. Like I said, if framerates isnt like that, zero issues here! HYPED FOR THE ZELDA!!!

I see this cycle of frame rate discussion go on and on, and the majority of titles tend to get patch fixes. It will be okay soon guys.

As expected in a game like this where there are tons of enemies on screen at once with big animated attacks going on. I’m sure the internet will have a meltdown about this like usual.

The frame rates didn’t bug me too much, it was getting used to the controls. It’s still a lot of fun to just mash the buttons and watch monsters go flying.

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