Everyone’s favorite CNN anchor, Anderson Cooper, has delivered an amazing content gem that you will want to watch repeatedly to brighten your day. During his show the other night, a video from Trump’s latest COVID bath — one of his not remotely socially distanced rallies — was the topic du jour, and the reporter at the scene of Patient Zero’s mass gathering is trying desperately to straight-report amid a ridiculous moment. And Anderson’s reaction is just pure gold.

It began when CNN reporter Gary Tuchman described the scene to Cooper, and what it was like interviewing Trump supporters who refused to wear a mask despite the fact that Trump was very recently infected with COVID-19 and despite the fact that there were a ridiculous amount of people in attendance who were not in any way complying with social distancing protocol. Oh and despite the fact that our very recently infected with COVID president had just tossed masks out into the crowd. That he touched. After very recently being infected with COVID.

Then, suddenly, in the background of the audio, the extremely recognizable notes of the song “Macho Man” by the Village People begin to play, and both men try so hard to continue their very serious reporting. But it’s clear that the song, a ridiculous anthem for a president who hasn’t so much as ever started a lawnmower, lifted a weight, or opened a can of beer — or any other stereotypical activity that many of his supporters would likely describe as “macho.”

Anderson Cooper is trying very hard to keep a straight face while “Macho Man” is blasting in the background – almost drowning out Gary Tuchman. #TrumpIsALaughingStock #TrumpRally #TrumpRallySanford #COVID19 #COVIDIOT #machoman #TrumpIsANationalDisgrace #andersoncooper #ac360 pic.twitter.com/BVOGgjBOK7

If you stop giggling long enough to wipe the tears from your eyes, you can pinpoint the precise moment that Cooper’s soul exits his body as The Village People and The Trump People continue partying in the background — a mismatched pair of people as two sets of people could be.

But then, Trump and his ilk aren’t exactly known for being in touch with… anything, really.

Wondering why the supporters at trump’s rally do not see the irony in them listening/dancing to a song about gay men sung by a group of gay men. They really are morons! Reminds me of Ronald Reagan using ‘Born in the USA’ for his campaigns.

Okay, YMCA, Macho Man, Candle in the Wind–Betting pool open for when Trump goes for the gay-song hat-trick and tries to unite his supporters with “We Are Family”… 🤣

This video should be archived as the one that most encapsulated the laugh-or-cry strangeness of #2020 for any time capsule in your lifetime.

It’s amazing that absolutely no one involved with the campaign or even those attending the rally stopped to think, “hey, maybe a gay anthem isn’t a good look for us to use?” Even if it weren’t a very, very famous gay anthem, he is also… not macho? At all? But tell that to the people who love him and wave flags with his likeness superimposed on Rambo’s body. Sigh.

Since many of us will be wearing face masks for the foreseeable future, the face mask has quickly become the “fashion mask’” (a la Vogue).

A new study from researchers at Yale and NYU shows women are better than men at following COVID precautions including wearing masks As the COVID-19 pandemic has raged for most of 2020, we’ve been treated to a number of viral videos highlighting the people who refuse to take the most common sense precaution in helping []

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The saga of Amy Cooper, a white woman who called police on a Black bird watcher, continues. Cooper, who was caught on camera making false accusations to the police in Central Park, was charged with a misdemeanor for filing a false report after a video of her run-in with Christian Cooper (no relation) went viral on the internet. Now, as the case moves through the courts, a previously undisclosed second phone call to 911, in which Ms. Cooper accuses Mr. Cooper of trying to “assault” her, has been revealed.
During a hearing on Monday, Ms. Cooper’s lawyers were attempting to negotiate a plea deal that would allow her to avoid jail time. The charge she is facing, which includes the second call she made to police, can come with up to a year in prison. “The defendant twice reported that an African American man was putting her in danger, first by stating that he was threatening her and her dog, then making a second call indicating that he tried to assault her in the Ramble area of the park,” said Joan Illuzzi, a senior prosecutor, according to the New York Times.
For people familiar with the story, the mention of Ms. Cooper “twice” reporting Mr. Cooper is likely a surprise; the narrative up until this point has been around what had been captured on video: Ms. Cooper calling the police and telling them that an “African-American man” was “threatening” her after he requested that she put her dog on a leash in a section of Central Park that requires it. That alone, a white woman calling the police and pretending to be in distress while accusing a Black man of acting in a threatening manner, has been called an “act of racial violence” because of the danger Ms. Cooper likely knew she was putting Mr. Cooper in.
According to the New York Times, Illuzzi said Ms. Cooper had used the police in a way that was “both racially offensive and designed to intimidate” and her actions were “something that can’t be ignored.” And those actions are even worse than they initially appeared: Ms. Cooper called the police not once, but twice, and the second call was even more escalated than the first. In it, she accused Mr. Cooper of attempting to physically assault her.
Mr. Cooper does not support the charges against Ms. Cooper and did not participate in the investigation into the incident. Abolitionists, too, have come out against charging Ms. Cooper, who lost her job after the video was posted.
“We don’t have to charge Amy Cooper, and we shouldn’t charge Amy Cooper. Charging her is the easy solution. It’s the easy way out. And it reinforces the idea that justice can only be found in the disastrous carceral system we’ve created,” Josie Duffy Rice, the President of The Appeal, explained in a thread after the charges were announced in July. “Our most inherent feelings about ‘what feels like justice’ have been shaped, molded, corrupted by a criminal justice system we still have a lot of trouble shaking.”
Ms. Cooper’s lawyer has called her a victim of a “cancel culture epidemic.” According to prosecutors, they hope to ultimately find a resolution that involves Ms. Cooper publicly taking accountability for her actions and receiving education that will hopefully prevent her from doing something like this again.
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Halloween celebrations might look a bit different this year, but you can still get into the spirit with these themed face masks.

Now that face masks have become a part of your child’s everyday life, it’s always smart to have a few extra on hand. Face masks get dirty, they get lost, and they break down. The disposable ones should only really be worn once, and while the cloth ones can last a certain amount of washes, […]

President Donald Trump is back on the campaign trail a mere 11 days after announcing that he tested positive for COVID-19. Eager to solidify support and downplay the threat of the coronavirus, Trump’s maskless machismo led him to Florida – a state that could make or break his reelection campaign – where he boldly announced that he was not only “immune” to the coronavirus but felt “powerful.”
Trump felt so powerful, in fact, that he threatened to kiss many of the people at his rally. “I’ll kiss everyone in that audience,” Trump said, his voice sounding slightly hoarse. “I’ll kiss the guys and the beautiful women. Just give you a big fat kiss.” Yikes!
Trump did not wear a mask to the rally, even when he wasn’t speaking. According to the New York Times, he didn’t wear one while boarding Air Force One before leaving Washington D.C. either, further supporting the idea that Trump believes himself to be immune despite there being no conclusive scientific backing. Similar demonstrations of recklessness could be seen in the tightly packed audience. As supporters watched Trump speak for a little over an hour at a hangar at Orlando Sanford International Airport, many did not wear masks as they shouted and cheered.
“They say I’m immune. I feel so powerful. I’ll watch into that audience, I’ll walk in there, kiss everyone in that audience. I’ll kiss the guys and the beautiful women.” — Trump pic.twitter.com/JvhmagVrVA— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) October 12, 2020
Aside from insisting that he feels better than ever, Trump’s talking points largely remained the same. He downplayed the coronavirus, promised to save the country from the “radical left,” and mocked Joe Biden for taking safety precautions against the virus. Trump also dedicated time during his speech to re-state platforms he also ran on in 2016 including dehumanizing immigrants and building a wall he (falsely) says Mexico is paying for.
But Trump’s assertion’s that he is immune enough to kiss audience members is pure bravado. Shortly after Trump left Washington, White House physician Sean Conley released a memo claiming that the president had tested negative for the coronavirus more than once. Between consecutive negative tests and data collected by the White House doctors, Conley believes that Trump is not infectious. But according to the NYT, doctors used a rapid antigen coronavirus test which is not intended to diagnose whether someone is still contagious. Experts question the test’s accuracy, cautioning that it had not been investigated enough to confidently say that Trump is virus-free.
What’s next for our self-proclaimed “immune” president? In the coming days, Trump’s campaign will take him to Pennsylvania, Iowa, and North Carolina — all are considered swing states. While support in these states could go either way, one thing we can say with near absolute certainty is that we don’t expect Trump to wear a mask in any of them.
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COVID-19 has killed 215,000 Americans, and now Donald Trump is treating his infection like his personal WWE entrance Donald Trump just had another campaign rally. This one, held in Florida, felt a little more significant than many of the others, because it’s the first real really Trump has held since he was diagnosed with COVID-19 []

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Source: https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/watch-anderson-cooper-face-trump-123737729.html

Donald Trump, Village People

World news – CA – Watch Anderson Cooper’s Face As Trump Rally Plays ‘Macho Man’

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