If the thought of a screen full of pesky Lakitus makes you feel a bit queasy, you might want to look away now.

Super Mario Bros. 35 has introduced our favourite plumber’s platforming to the super-addictive genre that is battle royale, pitting 35 players against one another as they fling enemies at each other’s screens. For most of us, especially early on, matches are relatively tame at first, with the timer usually being the biggest hurdle on our way to success.

That changes dramatically when you find yourself stuck in a match against some of the game’s best players, however. The clip below, shared online by Twitter user @inazuma0217tai1, shows the game at what we hope is its most extreme. It reaches Super Mario Maker levels of craziness, with enemies all over the screen and hardly any room to move.

Amazingly, despite the onslaught of enemies being thrown their way, the player manages to come away with a second-place finish. Part of us would be annoyed at not getting the win after putting all that effort in, but then again, we wouldn’t have made it that far in the first place.

Have you been playing Super Mario Bros. 35? Have you come up against any situations like this? Let us know in the comments, and feel free to check out our guide of tips and tricks to Mario’s new battle royale if you want a helping hand.

Ryan can list the first 151 Pokémon all in order off by heart – a feat he calls his ‘party trick’ despite being such an introvert that he’d never be found anywhere near a party. He’d much rather just have a night in with Mario Kart and a pizza, and we can’t say we blame him.

Wow, this is crazy. I thought having 3 bowsers on screen at once was hard, this is like turning that up to a 10.

Man, that’s nuts! I’ve finished 2nd three times so far, but my stages weren’t that intense when I died.

Gently reminder not to play it when the japanese are awake. Same as with Mario Kart 8 on global.

This is a fantastic game. I’ll be sad when they end this. I got a couple of 1st when I first started and games last way longer than they should. I love it

The difficulty is definitely ramping up now, I don’t know whether that’s because I’m levelling up (I’m at 40) or because players are figuring out the tactics.

@ukaskew Ah damn. I never got #1 so far. Only a handful of #2’s. Guess this will never happen now then.

I was hoping it get’s easier (not that it is hard in general) because you get more casual players joining in.

Does anyone know the specifics behind it getting this crazy? It’s not simply playing for a long time as the timer goes red and counts down faster after a certain amount of time. Clearly stronger players send more enemies, but that’s volume of Lakitu’s is crazy!

Is it to do with more players selecting later levels at the start? So more difficult enemies get sent from the off and conti ie to be sent as you progress through later levels? I.e. less players doing worlds 1 and 2, more doing worlds 5+

Having a blast with this game and unlike Tetris 99 I have actually won a few!

@Yanina you’ll get there. Tetris was always a bit complex in strategy but this one is much more simple skill. I have the advantage of playing the original at least once a year since I was 4!

What happens is someone goes to 4-1 and clears out a couple Lakitus. Other people start reaching the level and do the same. Once there are a few Lakitus, people are more likely to use the POW block, which kills them all, and if they’re set to Attackers, all those get sent to multiple people, etc.

I have managed to get 1st place in 6 of my 60 plays so far which I was reasonably happy with but never seen anything like this! I mostly seem to win when I get lucky that the other 34 players aren’t absolute wizards

I was having a good time finishing first every 10 games or so, but it seems the fun is over!

Wow my games haven’t gotten quite that crazy yet but I’d love to get into it like that and see how I’d fare. Definitely gonna need to grab a lot of coins along the way though.

@Yanina I managed to get first once. I just survived three levels, so the competition must not have been tough in that round. At least it is only 34 opponents and not 98!

This is a lot of fun, I wish you got this many enemies more quickly as the games can often be too long. Its also far too difficult to get to the later levels and could do with some balancing, such as remove time gains for fire flower kills

That is insanely awesome. I’ve managed to make it to a 2nd place finish but it was nowhere near as crazy.

Come on guys, that’s nothing! Check out Kosmic’s recent video — he’s got twice that many enemies and still wins!

I hope they won’t take this down I don’t see why they would.If Jump rope challenge can stay Mario 35 definitely can

Got 1st last 4 times I played it. You can rack up enough time and coins early on to deal with almost anything.

Not had anything that crowded yet, managed to snag my first win and haven’t tried again since, but quickly learned the best way to deal with most things. I get done in more by the occasional jump lacking the proper momentum. I’m not sure if it’s by design, a bug, or temporary wireless controller interference, but occasionally running Mario seems to slow down enough that his jumps don’t carry him as far as they should.

@nocdaes It’s the result of multiple players knocking out Lakitus in their levels while choosing to target attackers. First player beats a Lakitu and sends one to four players each, then each of them does the same (further multiplying by 4) and after a few back and forths like that people have screens full of Lakitu.
More experienced players choosing to add levels with Lakitu to the level pool is a huge factor as well.

@Preposterous OK so there’s a few details there that I did not know (despite playing the game for 5 hours!)

So the stage chosen at the start goes into a random playlist! I do not think that is at all obvious….?! (Well it is now… but anyway!)

Makes complete sense now! More difficult levels in the Playlist = more difficult enemies being shared and then multiplies accordingly.

There isnt any way to go in search of harder playlists though, right? I mean, I’m 5 hours in and still its Goomba after Goomba…

@Odyssey27_Mario The big question is if people are still playing this in March 2021. People may get burned out on it. However, T99 is still going strong (we can probably expect a Pikmin 3 theme soon).

If M35 continues to be popular, it will probably continue to be available (or be replaced with a new version).

@AJDarkstar I feel the lag most when someone’s attack targets me. It appears to slightly mess with my jumps.

I would be happy to pay to play Mario 35 when the free period is over.

@nocdaes Yeah I can’t choose anything higher than 3-2. I’ve gotten #1 about 5 times or so. I’ve cleared 1-1 49 times, 1-2 27 times, and the numbers trickle down. I’ve seen one lakitu, and that was last night. I have absolutely no idea how this guy got such a crazy round. I am getting burned out on 1-1 constantly and nothing but goombas as well.

@Tandy255 good to know it’s not just me. I sometimes have to pause for a moment before attempting a precarious jump. Fluffed jumps were what cost me the win a few times.

you wouldn’t survive a single second, me: well ya watch me (starts mario runs jump grabs mushroom gets hit by lakatu falls and dies by goomba) how many seconds was that? twelve, me: in your face HAAAAHAHAAAAAA.

This guys is hilarious! He keeps saying this is hell, and « crap crap crap crap! » and « help me, omg help me! This is impossible! »

The levels actually didn’t look that bad! Though I am very rusty at my 2D Mario skills!

Good news everyone! I finally made it to W-5 and started to experience the “Lakitu Fields Forever” like in the above video! I finally had a crazy match. It wasn’t quite as crazy, but it was getting there!!!

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