Splatoon 2 will host a special Super Mario-themed Splatfest in January to commemorate the mascot’s 35th anniversary. The event was announced (as if you didn’t know) as part of the Super Mario 35th Anniversary Direct which Nintendo dropped on the internet earlier today.

For those not in the know, Splatfests are weekend contests in Nintendo’s team-based third-person shooter where players pick a side and battle online to find out which of two ‘things’ are better: ketchup or mayo, fish or chips, chicken or egg – that sort of thing. At the end of the tournament, scores are tallied and results decided with a (slightly odd) best-out-of-three system. Good, harmless (and quite random) fun!

Nintendo stopped hosting regular Splatfests a while ago, although it has run a couple of one-off ‘bonus’ competitions in recent months. The Super Mario Splatfest scheduled for January will see Team Super Mushroom taking on the invincible might of Team Super Star:

In addition to the Splatfest itself, special key chains will be released as My Nintendo rewards, along with physical (and rather natty-looking) Splatfest t-shirts that will go up for sale ‘soon’ (or now, in fact) on the My Nintendo Store in your region.

So, which team are you edging towards? Think you’d look good in one of those tees? Let us know if you’re more into Stars or Mushrooms below.

Gavin loves a bit of couch co-op, especially when he gets to delegate roles, bark instructions and give much-appreciated performance feedback at the end. He lives in Spain (the plain-y bit where the rain mainly falls) and his love for Banjo-Kazooie borders on the unhealthy.

This Splatfest sure is a tempting reason to jump back in but I have a feeling that I’ll fully be in the next gen console zone by early 2021, in addition to my university stuff

Putting real-life Splatfest shirts on sale is a GENIUS move and I’m possiblity gonna have to buy one now.

Nice to see a new Splatfest coming up that’s not a rematch. Will there be a Splatfest between now and January?

Aaaagh.. sold out already. I really wanted that Team Super Mushroom shirt! Had it in my cart and everything and then got distracted by work before checking out. FML

I hope more come in stock.. it can’t be that hard to print more t-shirts right!?

Umm, did I completely miss where to get the shirts and keychains for the UK? Can’t seem to find them

Why would you join team mushroom? It has the worst girl AND the worst powerup. Smh

Cool to see an original Splatfest again. I didn’t get to play many before they ended.

Should be a good Splatfest but as other’s have said hopefully we get at least a couple of other Splatfests before then… One for Halloween and one over the Christmas period seem like easy crowd pleasers to keep fans happy…

Like others hoping there’s more Splatfests before this one. I really want the Splatpocalypse map where there was the killer wail in the middle, was a cool idea.

@MeowMeowKins I agree Marina and the Super Star are superior, but the mushroom has saved my buns numerous times.

@chocolate_supra They should have offered those from the start, they would have gotten more money, from me at least. Final Fest Order vs. Chaos was the first time Splatfest shirts were available.

Whoa, January? Splatoon 2 is great, but I’ve played it so much, I’m not sure I’ll care to participate at this point. (Splatoon 2 still has the most hours logged on my console.) Wake me when Splatoon 3 comes out.

was guessing the 2 splatfests were gonna be fam vs. friend around Christmas & hare vs. tortoise for the finale in March. will “Jump Up, Superstar” make a return?

@WoomyNNYes Great idea, I mean last year we had Luigi’s Mansion 3 release on Halloween so a Halloween themed Splatfest with mask gear this year would work really well…

I was looking forward to maybe having a shot at grabbing either one of those shirts since I missed out on the Final Splatfest ones last year, but Nintendo of course decided to pull a Nintendo and shadow drop them today.

I hope they make more stock of them at the very least, and maybe even bring back the old Final Splatfest shirts while they’re at it.

These designs are actually quite good. Normally the Splatoon clothing is a let down but I’d like these.

More excited about this than most of the Direct. Which is not to say that I wasn’t excited about the Direct.

Good way to start off next year. That said, are the developers planning something new? I hope so.

My wife managed to get us two of the super size from mushroom t-shirt. Very happy about that!

No interest in this in any fashion. I’d much rather see a spinoff in the Splatoon series instead of this nonsense, to be quite honest-

LOL, waltzed into the online store and managed to snag a a nice medium Super Star shirt. Lovely as it comes in black too as it really highlights the print.

I don’t see why they stopped having Splatfests at all really. How hard is it to slap a decal on a shirt, choose two things to pick sides over, and have the events? I mean they argued over things like Ketchup vs Mayo. It’s not like there was ever a lot of thought that went into these. lol

Is it possible to get these shirts in Australia? I would really like one. The link here is only for US and Canada.

Hopefully they’ll come to Europe too, so far it seems to be limited to North America.

I will be on team star because the item is good in Mario games and I like the little music the star plays when activated! And yeah it is a pretty star.But wow the T shirts are cheap surprisingly

Source: https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/09/theres_a_super_mario_splatfest_scheduled_for_splatoon_2_next_january

World news – US – There’s A Super Mario Splatfest Scheduled For Splatoon 2 Next January

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