Yesterday, Gearbox and 2K rolled out a new update for Borderlands 2 on the Nintendo Switch. It adds a field of view slider, makes some adjustments to fast travel, and also marks the release of the fifth campaign add-on – Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary – on the Switch eShop.

Unfortunately, many players have been experiencing crashes since this update went live. While there seem to be some workarounds over on the Borderlands Switch subreddit, they don’t appear to be resolving the problem for everyone.

The 2K support Twitter account has acknowledged many messages like the one above but has not yet said when a fix will be rolled out to resolve this issue.

Owners of Borderlands Legendary Collection or Borderlands: The Handsome Collection on Nintendo Switch can claim Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary DLC for free until 3rd December.

Have you encountered any crashes since this update went live? Tell us in the comments below.

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I finally found a physical copy cheap enough for me to order which should be arriving later this week. I won’t be getting around to playing it any time soon though I don’t think so I’d hope that this issue will be long fixed by the time I do.

Finally, I’m impressed that 2K is still supporting the game. I just hope that there’s an update that decreases the size of the game so I don’t need a 1tb Micro SD Card to install it. [SARCASM]

(Also how much will this DLC cost after the deadline?) [Edit: it’s $15 on Steam, which is WAY too pricey for something that probably doesn’t even move the story much {if there is a story; I never played Borderlands before so idk}.]

It’s also worth pointing out I don’t have Borderlands 2, but managed to claim the DLC for free. I’d recommend everyone who doesn’t have the game to do that just in case, you never know right?

@HotGoomba___Rebrand I missed out on downloading the Commander Lilith DLC while it was free, but from what I’ve read it’s about 4 hours long. I’m not sure what actually transpires, but I suspect it’s pretty pivotal since they added it to bridge gaps between BL2 and BL3, which the intro to BL3 just kind of came out of nowhere for me.

Leave it up to a “AAA” developer to break a game that’s already been out for years.

I actually got a crash too but once I downloaded the DLC, it seemed to have launched fine

Is anyone else experiencing problems with the motion controls in Borderlands 2? I bought this one on sale a couple weeks back specifically because it supports motion aiming, but it feels completely broken. I’ve adjusted the sensitivity slider all the way up to 10, but it’s still absolutely terrible! Can anyone offer any advice?

I’m not necessarily a hardcore BL2 player, but I’ve played it a lot and completed this dlc on Steam a couple times. For those curious, I didn’t find the story portion essential for BL3, but it’s pretty solid and adds some gameplay elements. The level cap increase is only a factor if you plan on playing the game a lot in Ultimate Vault Hunter (not for casual players). The ability to start a character at level 30 is really nice though, especially for subsequent playthroughs. I was hoping the dlc would’ve been there at launch for that reason alone.

@Wilforce Honestly, I didn’t find it too important storywise for BL3, though there are some echo tapes and some elements that do impact the story a bit. If anything, I think it just released to get the hype train rolling for BL3. Maybe I missed something huge, but I was actually confused when I played BL3 and didn’t see a big connection.

This is exactly what happened to me! I was just playing BL2 while the game updated itself and became unplayable: it crashes on the title screen after pressing the A button. I have contacted 2K tech support but they only said that they are investigating the issue and ask me to wait. Any ideas what to do?

EDIT: I have downloaded the DLC from the Eshop and the game works just fine. It’s a shame though that the 2K tech support was unable to give me this solution and I only learned about it here (thank you @Entrr_username!).

EDIT2: The 2K tech support just gave me the solution today. It took almost 3 days for them to solve this issue, but I appreciate they solved the problem anyway.

Awww man, I’m not done playing this, was actually thinking I might get back into it!

@Orpheus79V Thanks man! I planned on maybe trying this game one day. You just nabbed me some free DLC if I ever do decide to bite the bullet.

@Bydlak Just curious what was the fix that the tech support gave?. Going to try downloading this later but just in case it crashes want to be ready

Nice that they’re giving the DLC away for free to those of us who bought the collections. Kinda sucks that those without are having their game crash, but hopefully it gets fixed soon.

@HotGoomba___Rebrand “…WAY too pricey for something that probably doesn’t even move the story much {if there is a story; I never played Borderlands before so idk}.”

DLC in Borderlands 2 is a little weird in that they’re standalone areas that aren’t even referenced by the main story or anywhere else in the game. You get to them by visiting a fast travel station and going to the marker on the map with no indication which markers are DLC and which are part of the main game. Some of the DLC areas are small and can be beaten in an hour or so (like How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day and Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt); others are larger and more elaborate and offer several hours of good content (such as Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep and Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty).

Exactly the one that @Entrr_username mentioned above on this forum: to install the DLC from the eShop before launching the game.

Ugh, that tweet reminds me that the only way to backup saves on Switch is to subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online or whatever its called.

I often forget I’m subscribed so I can backup my saves, because otherwise the service is pretty much useless.

@Bydlak Ok thanks! It’s downloading/installing from eshop now. Here’s hoping everything goes off without a hitch

@Kang81 The game saves should be auto backed up if you turn that option on. You can of course manually backup each games saves but that’s potentially very tedious

I have it set up for auto back up, but having to pay for the ability is still insulting to me.

Paying for cloud backups, thats fine, But Nintendo not allowing physical backups for saves is absurd. Especially considering the console is highly capable of being damaged or lost since the Switch is so mobile. 🤷‍♂️

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