Exit the Gungeon is getting a massive update this week called Hello to Arms and maybe the most exciting part of it is the Glocktopus (pictured above).

For those out of the loop this game is a prequel to the fantastic roguelike Enter the Gungeon. The update is called “Hello to Arms” because the final update to Enter the Gungeon was called “A Farewell to Arms” which was both a reference to the book and a send-off for the game as a whole.

As you may have guessed by the naming conventions here developer Dodge Roll is very keen on silly names in its games, which is where Glocktopus comes in. The Glocktopus has been a fan idea ever since the first game launched in April 2016. It just makes sense: the name is a clever portmanteau and who doesn’t want to see an octopus wielding eight guns?

Thankfully this enemy is now real in the Hello to Arms update which launches this Friday, 13th November. A fan favourite enemy isn’t the only thing this update brings, however.

The new content here will also come alongside the launch of the game onto the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. While the next generation of consoles arrives this week it is nice for more people to get access to this game.

Aside from a whole slew of new guns and items, some significant additions here is the new Arsenal Mode and Shop Hubs.

Arsenal Mode allows players to hold an infinite amount of guns on top of the main weapon the Blesses Gun. This makes Exit the Gungeon more similar to Enter the Gungon as the latter focused on hoarding weapons while the former attempted to mix things up with the Blessed Gun which constantly changed as the game went on.

“Shop Hubs: Bello’s shop has been expanded and now can be accessed twice per floor, allowing players more choice over when and how to spend their currency. This shop replaces the normal mid-floor room, in addition to its normal appearance after the boss. The shop has several doors to optional combat and NPC rooms that can be explored for loot or skipped. This should result in an overall increase in itemization for players who explore all rooms, as well as providing a source for weapon drops when playing in Arsenal Mode,” reads part of the patch notes.

Those full patch notes can be found right here for those who want to see the other changes to the game on top of the new additions.

With Exit the Gungeon not being too well received at launch we’re hoping these changes will help bring fans of the series back or tempt new players to give it a try.

This game is available right now on Apple Arcade, Nintendo Switch and PC. As mentioned above it will also launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 13th November.

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