Ahead of the upcoming launch of Teamfight Tactics‘ next set, Riot Games has detailed the new cosmetics players will see. As previously confirmed, Set 4 for Teamfight Tactics is called TFT: Fates. Moving away from the interstellar galaxies, the new theme is one of whimsical fantasy, dragons and magic.

As per usual, TFT: Fates will see the introduction of a new pass. The Fates Pass will have both a free track and paid-for version that will operate similarly to previous seasons’ passes. More missions will be offered at the start and fewer towards the end, with earlier missions encouraging players to experiment with the new traits and champions. By simply playing the game and completing missions, players will earn experience to reach new tiers that unlock eggs, emotes and the Journey’s Destination Arena. In the past, there have been 30 tiers of the Fates Pass+ with a few bonus egg tiers.

There’s also a Fates Pass+, a paid-for version of the pass (1295RP) with more tiers and rewards. This pass includes multiple new Booms to blast your enemies with, a Jade makeover for your Sprite, a Fates-themed Fuwa and two more Arenas. The Fates Pass+ will also include tiers of Star Shards, a new form of currency used to upgrade Little Legends outright instead of hoping to luck into them from a drop.

The Fates Pass+ offers a total of 300 Star Shards. Alternatively, players can purchase bundles of Star Shards for 625 which have enough to star-up most Little Legends once. Here’s the cost to upgrade your Little Legends.

Little Legends without additional tiers obviously can’t be upgraded with Star Shards. This includes Victorious Little Legends, and the UFO, Star Guardian and Jade Emperor Sprites.

In addition to what you’ll get in the Fates Pass+, there will be additional arenas and little legends available for RP individually and, honestly, they look way better. There are three new Arenas (Festival, Kanmei and Akana) that will be available for 1380RP each or 2900RP as a bundle for all three. These are the special Arenas that Riot had mentioned that actually react to your gameplay and will change based on your wins, losses, streaks and three-star champion deaths.

To be honest, these new Arenas are so much cooler than the ones in the Fates Pass+ that I might just skip out on that and buy these instead.

There are also three new dragon Little Legends: Ao Shin, Umbra and Choncc. While they’ll be available in eggs randomly, you can purchase their non-legendary variants directly from the store for 750RP (rares) or 925RP (epics).

Again, these new Little Legends are so cool that it looks like this may be a better purchase than the Fates Pass+. I’m just so underwhelmed with what’s being offered in the paid pass. I was expecting at least one of the Pass+ arenas to have this cool “live” effect.

TFT: Fates is scheduled to arrive with patch 10.19 in mid-September. However, the updated set will first be making its way to PBE in just a few days if you want to dive into all of the new champions and traits ahead of time.

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Source: https://apptrigger.com/2020/08/29/tft-fates-pass-cosmetics/

World news – US – TFT: Fates new cosmetics and Fates Pass+ details

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