Back when Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night was first announced, PS Vita owners were getting all excited about taking Koji Igarashi’s next Metroidvania classic with them on the move. However, as time went on the Vita version was canned (as was the Wii U edition) and, as it would turn out, the only portable version of the game would be the Switch one. Of course, such mobility came with its drawbacks – mainly technical ones – but the game remains highly recommended if you’re a fan of the genre.

If you don’t happen to own a Switch but are keen to play Bloodstained on the road, then you’ll be pleased to learn that NetEase Games has teamed up with original developer ArtPlay to bring the gothic epic to Android and iOS devices. The game is expected to launch soon and will be a ‘premium’ release rather than a free-to-play download supported by in-game ads and the like.

The controls, weapons and combos have been tweaked to take account of the touch-screen interface, while the 108 shard icons have been redesigned. This updated mobile version also includes all of the console DLC.

Could this be the ultimate way to experience the game on the bus ride home? We’re not entirely sure, as Bloodstained really is a game that benefits from proper, physical controls, so the Switch edition remains the king – especially as it’s now in a pretty decent state.

Still, it will be interesting to see how it shapes up on a technical level when compared to the Switch version, given that most modern smartphones are now packing more processing power than Nintendo’s console.

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Is this game worth playing? I know the NES inspired Bloodstained games are much beloved, but I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever read much on the Metroidvania installments.

The Switch version releasing in the state it did killed any hype I had for this game…..

I would never play a game this involved on smartphones. I didn’t even bother picking up SotN on Android because I own both SotN on Vita as a PSOne Classic, and the Dracula X Chronicles which bundled together Rondo of Blood and SotN fully retranslated on PSP in addition to the main remake campaign

I also just never actually beat the game on Switch because I heard of the technical problems and just opted to play the game on PC instead. It is an amazing game though, and definitely worthy of having Igarashi’s name attached to it.

I’ve been playing Curse of the Moon which is great and I’m interested in Ritual of the Night now. How’s the performance on Switch nowadays? I doubt my old laptop runs it any better and I don’t own any other current gen consoles.

Maybe it will run better but unless you use some controller it will still be near unplayable with these touch controls. And sometime its not convenient to use bluetooth controller

It’s really quite good but I played it on PC. It’s on Game Pass PC for anyone interested!

As it has with any sequel as well. Im just not going to support Iga or his studio anymore.

@SwitchVogel On a 1000$ top of the line, newly released smartphone, it better run better than on the almost 4-year-old $300 Switch.

I was gonna say, ArtPlay surely don’t have the resources to make a mobile version of the game.

I’ve actually been playing Ritual of the Night handheld on my GPD Win 2 for some time, but you have to make serious concessions like reducing the internal resolution to something like 640×360, turning down a lot of the graphical settings, and capping the frame rate to 30 FPS.So not much better than the Switch version.

Sure this game will “run better” than the Switch version, but will it play better? I guess that depends on who you ask. If you ask me, the answer will likely be “no.”

Anyway, it runs and plays fine on Switch from my experience. It also helps that the game is excellent, overall.

With the mobile controllers like Kishi getting released after xcloud and stadia, It’d be surprising if this game didn’t support bluetooth controls. If so I’ll pick it up.The switch gets a lot a criticism but I loved it and think it’s fine after the patches. Hoping for a sequel.

I can defo seeing it run better then on the switch but will it play better (control wise), no but that is if you are using the touch screen controls. If you can use a bluetooth controller for the game then it will be the best way too play it on the go.

I played through it on the move using a GPD device back when it came out

Making this a premium release for phone will be their biggest mistake. Phone users are attracted to free to play games or games that are free in general, putting a price on it will steer them away or just entice them towards the hundreds of similar free ripoff clones instead. They opt to just make it free with ads otherwise they’re just wasting their time with the port.

This Game is also included in the Xbox Ultimate Gamepass.So technically you can stream it on your Phone (did it on my Android TV).Or better on one of the “bigger” Consoles or the PC.Just stay away from mobile Stuff that bothers you in different Ways

Already have it on the Switch so, no need for a copy on the go, but if it works with controls it could be a good port.I have SoTN in my phone and it is very fun to play using my 8bitdo sn30.

@Damo Switch or a mobile version aren’t the only way to play it on the go. If you have Gamepass you can play it on a supported mobile device. 😉

@link3710 mid range smartphones from today would most likely run the game better than the Switch. Many phones with a snapdragon 730/35G would probably outperform the Switch version with the right amount of ram.

For exemple I’m pretty sure the pixel 4a 5g and lg velvet 5g would outperform the Switch for this game. And they’re not super expensive

Think my previous post got deleted? I bought this game after one of the later, main patches and when on sale. Of what I played it was really good but stuttering, freezing and bluryness a fair bit into the game made it too hard to play in boss fights so I didn’t complete it or anything that.

Wouldn’t want to play this in a smartphone device without a “tactile interface” controller support and with a capacitive touch screen

@NicheAbou it’s an awesome RPG with a lot to find and unlock, straight from the man who helped define and codify its subgenre. Easily one of the best even among the abundant and generally noteworthy library of Switch metroidvanias.

@Spoony_Tech run better, quite probably – we’re talking pimped mobile machines you can sometimes buy a couple Switches for the price of. Play better? Far from a given, as with any complex-input action game on an almost buttonless device.

@Casual_Gamer95 @link3710If we are just going by numbers: Even the A13 Bionic processor used in an iPhone 11 (all versions) only gets up to 800 GFLOPS (GPU), which is similar to the Switch while docked.So an iPhone 11 might be able to beat a Switch in handheld mode…The Snapdragon 730, used in a Pixel 4a, for example, only gets to meagerly 358 GFLOPS (or 486 if run on high frequency). There is no way those will beat a Switch.

Now, numbers are not everything and just because one system is faster in theory, does not mean it is faster in praxis.But, if I would have to bet on a system that can use it’s theoretical processing power most efficiently for games, I would bet on the specialized gaming platform.

I would really like to know why phones and tablets are always being overestimated so much, they are small pieces of extremely overpriced tech (at least the more expensive ones) which have a lot of their actual value in their (way too) high resolution camera and display. Example: The iPhone 11 Pro Max has an estimated production cost of less than 500$ with camera and display alone costing about 70$ each, that is almost half of the estimated cost of the entire hardware, including the processor. Rest of the 500$ is for labor and such.

@Casual_Gamer95 Oh no doubt. My point was more that if it’s not possible to get better performance on a mobile version of a game, something is really wrong.

@Kirgo Long story short? Cell phone CPU’s put Switch to shame. So even though the GPU’s are roughly even, the CPU should allow for better performance in many games, not to mention much higher memory bandwidth on phones than on Switch, and often higher RAM.

I have really been getting into the game now that I picked up a physical copy after all the recent patches went live. Absolutely loving it! I can’t imagine playing this on a touch screen since you need to have very specific inputs for certain combos. I had to wear a splint on my hand this weekend from throwing so many half-moons and quarter moons playing the game last week 😂 still powering through the game, can’t wait to get Curse of the Moon 2 later this year

I’m currently playing this on xbox one and it has a plethora of performance issues. The switch is even worse in that department. I wonder how will this run on phones at a constant 30fps

@NicheAbou I played it this year in may and I loved it!! Don´t know how it was at launch and don´t know the other versions but I had a blast with this game!!!!

Many games nowadays get the “Metroidvania like” Badge (like Shantae which is more an Platformer with slight adventure elements…) but this is one of the few true Metroidvanias that feels alsmost like an original (Metroid-)VANIA

@link3710 I am not sure why you are comparing sgemm performance, never seen anyone doing that and not sure how that makes sense?

But I did a little more research on the numbers again and have to correct myself.The most relevant FP32, if you go by the lowest number you can find on the Switch, would be at over 500 GFLOPS.Some source cite it at the 800 I mentioned, but 500 seem to be correct (some contradictions on the internet here, and I am not just talking about FP32/FP16). So I was wrong about that one, sorry about that.The Snapdragon 865 is indeed a beast in that regard, as it gets to over 1200 GFLOPs. Doesn’t really change the other numbers I mentioned though, the A13 Bionic is an example of a weaker gpu than that and it is not that old either.

CPU and memory bandwith can make an important difference, but it should be noted that, if everything is said and done, GPU performance is still much more important for most games, unless the system bottlenecks.Depends a lot on the individual game.

And again, for games we still need to keep in mind that the Switch should have advantages by at least software. (Numbers are not everything…)Not enough to beat a Snapdragon 865 or something in that region, but still worth mentioning.

Good modern smartphones generally having better hardware than the Switch is something I agree with.I still feel like they are being overestimated by a lot though.

If you like Castlevania-like games, go play Blasphemous guys. I just finished it, and it’s brilliant! Enjoyed every bit of it. Amazing atmosphere, lore and gameplay. At least after the last update, which I heard improved the experience a lot.Really, really good game with an incredible art style. Recommended.

“Yay, let’s bring this game to another platform it doesn’t run on. “If it doesn’t run on a Xbox One X, it’s not gonna run on your android.

In some other timeline, Nintendo backed this game and it is a Switch exclusive and runs like a dream.

@NicheAbou it really is. Not the best experience on switch tho. It’s not as bad as what people say but not as ideal as on ps4, pc or xbox

@NicheAbou I have it for PS4, and while it’s alright, the story just doesn’t suck me in. I feel almost no investment in finishing the story, other than “I wonder what monster is up next?” or “How do I get a better weapon?” Just my two cents.

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