Roughly a week after its release, Nintendo’s battle royale game Super Mario Bros. 35 has now received its very first patch.

Earlier this week, there were reports of hackers ruining the experience for others, but at this point we’re unable to confirm if this latest update has resolved these issues. Apart from the described fixes, version 1.0.1 also resolves some “other issues” to enhance the overall game experience.

-Fixed an issue where enemies would continue to appear within the current screen area without the player moving forward.
-Fixed an issue where certain player icons were not displaying correctly in Coin Ranking.
-Fixed other issues to enhance the overall gameplay experience.

When he’s not paying off a loan to Tom Nook, Liam likes to report on the latest Nintendo news and admire his library of video games. His favourite Nintendo character used to be a guitar-playing dog, but nowadays he prefers to hang out with Judd the cat.

I’m hoping the issue of, “hacking” has been addressed as well. No one likes a cheat.

I was in a match last night where 20 of the players were at 45,000 coins, with 399 seconds left by the time I died

I had an issue once whereby I started with a mushroom, then collected a flower, but was unable to produce fireballs. I wonder if anybody else has had that?

@AndyRogan I’ve had a match that was 20 minutes long and I finished 4th as the timer was so fast but the other 3 just carried on seemingly with lots of time spare

I hoped they fixed that bug where I miss time my jump and fall down holes…

Really what is the point in cheating in this game – what satisfaction does that give someone to win when they have a completely unfair advantage. Some people are weird I guess.

Really enjoyed playing this for about 20 minutes last night until I stayed on to spectate after I died and realised that every single person left was just repeating level 1-2 by going to the warp zone at the end of the level, every. single. time.

Fine if some people want to play the game this way, but that’s really not where the fun is for me and I didn’t expect it to be for many other people but apparently I’m wrong. Think they should just get rid of the warp zone and encourage actual level progression instead of people just learning to beast a single level in the game.

@frabbit That actually is not helping much when other players go to more difficult levels and send you tons of difficult enemies.

@BongoBongoJust that: the satisfaction of having won. For those people it doesn’t matter how they won. Being first is what counts.

@frabbitOr retaining the warp zone but excluding the actual level so that repeating a level over and over again is not possible.

@Taarna Yeah I understand it’s a good way to win, but it’s like being that guy in a Battle Royale who hides in a box until there are only a couple of players left or something. I don’t see where the fun is. Each to their own I suppose but it’s not the way I want to play it and makes it near impossible for me to win. No big drama, that’s just the reason I’ll not be playing it anymore.

@Cosats Yeah I hadn’t thought about that – hadn’t had the experience of it given everyone in my games was just playing the first couple of levels.

I like these improvements for the 1 patches hope in late october we get a update for halloween make some avatars halloween themed or for christmas snowman themed skins or avatar.

I had this hilarious glitch (or maybe it wasn’t even a glitch, I don’t know) before the update, where somehow someone kept rapidly turning on and off their targeting of me. As you might know, the game makes a sound every time someone starts targeting you, so you can probably imagine how annoying this got. Then, to make matters worse, if I turned on attackers targeting, the red box would just go crazy in the middle of my screen, because it didn’t know what to do. I was so glad when that person got a game over.

@frabbit I’d not tried it until I read your post (so after the update), but maybe this is something they’ve fixed, as when you go to 1-2 and warp to 1-2, it only lets you do that once. The next time you try it you get a different selection of levels.

I usually use 1-2 warp pipe to cycle for harder levels. It’s super helpful especially when you’re trying to unlock new levels.

@frabbit It’s necessary to refresh the pipes if you’re just trying to unlock all the levels. I had everything up to 4-2 unlocked for a long time, but couldn’t make it to the warp zone to finish the level because either the match went on for too long by that point and I ended up winning (imagine being upset because you won too early), or I died at the elevator platform before the hidden exit because I tried to cross the gap under the platform, but clipped into the corner of the platform, which halted all my momentum sending me into the abyss!So I keep going to 1-2 to try to find 4-2 asap.

@frabbit I repeat the first two levels as much as possible, but mostly 1-2. There is a reason for that though. First reason is to unlock all the levels faster. The levels you vote for go into a queue. In the warp zone the right most level skips one level, the middle pipe skips two, and the left pipe skips three. So if I’m trying to unlock level 6-3, I vote for it and then head for the warp zone as much as possible until it pops up as one of the choices. If you can beat the level it will open up the next level in the list (as long as you have beaten all prior levels at least once.

The other reason is to farm coins. If you have the most coins you are more likely to be targeted by a lot of people. Then you start targeting attacker, which will send enemies to every single person attacking you. That is where you start going for levels with hammer bros, bloopers, and lakitus. You saw that video with all the lakitus right? This is how that happen. This method can spread enemies like a virus.

@AndyRogan maximum time is capped at 399. At least for me (not cheating). Is that another cheat? Or a typo of yours?

@Skid @KayFiOS Well it sounds like I jumped to conclusions a bit quickly! I’ll have another go tonight and see where I land with it

@eltomo I’m hoping they fix the bug with the first goomba in level 1-1 where it insta-kills you when you fail to land that first jump properly. It’s been carried over since SMB1 in the NES.

@TheAwesomeBowser Have fun now and play something else in 6 months then. It’s just a video game, there are still going to be plenty more out there. This isn’t some deep RPG or pay to win or loot box DLC thing, it’s an arcade game; you can play for 15 minutes for a full experience. You can unlock icons, and levels, and raise your level, and collect coins to your stash, but the gameplay experience is just the same as that of a complete noob. You’re not playing to unlock things and grind, you’re playing because the game is fun to play. So, if you want to have fun, you play the game while you can.

Before the patch, I’d go 20 minutes and get second place. Now I get first in 9 minutes. Not saying I faced cheaters, but it is interesting how much better I’m doing in 1.0.1!

@JasonThompson for me it is equal before. Just finished a 20 minutes run and I got 2nd place. My last 10 runs, always between 5 to 2 and I just won once (before the patch).

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