Jolly Roger Bay is the first traditional water level in Super Mario 64, and is found on the right hand side of the main lobby of the castle behind a 3-star door.

It’s a level that changes a fair amount depending on the star you select with the central ship sometimes afloat and sometimes sunken. We’ll detail all in the full stars guide below.

Head out to the large body of water that dominates the stage and swim down – there’s a sunken ship. An eel will be hanging out in one of the ship’s windows. Remember you can collect coins underwater to replenish your energy and keep from drowning.

Swim near the eel to aggravate it and it will leave its little window nest. Now swim inside that window. There’s a pocket of air at the top of the ship if you need it. At the base of the ship are four chests in a diamond formation from the direction where you come in. Open them in this order by swimming into the front of the chest: the topmost chest, the right chest, the bottom chest, the left chest. The star will spawn. Getting the chest order wrong damages you.

Remember that Eel in the window? Well, now he’s in a slightly different place, albeit in the same deep water. Swim close to him and he comes out – the star is attached to his tail. You just need to touch the power star to detach it. This can be really tricky, especially since touching the eel and not the star can kill you. Bring a lot of extra lives!

Near the sunken ship there is an underwater tunnel – it’s hard to miss as a ring of coins marks the entrance (swim through the ring for an extra life!). Anyway, the tunnel leads to an above-water cave. There’s four chests inside, similar to the first star. Beware falling rocks as you approach the chest. The order this time — from the angle at which you approach them – is topmost (farthest) chest, left, right, bottom (closest) chest.

The ship is floating this time, and some of the red coins are around the floating ship – while others are underwater…

We just mentioned the cannon as part of the red coins star, and now we actually have a specific use for it. The 5th power star for this level is right across the bay, inside a yellow box. You’ll want to activate the cannon, and then shoot across the bay to the stone pillar that you can climb like a tree. Use this to jump over to the box.

In order to get this Star, you’ll need to be able to open green power-up boxes to become Metal Mario – which is unlocked a little deeper into the castle. Once you have unlocked it, however, use Metal Mario to get the star that’s right at the bottom of the stage underwater – the strong air current stops you from swimming there, but being as heavy as he is, metal Mario can just sink to grab the star.

To get 100 coins on Jolly Roger Bay, you’ll need to get almost every coin in the stage – there’s only 104 coins in total, and only 55 of those are yellow. You might want to consider going for this star at the same time as getting the red coins as a result. 3 yellow coins are hidden inside enemies, but if you’re fastidious, you won’t need those.

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