Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered isn’t the only game that’s been rated recently. Yesterday, in Australia, Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury was classified by the local board.

Unlike EA’s game, this Nintendo published title has obviously already been announced. We also know it’s arriving next year on 12th February. After all the delays this year, this rating at least gives us some reassurance it will arrive on time.

Just like the Wii U release, the Switch version (including a new expansion) has received a G rating (for general). However, according to the Australian Classification Board, it contains “very mild themes and violence” along with “online interactivity”.

This is likely due to the Bowser’s Fury – which appears to contain new levels and challenges. Nintendo says it will share additional details about what “fun things the game has to offer” soon. One other upcoming Switch game recently rated by the Australian Classification Board was Bravely Default II.

Will you be returning to Super Mario 3D World when it arrives on the Switch? Tell us down below.

When he’s not paying off a loan to Tom Nook, Liam likes to report on the latest Nintendo news and admire his library of video games. His favourite Nintendo character used to be a guitar-playing dog, but nowadays he prefers to hang out with Judd the cat.

@Apportal It got an AO. The DLC is actually Bowser’s Furry, and, well… the less said the better, is all.

@Apportal It would be CONDEMNED by Anti-Matter if it was rated M. Nintendo would never recover.

@Lindhardt I think Anti-Matter is a troll just like that Mesome713 person from a while back. Glad the latter is finally gone though.

It’s Super Mario 3D World!A Super Mario jamboree!More fun times than Sunshine, more friends than Galaxy.You get to play as Mario,Luigi, Princess Peach or Toad.So pound the ground, cause you’ve found the mother load!

@Geistermaschine He’s not a troll and he has been that way since he joined years ago. Not every quirky person is trolling or faking it. I’m talking about Anti Matter by the way.

At least there is one New game on Switch last 6 months of 2020.
Hyrule Warriors 2 and that isn’t even made by Nintendo.

Is Animal Crossing the only new Nintendo game in 2020?
New games from Nintendo is a rarity on Switch.

New Games:
Animal Crossing New Horizons
Hyrule Warriors 2
Paper Mario: The Origami King
Kirby Fighters 2
52 Clubhouse Games
Xenoblade Choronicles: Definitive edition (I am including this one since the graphics were completly remade)

Also, Good Job! was published by Nintendo and there is the Pokemon Sword and Sheild dlc.

You guys hate Anti-Matter now? People are certainly in a foul mood on this forum today…

I’m conflicted over this title. It has always looked fun to me, but is reputedly much too easy for series veterans. Well, I’m sure I’ll find out in the next few months – I just hope I don’t have to wade through the volume of complaints and vitriol that 3D All-Stars generated…

@COVIDberry I like Anti. I do have to say that he can be quite quirky and that I did get annoyed from time to time, but I think he has been a bit more flexible and less intense as time went by.

@roy130390 I don’t mind Anti as much aside from his obsession with shirtless boys, that part is rather odd.

Come on people, don’t be hating on Anti, he’s a staple of this site. We all have different tastes even if some of those tastes are somewhat acquired.

Everyone, please stop being rude to Anti. That’s not what I wanted my comment to turn into. He’s a great fellow.

Xenoblade Choronicles: Definitive edition also counts since it’s a remake and not a cheap upscaled port.
2 weeks ago i got Xenoblade remake on sale for 35 bucks.
Must have sold bad since may since stores wanted to get rid of it.

“52 Clubhouse Games” is not much more than a cheap Indie game, so i don’t count that.

Hyrule Warriors is not a Nintendo game, so it doesen’t count.
It’s basically a new Dynasty Warriors game from KOEI.

For some reason I took away my nephew’s Pikachu amiibo. I don’t why I did it? I am patiently waiting for Wolf but it’s taking time. No one in my area were selling him so I imported from Japan. Some how are you people on the Internet controlling this? I spent money on him so I can name him Were V-mon. I don’t understand how you all are able to track and lewd me?

Lol… when did this comment board become about Anti-Matter? I like the guy… sites sometimes need the quirky character that is funny and weird in a bizarre way.

I’m a 100% getting it, bc I never had a Wii U and therefore didn’t play much of the original. And I loved 3D Land (one of the three Mario games I’ve completely maxed out) so I’m sure I’m gonna love this one.

I can’t wait for this one. It’s the only Mario game that got multiplayer right. I played it to death with my wife and daughter on Wii U. My daughter moved out for college recently, so now we can play this gem online. I love all the SMB2 references.

@Geistermaschine when did I say that was a problem? He talks a lot about shirtless boys, not men. Unless that is a fault of the translator that he uses, if so I apologize.

Jeez, I kinda feel bad for Anti-Matter. I mean, yeah he can be pretty annoying, but let’s be fair, ALMOST EVERYONE ON THIS SITE HAS DONE AT LEAST ONE ANNOYING THING.

@COVIDberry The base game is definitely on the easy side, but the final secret level in 3D World is easily the most challenging level in any 3D Mario platformer to date. The jump in difficulty is jarring, to say the least…

I like anti-matters posts. His comment in the Mario doll story made me laugh out loud.

Why are yall talking about some random guy on the internet and whether you like them or not. Keep it to yourself, this is about video games.

So this is news? A game we know is coming in February is rated? OMG OMG!!!

@HexagonSun Mario 2 references?! As in Doki Doki Panic SMB 2 references?? Well, that is interesting. Notably more so than other titles? Birdo and King Wart and flying masks and vases rather than pipes?

The addition of Bowser’s Fury has necessitated the addition of consumer advice (“Very mild themes and violence”) according to the Classification Board. Themes were not cited in the original version of 3D World. My guess is that the sense of threat is what constitutes “themes” in this case (though the classifiable element of “themes” is extremely vague).

@TheDanslator @Lindhardt @Apportal : The Australian M rating is akin to ESRB’s T rating and PEGI’s 12+ rating, though there are some weird discrepancies. The Australian classification system is oddly strict in some respects (simulated gambling generally gets slapped with an M rating nowadays, but until about 8 years ago, it would be capped at PG), but quite lenient in others. Profanity that would normally get a PEGI 16+ or ESRB M rating is okay at the Australian M classification.

Sexualised bikini girls with bouncy bewbs can get an MA15+ rating in Australia, but the full-frontal female nudity in L.A. Noire was considered to be only “moderate” in viewing impact (due to the non-sexual context), meaning that it could have theoretically been accommodated at the M classification level (though the crime themes, violence, and infrequent use of the C-bomb pushed it into the MA15+ rating). The Board generally prioritises context, but in more recent years, I feel that their decisions have been less useful, particularly as certain very mild cuss words that would normally be permitted at the G rating now get a PG rating, which is really stupid.

Am now in full on Mario mode , popping to shops then galaxy 2 time. Seeing if there is 3 d all stars on shelf out of curiosity! Xx xx this is a day one! Xxx

@Ventilator @Lindhardt, there have been a lower than average number of new games this year, that’s true. I’ve bought (or, in one case, had bought for me as a gift) fewer games this year than I usually do and, whilst the primary reason for that has nothing directly to do with the nature of this year’s releases, it is noteworthy that over 50% of the big-name games I’ve bought so far this year were ports or remasters of games I’d already played.

(This is a joke, btw – specifically, one at the expense of non-Aussies I’ve met online who insist that word is acceptable in all contexts because Aussies sometimes use it acceptably in one particular context.)

@HotGoomba, ‘at least one’? C’mon, get on my level. If you’re not saying at least one annoying thing per day, are you even trying?

Unless Bowsers Fury turns out to be a whole new game rather than a level expansion then I will not be double dipping on this one.

Don’t get my wrong by I did enjoy my first play through it but overall I just couldn’t take to it. There’s something about having to hold the run button constantly (even then it still felt too slow) and being against the clock that didn’t sit right in a 3D game.

That’s why I’ve always argued this isn’t a true 3D Mario but something in between 2D & 3D

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World news – GB – Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Rated For The Nintendo Switch

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