Super Mario 3D All-Stars has (finally!) been announced for Switch as part of today’s surprise Super Mario 35th Anniversary Direct, and it’ll be available to download in just a couple of weeks. However, it’s a limited-time release and only available until the end of March 2021 – and that includes the digital version.

The collection is launching on Friday 18th September, the game includes remastered versions of Super Mario 64 from Nintendo 64, Super Mario Sunshine from GameCube and Super Mario Galaxy from Wii (nope, Galaxy 2 won’t be included here).

The package will feature optimised versions of each game with higher resolutions and a ‘smooth gameplay experience’, which suggests we’ll be enjoying framerate improvements, too. The game will also feature an ‘in-game music-player mode’ for fans of the soundtracks which can be listened to while your Switch is in sleep mode.

Whether you want the game in physical or digital form, both versions are apparently limited-run/limited-time only, with the digital version being available until the end of March 2021 only. The game costs ÂŁ49.99 / USD $59.99 / CAD $79.99 and pre-orders are live now.

Gavin loves a bit of couch co-op, especially when he gets to delegate roles, bark instructions and give much-appreciated performance feedback at the end. He lives in Spain (the plain-y bit where the rain mainly falls) and his love for Banjo-Kazooie borders on the unhealthy.

Great news but making it a limited edition is simply leaving money on the table….
Very strange Nintendo..
Just make sure to pick up a copy..

Already bought it, gave me a reason to get the vouchers so I’ll use the other for 3D World. Really can’t wait for this and I’ll be picking up a physical copy too 😉

They better be producing a ton of these if it’s gonna be a limited time release

Wait does this mean that the people who bought it would not be able to play it after march?

“Whether you want the game in physical or digital form, both versions are apparently limited-time only, with the digital version being available until the end of March 2021 only.”

Edit: Actually I know why, it is so Nintendo can sell them separately on the eshop after March probably with a price hike on each individual game.

Might pick up two copies. A limited run digital release? This thing is going to cost thousands of dollars in the future, lol.

The stuff Nintendo’s on today seems even stronger than it was in the 1990s. What were they thinking?!

I was hoping for a little more oomph to it as I still own ways to play all these games. Since it doesn’t have that I’m going to have to pass. Enjoy the games everyone!

Limited time only?? Lord that’s strange. I’m gonna pick it up but that’s very very strange.

This is such a weird decision to make this available for a limited time only. Either way, I’ll get a digital copy for myself.

@Ktld878 No. It means nobody will be able to buy it after March. People who bought it before will be able to keep it.

@TheFullAndy My guess is the package of the All Star Collection will be limited. After that Nintendo may release Mario 64 for a Nintendo 64 Online service and sell Galaxy and Sunshine separately on the eShop. That may also be why they did not remake Mario 64.

Making it limited is a really bizarre decision, I wonder what the reasoning behind that is. I guess that reduces the chances of them later adding the best 3D Mario game, Super Mario Galaxy 2, as DLC or something. Pretty disappointing.

Still disappointed Super Mario Galaxy 2 isn’t included. It was strangely omitted from the Direct altogether as well… no mention of it whatsoever. Quite ridiculous to not, at the very least, acknowledge one of the best games of all time on a broadcast that celebrates Mario’s 35th anniversary and all its highlights.

Have to pre order this then, physical editions of this will only go up in value over time…

Nintendo is the most frustrating company there is. Why limit the games? Why are they so anti consumer? Limited physical I’d understand but digital too? And the mario 35 battle royal is also limited, wtf?

A limited run, of not just the physical release but digital as well? What the fuvk is this Nintendo?????
Galaxy 2, the better game, is missing as well.

Why on Earth is this limited digitally?! That makes no sense at all, as with Super Mario 35. Hopefully there’s enough outcry to make them reverse course.

I’m not paying full price for this tbh, I’m more interested in what they have in store for 3D World.

Psyched for the release!… But the limited run thing? God I hope this is a COVID thing and not the start of a new trend…

Better scratch a game off your PS5/Series X launch day list or even hold off the new console then. 😉

@TheFullAndy If I am right it gives me hope that other games for a possible Nintendo 64 Online service will do the widescreen treatment for other Nintendo 64 games. Like Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask… but, maybe not for 2D games like Mischief Makers… but, I’d just be happy seeing it happen at all at this point.

It’s up at Best Buy for US. Go go go. I know I’m not messing around with this limited release bs lmao. Just ordered.

Maybe it’s a limited release because they plan to make these games available through Nintendo Switch Online in the future.

Disappointed to say the least.Basic improvements, limited availability and full price.If I buy it will be to resell it for a small fortune afterwards.

I have prepared my plan B if i cannot get that game before March 2021.
My plan B was getting Super Mario Sunshine Gamecube version from Tokopedia.
I already have Super Mario Galaxy Wii version, have finished the storyline despite it wasn’t really fun to beat Bowser.
Not interested with Mario 64 so i will not bothering the game.
This is my backup plan to prevent of brokenheart due to unable getting the Switch version.
Guys, make your plan B if the thing doesn’t run well !

Why a limited run of the digital edition? THEY OWN THE IP. You can’t tell me there are some hardcore negotiations about its release between Nintendo and the developers.

Are physical preorders open yet, or will they be open before the release date? I want to snag a copy as quickly as possible.

I would only play a game widescreen if it has been properly reformatted for it rather than just stretched but give people the option certainly.

Also I am not sure they gave Mario 64 the widescreen treatment, only Sunshine which is disappointing.

I was really hoping for widescreen and 60fps for both games but I guess not. Pity.

So I guess these get added to NSO after March next year? In time for the remodelled Switch (with extra features added for that new hardware).

@tourjeff Still a great price to get all three games! Mario 64 can range in the $20-30 range same as the first Galaxy game. Sunshine is getting really expensive for the Gamecube anywhere between $50-100. I’d say $60 for all three games on the Switch is a steal even if they are just modest quality of life improvements.

I say it you’ve been interested in these games it’s the perfect way to get them before the inevitable eShop re-release for all three games separately where they will probably get pricier for all three.

I will pre-order this on the eShop and I’ll pre-order a physical version as well. And about the limit time, if you buy the game before march next year, you can play / redownload the game afterwards as well.

Seriously **** Nintendo. Been waiting for the remasters since the rumour from the start of the year and now I have to worry about getting a physical copy because they’re limited?!?!Times like this I really do hate the fact Nintendo make such good games because they employ practices that make EA and Activision look like saints sometimes. Not impressed. What a way for them to take the wind out of my sails with the announcement.

@RazumikhinPG Same. Can anyone here point a european in the right direction. Or could @Nintendolife do a Pre-order guide please??????

They’re only doing this to generate the illusion of scarcity, so more people will buy it sooner.

@TheFullAndy I don’t know about 64, it did not seem like 4:8, but not full 16:9. My guess is they could not do a complete widescreen restoration because of clipping issues or incomplete objects. But, I’m still happy to see the game tossed in as this seemed to be more of a Sunshine and Galaxy themed package. As those games got the most love with new texture work, AA and full widescreen.

@technotreegrass they want your money here and now. Fans need to understand, game companies like Nintendo are not your friends. They dont care about you. only whats in your wallet

Will defineitly buy this collection as I’ve never played any of them, but the limited time thing is just awful!

LOL whoa whoa, what’s with the conspiracy theories about the game’s availability? I too would like to know what Nintendo was thinking when planning their release schedules, but I’d wager the pandemic has something to do with it.

I mean sure, you can ask “well, what about the eShop version?” And the best thing I can say is that they want to be consistent with the release across both the physical and digital versions. I really don’t know, bit I don’t think anyone does.

I’ll be picking up the game anyway so maybe I’m not too bothered by it, but it is an interesting situation.

Wondering if limited time means next year they’re releasing remasters. Good way to get people to double-dip?

I wasn’t expecting anything, but I’m still kinda disappointed. If they weren’t going to remaster (which I get is a lot of time and resources to do) I would have appreciated at least including Galaxy 2 as well

Let me know if anyone finds a UK pre-order for physical – the pre-order from the Nintendo UK website just seems to be for download

@Wexter while I agree with your reasoning behind the price I am still a bit disappointed.Don’t get me wrong if I’m being pedantic, I was just expecting more for a special celebration of Nintendo’s main franchise. It would be better to also include Galaxy 2 but it seems that it won’t happen.

I’ve been after Mario Sunshine for ages, pretty much since the day after I sold my GameCube back in 2006. This is a bigger no-brainer for me than Breath of the Wild in 2017. Day 1.

If the original Super Mario All Stars had 4 games, this should have 4 games too. Specially when the best game is the one being left out.

@AcridSkull I have a feeling Nintendo intended to do more with them but was caught off guard by Covid and refused to miss a September (anniversary) release.

$20 a game sounds like a good deal (sort of), but I’m wish I could get them separately. I never really liked Super Mario Sunshine, especially since it introduced one of my most hated characters in video game history, and I don’t think Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy are worth $40, so I think I’ll pass on this one.

@Octane exactly!!the queue of folk saying “strange but ill buy this is” extremely large. Must have been exactly what the sales team hoped for, nintendo fomo 😂😂 I might join the queue tho…..

@Joker13z you saved my ass. just ordered 2 copies from the back of my art history class, thanks so much for that link. maybe can use the second copy to pay part of my student loans lol.

Now that that’s out of the way…What in the hell is this limited thing? Has anyone ever heard of limiting a flagship series to a six month release? I get that it’s for hype (congrats, you’ve succeeded) but holy sh*t, this game will be insane in price in a couple years, AND I am betting it’ll be sold out all the time. I really hope physical copies can find their way to everyone that wants one. Got my copy from Best Buy, I am not missing this one lol. Order while you can, ladies and gents! Not up on Amazon yet.

Maybe Galaxy 2 is an unlockable? That just seems really odd to update SMG1 with controls and not 2.

The digital version being limited too is so stupid.Which means i can’t wait too long on it. :

I’m so excited for this I’ll get it digitally and Physical. Already preordered from Best Buy. I’ll keep the Physical wrapped up.

@flummerfelt They did the same thing for Luigi U for the quote “Year of Luigi” still very easy to find and for about what it was at MSRP. My guess is they are limiting it due to COVID issues, Mario’s Anniversary (much like Year of Luigi), and they plan to re-release the games after the fact. Probably with Mario 64 as part of Nintendo 64 Online, and Sunshine and Galaxy separately on the eShop for $25-30 each.

Seems odd on the surface, but when you start thinking about it, makes sense. And they have done it before for Luigi U and Mario All-Stars Wii. With cheaper re-releases later on such All-Stars Wii being part of the Nintendo Selects line a couple of years later.

EDIT: I also, forgot about the initial release of the Metroid Prime Trilogy on the Wii. And that was for full-blown remasters of Prime 1 and 2 with new motion controls. Though they did re-release the game on Wii U digitally so I would not be surprised to see the 3D All-Stars bundle get the same treatment every now and again either.

Really disappointed that they didn’t remake any of these. However, knowing Nintendo they would have charged $60 for each one of them if they did. So this a good deal, and is a nice “sequel” to Super Mario All-Stars.

@BANJO Much like other companies, I think the move is to drive digital sales. Physical will sell out and the only alternative to get the game before the deadline will be digital. I guarantee even the saltiest gamer will be hitting that download button before midnight.

I have a feeling Galaxy 2 is being held in reserve for future announcements. And other 3D Allstars collection? Separate eShop download? They’ve got to spread this out as much as possible.

Both physical and digital for me. Although I’m so miffed at the exclusion of Galaxy 2.

Also, it’s been mentioned previously in the thread but bears repeating: best buy preorders are up with free, release day delivery shipping. I usually go amazon, but you win this round best buy.

@KevTastic84 thats the problem as soon as pre orders go live they will be snapped up.

@sanderev Not the point. Why not keep it on stores as with all the other games?

@Gwynbleidd Dude get a Wii U! The console is still very much so worth it between digital games like Fatal Frame Madine of Black Water, Fast Racing Neo and others! Plus VC! And still a ton of great Wii U games that may never get a Switch port like Xenoblade X!

Though as stated earlier this seems more like a limitation the way they did All-Stars Wii, Kirby Collection (Wii) and Metroid Prime Trilogy. This is a normal Nintendo hat. But, I can see all Three getting individual releases after the fact on the eShop (and in Mario 64 part of NIntendo 64 Online)

@Tsusasi Yes I agree, I’m already tempted to double dip and get both a physical and digital version…
Hopefully Galaxy 2 will be released down the line, as you say it will be spread out as much as possible….

I’m going to buy it twice just in case and they better and I mean better make a lot of copies.

@Wexter So true. I forgot about the prime trilogy on wii. But even then- it was put out digitally as well, and the Luigi add on for Mario U wasn’t pulled digitally, correct? So at the end of the day I am not sure why they have to kill it digitally too. They’ll definitely release it again down the road, on switch 3 or something lol. It still seems weird to launch it like this in 2020… but hey that’s Nintendo!

This really feels like an overpiced bundle for full price if you take in consideration that both Mario Galaxy and Mario 64 are sold digital on the Wii U for 20 euro (Mario Galaxy) and 10 euro (Mario 64). I wonder if they will remove them from the eshop like Pikmin 3. If that happens I hope I reminded some people to get it before it is too late.

@flummerfelt I think Prime Trilogy only got physical on Wii and digital on Wii U like 3-4 years later! I also, forgot they did this with the underrated Kirby Collection which has never gotten a re-release… shame! Nintendo has done this before so I’m used to it.. or maybe others have forgotten this was like so Nintendo’s Wii-era schtick!

But, yeah I can see them roll out this bundle every 5 years like they do All-Stars (2D?). But, I bet the reason they are pulling the digital bundle is that they plan to release the games separately for a slight mark-up compared to the bundle. Like why buy Sunshine and Galaxy separately on the eShop when you can get them both in a bundle with Mario 64? That is the only reason I think of why they’d pull this stunt.

I cannot put in words how excited I am.I never played Sunshine nor Galaxy (I was kinda poor at that time), so having now a chance to play these games makes me so excited (those are the only Mario games I never played).I’m beyond excited. This, plus 3D World, All Stars, and the Game & Watch made my day so much better.

It being a limited time thing is not cool. Nintendo stop feeding the scalpers, all you’ll do is tick off your loyal customers.

Pre ordered it in the Netherlands. I really wantend this one physical. I might even buy it digitally so I can leave my physical copy sealed.

So is there going to be a November “Christmas Morning” title this year if it isn’t this?

Hmm, Zelda next year? All Stars Zelda 1, 2 LttP, gameboy games. The ‘3d all stars Zelda too?

@Cevil I’d absolutely love it to happen. I was surprised Nintendo haven’t realised F zero is pre built for battle royale, 30 racers online death race, with an evolving track the further the racers get. Marketed as the “fastest battle royale” it could boost F zero into mainstream popularity. There’s enough characters and racers as incentive to keep playing. One can dream.

“Please note: Super Mario 3D All-Stars can only be purchased until March 31st 2021. Owners can still play its entire contents after this date has passed, and can also redownload it from Nintendo eShop if the software has been archived.”

I can understand why physical copies are limited, but why digital? It’s stupid, anti-consumer, and doesn’t ensure these games’ legacies.

Can’t believe 64 and Sunshine aren’t proper remasters. Was expecing a Crash Bandicoot/ Spyro remaster style collection. Who am I kidding? It’s Nintendo

@pip_muzz I agree with you. They’re a really great company, and then they pull really reeeeallly dumb stunts like this.

@Scottwood101 They did say in the video that the games got re-mastered for HD. And in the video, you can notice they’ve implemented AA and the textures look sharper and some re-done. I think this closer to a traditional remaster like what Twilight Princess got.

The Spyro and Crash “remasters” are not remasters. They are remakes as they are on a new engine, new models, textures and effects. They just got the gameplay super close to the originals for better or worse. You can even argue Wind Waker HD was a remake as they ran the game on a new engine, with completely new textures and lighting.

@Wexter Kirby Dream Collection wasn’t limited, I mean, I still find it at Gamestop now and then.

The virtual console release of Mario 64 on Wii U bumped the game up to 30fps, hopefully this takes it up to the gold baseline standard of 60fps!!!

@Tempestryke Really! Where? I’ve been trying to find the game for years and could never find it in my local stores after the first few months! Just assumed Nintendo did the same thing as Prime Trilogy and All-Stars Wii?

I really wish they had included Galaxy 2. Its my fave 3D Mario. There were so many switch ups in that game compared to the first title imho. Always kept me on my toes and wondering what the next level was gonna bring! This is still awesome news but this would have knocked it outta the park for me.

@Wexter In the used Wii games section. I guess it depends on who brings what in.

@Tempestryke I’ve been wanting the pink boy in my Wii Collection forever! Just I guess I’ve never gotten lucky in my area. Hopefully, I get it some day!

I can’t believe it’s 10 years already since I picked up the All Stars collection on Wii, which was also limited.

They completely neglected Super Mario Galaxy 2 in this presentation! Not only is it not included in this title, it wasn’t even shown during that final ‘medley’ thing showing all the Mario platformers! That is actually insulting to that brilliant game and I can’t believe they did that.

@BANJO Having it as a limited time release is genius, even if irritating. A lot of people (including me) wouldn’t necessarily be in a rush to buy this collection since we Nintendo fans have already played the games so much. But the time limit puts pressure to buy it ASAP, motivating atsunami of immediate sales rather than people waiting to buy a used copy down the road.

@Joriss Don’t get your hopes up. It seems Galaxy can’t be played in handheld and if you own a Switch Lite, a seperate set of Joy-con are required. I’m hoping the wording is just not clear and it’s just for Galaxy’s co-op mode that extra Joy-con are needed but I’m not so sure.

Nintendo has pretty much become a parody at this point. “Hey guys you know all those things people complained about the other companies doing? Yeah, lets do all that.”

I wasnt expecting Crash/Spyro style remakes but hoped for something less barebones than this! Still, they could have easily charged full price for separate HD releases of Sunshine and Galaxy!

I knew it was going to be true, thank you Nintendo, this makes me very happy… Oh, btw, where the heck is Mario Galaxy 2??

I’ve wanted a proper re-release of Sunshine for ages, so there was no hesitation from me to pick this up.

Not too keen on the limited time window thing, though. It might not affect me personally, but now there’s a chance lots of people I know that would definitely be interested will potentially miss the release window based solely on the fact they don’t follow gaming news like a hawk.

@OorWullie Argh, it would suck. I’d still get the collection out of nostalgia and because I just love Sunshine Yes, I am Nintendo’s target audience…

@Yorumi actually no Disneys been doing it for years. this is actually amazing because emulators are of the pat twitch is gonna explode in 10 days

This is FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) to the Max. The limited downloadable version is a real head scratcher; unless they plan to offer each game individually from March onwards so anyone who wants just 1 game will have to get all 3 or “risk” missing out as we don’t know what will happen.

@Ktld878 If I know these kind of limited releases from history it means the game will be available for purchase until the end of March but if you get it between now and the end of March you keep it forever (or at least from a digital purchase standpoint for however long Nintendo thinks is forever). Thanks. Out!

Another theory (theory! Not rumour!) is that maybe in March the games will be offered as part of the Nintendo Online service; along with titles from all 3 platforms.

It’s limited, so they can do the same thing for Mario’s 40th.. but maybe that time they’ll bother to do a graphical update

I’ve got my physical copy pre-ordered from Best Buy already. 3D Mario games are my absolute favorite. It will be really nice to have an updated hard copy of these classics. I do wonder how F.L.U.D.D. will work without analog shoulder buttons.

Wonder what all the people who said “there’s no way Nintendo will ever dl this” are thinking rn

Waiting on a pre order link here in the US. Digital preorders are open but I would prefer a physical copy. Shame that there’s no Galaxy 2 on there as well, but honestly the 3 games we are getting are all top tier.

I’m so getting this! As a kid I never had a Wii or a Gamecube, only a N64, so Super Mario 64 will be a trip back to my childhood days, and for the other two will be my first time playing them, but they’ll be amazing, I’m sure.

I’m more into 2D Mario than 3D Mario, but I’ll do what I can to get a physical copy…might be worth collecting even if I don’t play the collection much.

Awesome news but making it a limited time release will only attract scalpers (in terms of the physical version) online. Hopefully this collection is just temporary and Nintendo plan to release all three games separately after March 2021 (they are just remastered ports after all) including Super Mario Galaxy 2 as well.

@NintendoPok Yeah, but then people can’t pay 8 bucks for an arcade game. I do, by the way.

Played all these but will gladly pay to play again in HD and without fishing old consoles out. I would like to think Galaxy 2 (as I never played it) is missing due to COVID and will be released next year. 🤞

This is kinda Meh…-news for me. I think I’m just very spoiled when it comes to remasters after the Crash Bandicoot N- Sane Trilogy, The Spyro Reignited Trilogy, and Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled.

The Mario Remasters would be more interesting for me if they wouldn’t be just simple ports in a collection.

@MrJuancho Galaxy is the all time greatest 3D Mario in my opinion; the level designs are impeccable (Nintendo just constantly showing off) and there’s so much freaking variety. The fully orchestrated soundtrack is sublime and also covers a lot of different moods. I envy you getting to try it for the first time (and now it looks so damn good in HD). Oh also the story is really good (for a Mario game)

@sketchturner I think they hope to push the digital version heavily… When they mean limited luckily it should still be a few million considering this is a Mario title…

Limited Edition will be music to scalper’s ears, especially coming into the Christmas period. Hopefully this won’t be another NES classic situation…

Course I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if they end up putting up each game for sale individually or if they make them a part of the Switch online service. I think Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy were basically chosen as tests to see how N64, Gamecube, and Wii games could be ported

3D All-Stars is also coming out close to the 24th anniversary of Super Mario 64 (and N64) releasing in North America!

Honestly, I was expecting a remake for 64. It is a brilliant game (I remember playing it the week it came out), but it hasn’t aged well and looks like garbage on an HD screen. It looks sloppy and lazy — I expect better from Nintendo.

Thank god I don’t give a crap about Mario. This ridiculous scramble to get a copy would have driven me insane.

This made me put off buying Samurai Shodown on Xbox. At least that game will be around forever!

Surprised Nintendo put 3 games into 1 they could have sold separately for the same if not more.

Surprised 64 still looks like trash. Sunshine and Galaxy still look good but Mario 64 is widely regarded as the game that started 3D platforming, it deserves a full remake, or at least wide screen.

Not surprised it’s “limited”, almost everything Nintendo is limited – amiibo, classic consoles, heck even some games are hard to find.

So, does this mean ZERO new games this Switch this holiday, it’s 4th, just old ports?

@Incoherent1 It’s true: I’ve played both the original and DS versions recently and … I think I despise the camera in that game now. When you add in all the annoying slopes that shoot you into the death-pit abyss, and the really, really annoying vultures, it’s not quite as rosy as I remembered it.

I’m thinking the limited time thing is to get everyone to buy this collection before they introduce N64/GC/Wii games to Nintendo Online, which would make this collection redundant. It sounds like a way to get people to pay money for these games early before they’re available for only a Nintendo Online subscription. If that’s the scenario, it’s a smart move by Nintendo.

@Gwynbleidd You absolutely should. It’s a brilliant machine! If you like in person multiplayer, Nintendo Land is honestly one of the best games ever made. I never understood the hate for it.

@Antraxx777 Yep. I’m happy for the people who are excited, but I don’t think it’s worth my money and time, which makes me VERY sad since I’m a huge Mario fan.

@foobarbaz Hopefully it’s just N64 for Switch online, I would be piss if the GameCube and Wii library got limited to that service. I would only hope that after March 2021 that they just released these separately so those who missed the collection could just buy which one they liked. Now the real question, will the 3D All-Stars collection comes with all 3 games on the cartridge or will Nintendo be cheap and just include only Super Mario 64 on the cart while the other two required download code?

Ahh yes, limited distribution in times where a pandemic already caused massive issues in getting things shipped…This is really mind boggling…

And as many said, the omission of Galaxy 2 is strange indeed. I really hope that people here are right in that the limited offer specifically means the collection package and that the individual releases are to follow, including Galaxy 2.

@Retro_Player_77 They can easily fit all three on a cartridge. Mario 64 is just a few Mb and Galaxy and Sunshine are a few gigs each. Even with new HD textures and music tracks included I don’t see this being something they’d need to split up with a download.

So I was 1000% wrong in saying this wouldn’t happen, but I still don’t think it’s ok to be propagating rumors without a shred of evidence as if it were hard fact.

I won’t be getting the collection as all 3 games are playable on my old Wii. So cool though.

The 25th Anniversay Mario Bros Collection on Wii was also a limited release, so 3D All-Stars being a limited release is not unprecedented, but still surprising.

@Wexter They could doesn’t necessarily mean they will, if that is possible Capcom would be putting all their Mega Man roms onto one collection instead of making two. The question only comes to mind if Nintendo is cheap enough to do that. Hopefully not, you could put tech and spec into mind but you also had to realize that you are dealing with a company that could also be scummy.

In the end, it’s all about greed/higher profitability.They wanted to make $20 per title as opposed to $15 per title, hence the reason for leaving Mario Galaxy 2 out.

@Retro_Player_77 Capcom is most of the time being Capcom when they pull stunts like that. But that is because they were selling those bundles as Legacy Collections 1&2 and Legacy Collection 1 was on the cart and Legacy Collection 2 you had to download because.. reasons I guess. But, for the Zero Collection, all of them were on the cart. Now I can point to other collections like the Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remaster where they did split the games. But, you can also argue Final Fantasy X and X-2 are much bigger games.

But, Nintendo has not really made it a habit of forcing collections on different carts or requiring downloads for their games. But, it’s a we’ll see, but there was no disclaimer on the video or the packaging that makes me think they will require a download so… I’m guessing they won’t. I might be wrong, but with the game coming out in like a few weeks I feel that would be something in a presskit that will come out in the coming days.

EDIT: Before you go Bayonetta 1 & 2, the file sizes for both games are far larger than Galaxy or Sunshine. And Bayonetta 1 was on a separate disc even on the Wii U release and was like a freebie bonus, to begin with as the main selling point was Bayonetta 2. Not a collection of 1 & 2.

@readyletsgo I sure hope we’ll have a similar Zelda collection next year! I’ve been wanted to play through the N64 Zelda games again but playing them on a modern TV sucks, I’m not going to go out and get a CRT, and I don’t like the 3DS versions (they’re meant for the big screen).

@scottdevine48 Yes it’s yours to keep and play after this date, however digital will be unavailable to buy after 31st March with no more physical copies made after this date.
Physical copies prices will likely slowly rise…

This time limited stuff probably implies that Nintendo will launch an official scalping store on eBay. And people curse Activision and 2K for raising prices for games. Not that I am supporting them (I actually don’t buy any of their games) but criticisms should be fair.

@Blooper987 they won’t especially since we’re on the midst of a pandemic Be prepared to download

ÂŁ49.99 for some ports? What planet are they on? Il just wait until they become seperate purchases and get sunshine on its own

Not a big fan of Mario 64 or Mario Galaxy but I have never played Sunshine so I might get it for that game.

I feel bad for the kids who are going to try and save up for this game but then they’re too late and can never get the game

though it sorta pisses me off that people are complaining about stuff not about the limited release that’s worth complaining about but the price really i thought you guys were pleading for this game!?

Ports, ports, ports, ports, ports, ports….. And not even HD remakes!….No Galaxy 2 (they even ignored it in the “History of Mario” montage at the end)…Nintendo has been so lazy lately….Very disappointed….

I got really excited seeing the 3D games being announced for Switch. Then they exclude Galaxy 2. Then they announce it being limit time. Then they show full price for, not remakes, not remasters, but just ports.

They somehow turned something I was really excited about in to something I’m on the fence about.

I just hope Galaxy doesn’t require motion controls, I use my Switch strictly as a handheld….

So SM64 is just the original version without the DS additions? That’s disappointing because I really wanted the ultimate version of that game with the 360 motion from the original (rather than the 8 from the DS one), and the new content. Is Sunshine still going to have the same camera issues as the original?

I wanted to get this, and still might, but I’ll have to think about it. I have a Wii U with SM64 and both Galaxy games (the limited run gives them the opportunity to then re-launch of Galaxy with the second later), and a Gamecube with SMS. Without the DS content for 64, there’s nothing new for me.

@KonkeyDong64 It says on the eshop it’s not playable on Switch Lite without joy-cons. So yeah, no handheld most likely.

I’m guessing it’s limited edition for the pack, and they will release each game for separate purchase down the road. It’s too much work to remaster and optimize for a new platform to permanently remove it.

Defo getting physical but may double dip (but not download) closer to the march date on a digital purchase.

3D All-Stars has the potential to sell 10+ million copies if the supply is there, so hopefully Nintendo doesn’t squander the game’s insane sales potential for the sake of scarcity.

@KonkeyDong64 You can (probably) play in tabletop mode at least if that helps? I dunno, all I can do is tell you what the eshop says, which isn’t much.

if you’re journalists can you find out if they’ll be sold separately after the time window and the price?

The word “limited” has me worried, but this is an insta-buy for me. I really want this physically if I can find one. No sense in buying 3 copies for our 3 Switches when we can just share one cart.

I guess they are doing a limited time thing in order to push sales against the release of the new generation. Every one will rush to get their copy and they won’t look bad.

Also, I still think there will be a major release in Dec/Jan! But we’ll prob know 2 weeks in advance, once again.

***** them i’m pissed. You know what limited time means? it means they WNAT YOU to rush preordering it to sell it like crazy.i expected at least 64 remade in odissey’s enginge.60 buck for 3 emulated games that i already own? might as well put in galaxy 2.very unhappy with this collection.

@BANJO I’m pretty sure they will release them separately at a higher price once the limited edition is gone.

@Einherjar ever heard of EVENTS? thats why its limited either buy it or dont. i preordered it

@NintendoPok Who ruined your breakfast today? Jeez, for someone complaining about “them whining fanboyz” you’re awfully aggressive around here my friend…

The issue isn’t that it’s a limited sale per se, the issue is that we live in times where not everyone is swimming in money at the moment and several stores have a hard time getting their stocks in time or at all.

This could mean that a physical version is simply out of the question for some. I’m not getting my hopes up that the few shops that survived around here will be getting it at all. Limited sales during times like these is just a bad decision ÂŻ(ツ)/ÂŻ

Time limited? The hell are you doing, Nintendo? Perhaps they’re going to bring the old Mario 3D games to Nintendo Online, which also sucks, because it’s a rental service. Why can’t they just make a proper Virtual Console, like the Wii had?

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