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If your PC feels like it’s forever running out of storage, then it might be time to add another SSD to the mix – and to help you get the best deals on today’s best SSDs for gaming, we’ve rounded up all the lowest prices for them in the UK and US. This week, SSD deals are pretty scarce for those of us living in the UK, as prices have either remained static or gone up. Thankfully, US prices have kept a more even keel over the last week or so, making it a much better time to buy for those of you across the pond. Still, with a £10 off a Samsung T5 this week, there are still a couple of good SSD deals around for UK shoppers, so whether you’re looking for a cheap SATA drive or a brand-new NVMe SSD, these are the cheapest SSD deals of the week.

You can hop straight to the type of SSD you’re after by clicking the links on the right, or you can carry on scrolling to see all of this week’s best SSD deals in turn. All of the SSDs included in this list have been tested right here at RPS, too, so you can be sure you’re getting a great bit of storage for the best price possible.

You can find more information about what makes a great SSD deal at the bottom of this article, but the best bit of buying advice I can give is to not be fooled by the crazy high sequential read and write times you see on an SSD’s box, as they’re not what you’re going to see in everyday use. Instead, random read and write times a much better indicator of how quickly a drive can open or save a file on your PC (and why I place such an important emphasis on it in my SSD reviews). Good random speeds are particularly important when your PC’s trying to open dozens upon dozens of game files, but they’re also vital for when you’re copying large batches of files, or verifying Steam installs.

And if you’re looking to upgrade your PC with even more top notch components on the cheap, why not have a read of our regularly updated graphics card deals, CPU deals and gaming monitor deals as well while you’re here.

Still one of the best gaming SSDs around, the Samsung 860 Evo remains our top choice for those after an exceptional SATA SSD. Prices have remained pretty much unchanged this week, with the biggest drop being on the 1TB model in the US, which is down $10 compared to last week. Even so, we’d strongly recommend the 1TB 860 Qvo below instead if you’re after a drive of this size, as it’s much better value.

While not quite as fast as the 860 Evo, the 860 Qvo is an excellent way to get a lot of storage without spending an absolute fortune. While prices have remained exactly the same this week (albeit at different retailers), it’s much cheaper than a 1TB 860 Evo, and its performance is still absolutely top drawer. The 1TB model is also cheaper than the newer 870 Qvo below as well, which sadly is still full price at the moment. The 870 Qvo has faster random read speeds than the 860 Qvo, but in our eyes the latter is still a good buy thanks to its cheaper price on the 1TB model.

The Samsung 870 Qvo is arguably one of the best high capacity SATA SSDs you can buy right now thanks to its fast random read speeds and comparatively low prices, especially if you’re looking for a drive that’s 2TB or above. The 1TB model still isn’t quite as good value its 860 Qvo predecessor, but there’s been a sizeable drop of $25 on the 2TB version in the US this week, making it a much better buy than the 2TB 860 Qvo. Meanwhile, UK prices have only dropped by £2 for the 2TB model, but it’s still better than the 860 Qvo.

The Crucial MX500 is one of the best value SSDs you can buy today. It’s a great budget alternative to the 860 Evo above and the WD Blue 3D NAND below, although prices have remained pretty much static this week. The only drop has been on the 500GB model in the US, which has fallen by a whole $3.

The WD Blue 3D NAND isn’t as fast as the Crucial MX500 or Samsung 860 Evo, but at these prices it’s very hard to argue with, especially if you want a cut-price 1TB SSD that doesn’t break the £100 mark. Prices on the 250GB and 500GB models have remained the same in both the UK and US this week, but the UK 1TB model has increased by £5, while the 2TB version has jumped a whole £22. Thankfully, US prices are still the same, but you’re much better off with a Samsung 870 Qvo for this kind of money.

The Samsung 970 Evo has long since been replaced by the 970 Evo Plus below, but in the UK there continues to be some surprisingly good deals on this still excellent NVMe SSD. It’s pretty much just as fast as the Plus below, and a heck of a lot cheaper, too. It’s a great buy.

With exceptional read and write times for small and heavy workloads alike, the Samsung 970 Evo Plus is currently our top pick for those after the best NVMe SSD money can buy, but you’ll probably be perfectly happy with either of its WD rivals below if you’d rather save yourself some money. Alas, prices have stayed pretty much the same as last week, with only the 500GB model falling by £2 in the UK.

The second best NVMe SSD you can buy right now, the WD Black SN750 is normally a great alternative to the Samsung 970 Evo Plus if you want top notch speeds for a little bit less. UK prices have sadly risen by quite a bit this week, increasing by around £10 across the board. Thankfully, US prices have remained steady on both the regular and heatsink versions of the SN750 this week, so it’s still a good buy for those of you across the pond.

A newer version of the excellent WD Blue SN500, the SN550 is even faster than its predecessor. It’s also available in a larger 1TB size, and is absolutely the de facto NVMe SSD for those on a budget. Prices have sadly inched upwards this week, with the 250GB model increasing by £7 / $6, the 500GB model by £5, and the 1TB model by £8. Fortunately, US prices for the 500GB and 1TB models have remained the same this week, making the former a much better buy than its 250GB sibling.

It may have been succeeded by the fancier Samsung T7 Touch, but the T5 still remains one of the best value external SSDs around. Stock levels are getting lower by the week, though, and it seems to be completely out of stock over in the US. There are still some around in the UK, thankfully, and it’s £10 cheaper than last week, too.

Speed is one of the most important things to consider when buying a new SSD, and many of the drives on my best of SSD list have excellent read and write times – and I’m not just talking about the crazy-high sequential times you’ll see plastered all over an SSD’s box, either. These can often reach up to thousands of MB/s, which may sound like good news, but in practice it’s not a very good indicator of what kind of speeds you’ll get in day to day use.

That’s because most SSDs read and write data randomly, sticking bits here and there all over an SSD’s storage blocks. As a result, an SSD’s random read and write speeds are really what you should be looking out for when selecting your next SSD, and you can find out what these are by reading my SSD reviews.

Another important consideration is an SSD’s capacity versus how much it costs – something commonly referred to as price per gigabyte. The minimum size SSD I’d recommend these days is 250GB, as this will give you enough room for your Windows installation (around 20GB), a few big games, plus all your music, photos and any other creative / productivity programmes you might need. If you’d like to have more than a couple of big titles installed at once without compromising on load times, however, you may want to consider finding the cash for a 500GB or 1TB SSD. Here, price per gigabyte becomes super important, as you don’t want to pay over the odds for having a large and varied game library you can call upon at a moment’s notice.

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