Turkeys are one of the many new animals in Spelunky 2, and you can tame and ride them to help you navigate the game’s procedurally generated levels much faster than you could on foot. Acquiring a turkey mount is good for more than just mobility, however. They can double jump to help you reach new heights and they can even glide to fall great distances without worry. This is much cheaper than buying a Cape from the shop, and many Spelunky veterans know how useful that item can be. Here’s how to tame and ride turkeys in Spelunky 2.

To ride a turkey in Spelunky 2, jump onto it while holding the jump button. If you do not let the jump button go, you will mount the turkey. It will run around wildly for a few seconds before finally calming down and letting you control it.

You’ll know you’ve tamed the turkey when you see pink hearts come out of it. At that point, you’ll have full control of your trusty steed. When the turkey panics, it will run side to side without any care for its surroundings. This can easily get both you and the turkey killed, so be careful when trying to tame one. It will absolutely run into a punching totem or spike pit, so take note of your surroundings before climbing onto a turkey.

Once you have assumed control, you can jump off and leave the turkey if you need to use your bombs or rope. You can double jump with a turkey by pressing the jump button twice, and you can glide by holding the jump button mid-air. Turkeys have their own melee attack, but it’s very similar in range and power to the default whip. Also, you can hold things while riding a turkey, but pressing the attack button will throw the item instead of making the turkey attack. You can jump off of turkeys mid-air like you can do with Yoshi in Super Mario World, so keep that in mind in case you ever need to avoid a spike pit or get some extra height. Finally, you can bring turkeys with you throughout levels as long as you ride them through the exit.

Sometimes, you’ll come across a man named Yang who is looking for turkeys. Bring enough to his enclosure and you’ll gain access to his locked room full of treasure.

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