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Here we are, four years later, and a divided United States appears to be on the cusp of great change once again

The so-called oldest and greatest democracy in the world was poised to elect its first-ever female president. It was a moment in history too alluring to miss. So I headed to the Big Apple for the historic reveal.

I managed to get access to what was intended to be a victory party for Hillary Clinton at the Javits Center on the west side. 

Hugh crowds of people, mainly women, streamed towards the massive convention centre. There was laughter, smiles and every manner of swag with “I’m With Her” emblazoned on it.

People paused to take selfies as the sun sparkled on the Hudson. Young women hugged. Mothers told their daughters this would be a moment they’d never forget. Others would just look wide-eyed at each other and giggle.

Speaking with women of all ages and backgrounds in the line, they all expressed variations on the same theme. There was pride. A sense of accomplishment. And above all else a feeling of hope, that things were about change and for the better.

Despite the unending queue snaking its way slowly into the convention center, those on the outside knew they soon would be in. It was Hillary’s time. It was their time. And for so many of the women there, they had to be thinking “Time’s Up” for people like Donald Trump (a few years before it became an organized movement against sexual assault).

The anticipation was building as the late afternoon sun set on the Empire State. And even though we all couldn’t clearly see it quite yet, the sun would soon be rising on a totally different world.

An insidious sense of doubt would creep into the mix as election results were counted and a slow-motion second-guessing, began stealing the sunlight of the moment. 

Phones checks lead to hushed whispers and what was thought to be a sure thing, seemed to be slipping away. The strange thing was the crowd didn’t become panicked. They didn’t exclaim in frustration. Sure, there was some dumbfounded shock. But overall, the palpable excitement just slowly faded away and soon the crowd that came for a coronation quietly bowed out.

And here we are, four years later, and Donald Trump has come courting some of the very same women who stood in the line for the Hillary Clinton victory party.

“So, can I ask you to do me a favour: Suburban women, will you please like me? Please. Please. I saved your damn neighbourhood, okay?” The plea from Trump was straight out of the patriarchy playbook.

It’s hard to believe that in the four years since that night when America appeared on the cusp of great change, nothing at all has changed. Life is worse for many Americans.

According to Johns Hopkins University, America has the fifth highest COVID-19 death rate per 100,000 population.

Former Food and Drug Administration commissioner Scott Gottlieb offered his dire prediction on Face The Nation on Sunday.

“Things are getting worse around the country. Thanksgiving is really going to be an inflection point. December is probably going to be our toughest month. We’re right at the beginning of what looks like exponential growth in a lot of states.”

COVID-19 has cleaved the nation into two opposing sides. And freedom is once again at the core of the vote.

Joe Biden supporters want a president who will take the pandemic seriously and would accept lockdowns over preventable deaths. Trump supporters, on the other hand, scoff at the fatal virus.

And as the sun sets on on another historic election, Americans are feeling a mix of relief, perhaps some joy that the sun will rise on a different country. But underneath it all, a mood of skepticism prevails.

Indoor dining and gyms will likely reopen in Toronto on November 14 with new measures in place

If the president defies the polls and wins a second term, it will be due to his message resonating with.

Another 14 people are dead as the province breaks a single-day record for new case growth


United States Presidential election, 2020, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump

World news – US – Sense of doubt and hope hangs over another historic U.S. election – NOW Magazine

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