Yosuke Okunari – the Sega staffer who has been heavily involved with many of the company’s recent retro ventures, including the Sega Ages line and the Mega Drive Mini – has hinted that the company may tackle a “Dreamcast Mini” in the near future.

Sega’s final major foray in the world of home consoles, the Dreamcast played host to titles such as Soul Calibur, Crazy Taxi, Shenmue and Skies of Arcadia, but despite strong sales in North America, it couldn’t pull the company out of the hole it found itself in following the underperformance of the Saturn, and it soon became clear that the market was moving in favour of Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 2, which would go on to sell a staggering 155 million units to the Dreamcast’s 9.13 million.

Next, we’re considering concepts similar to the Mega Drive [Genesis] Mini. If I had to name some ideas, something like an SG1000 Mini or a Dreamcast Mini.

Okunari states that they won’t be able to complete the next mini console project due to its scope by this time next year – or, in other words, two years after the Mega Drive Mini was released. Because of the high cost and time necessary to develop the next project, Sega is going with the one that has the most realistic potential for success in the global market.

When the Famitsu interviewer playfully suggests Sega should miniaturise the massive R360 arcade machine, Okunari takes it in good spirit:

This doesn’t mean that the Dreamcast Mini is a dead cert, of course – an SG1000 Mini would be easier from a technical standpoint, and a Master System Mini could be viable as Sega has recently released the Game Gear Micro, which is based on a handheld console that has a very similar architecture to Sega’s 8-bit NES rival.

The Game Gear Micro is only available in Japan. As we have the world [market] in consideration, when we develop our next [Mini] project, the scope will be much greater.

Dreamcast emulation is at a very advanced stage these days, so that particular system would make a lot of sense for Sega’s burgeoning mini-console line – and the machine is relatively famous globally, despite selling so few units back in the day. Time will tell.

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Just give us a Dreamcast Ages line.
I don’t even care if they would pull a Nintendo and ask $60 per game. But I need REZ and JSR on my Switch.

Already have a MODE for my Dreamcast, so I’ll be skipping this unless I feel the need for DC games on an HD TV.

I am very interested to see how many positive comments there will be in this thread after reading requests for such a product over the last few years…

I don’t want another console. I want Saturn and Dreamcast games (mostly Saturn) on my switch.Sega give too much love to the megadrive and not much else. A game gear collection could be cool too. Never had one when I was young

@Alexface Yeah I was always super fascinated with the DC but also never had one. Would love to get some games of that generation on Switch.

I’d be really interested in this. Never had a dreamcast and it’s somewhat of a cult console now. Presumably though would need a lot of third party cooperation for all the classics?

I think the next project from Sega will be the VMU mini.. which will be even smaller than the GameGear micro!

So sega is aware that they have a history beyond the mega drive was worried they had forgotten the others. Though seems forgotten the Saturn

@Yanina ya I love Sega ages on switch , I bought most of them. I already got PS4 and switch, don’t need another console for sure. Just release every popular Sega titles on switch and PS4.

I collect a lot of these mini-consoles, Dreamcast would be amazing. I’d have it in a heartbeat. But as someone else said, or just port the Dreamcast stuff to Switch… Sega Ages – Dreamcast give us Soul Calibur or Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, Crazy Taxi, Daytona USA 2000 (with fixed control scheme ), Head Hunter, Wetrix, Powerstone 1 & 2 and so so many others.

Insta buy for me. Loved the Dreamcast and I love mini consoles. But honestly, I do sell them after a couple of months, after realizing that I never actually play on them. Only my Neo Geo Mini Samurai Showdown still got a place in my home.

I don’t think I can justify another mini console, especially as I have a working Dreamcast setup and all the games that will likely feature on any DC Mini.

Would rather have a Saturn mini but Dreamcast would be cool too. Wonder if there’d be a slightly redesigned controller with built in screen, or if they’d just axe that completely? Trouble is the lineup is very unlikely to please everyone.

SG1000 / Master System would be kinda cool too but definitely doesn’t carry the same appeal globally. Very niche.

This is all well and good, but you won’t be able to play Crazy Taxi with a fishing rod on a mini.

But yeah, a Dreamcast collection for the Switch! Shenmue, Crazy Taxi, Chu Chu Rocket, Skies of Arcadia, Soul Caliber, Phantasy Star, Rez.

Never played a Sega console except for the game gear for about 5 minutes. I’d rather just have Skies of Arcadia legend remastered on Switch.

That would be the only other mini console I’d buy in a heartbeat. Still got my dreamcast but it’s louder than my PS4 (and that’s saying quite something) and I can’t bear the karfuffle of wired controllers anymore. Looking forward to replaying Ecco and Skies of Arcadia.

I love SEGA consoles and did until the end. But I would rather have remakes on the switch than mini consoles. The Saturn was a brilliant console but it’s was a shame Sony has bought up most of the developers for their PlayStation. Then Dreamcast was amazing but once again didn’t have the games so failed.

As long as the game lineup was golden and the emulation up to scratch I would Day 1 a Dreamcast Mini. I’ve thought about buying an original Dreamcast, but I’ve heard a fair amount of stories about hardware failure, and so at this stage, with the best games presumably being pretty hard to come by, I’d prefer a Mini.

The Redream emulator is so good I have no interest in this. Playing Soul Calibur, Crazy Taxi and MvC2 on the go is so wicked cool I can’t see myself buying another home console.

My favourite console… Power Stone 2, Skies of Arcadia, Timestalker, RE: Code Veronica, Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, House of the Dead, etc. A truly gem of a console. Love.

There are bot many games for the Dreamcast that I don’t already have. How about a Saturn Mini with Panzer Dragoon Saga, Radiant Silvergun, Snatcher, Policenauts etc

Sega’s next game announcement could be something other than Sonic-related, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for that, either.

Sega’s typical response to all the fans who’ve been asking for (fill in the blank) for two decades kind of echoes Judge Smails from Caddyshack: “You’ll get nothing (but Sonic) and LIKE IT!!!”

SATURN MINI. Inlcude the games that are impossible to find, and the game that is impossible to remaster- PD Saga! Take my money, Sega!

I’d love to suggest a DC Mini but I think a Master System mini has more potential. It has a suite of good Sonic games, top RPGs like Phantasy Star and Golvellius, Alex Kidd in Miracle/Shinobi World and, hopefully Operation Wolf.

Perhaps then history will give it the reputation it deserves. I’ve since been back and played on the NES titles I missed out on as a Sega kid and I’ve got to tell you the Master System was overall a much better console.

Yeah they’re gonna make a mini version of the console that killed Sega’s console market. Great Idea! Not! I honestly don’t know why this thing had such a large fanbase. Aside from the sonic adventure games which weren’t that good anyway and Shenmue there wasn’t much else to get excited about.

Who cares about the SG-1000?! Most people don’t even know Sega released a video game console before the Master System. Heck, most people here in the U.S. haven’t even heard of the Master System, let alone the SG-1000.

BTW: If a older console dies. Just change a capacitor and it works again.
Works fine even on 40 year old dead Atari consoles.

Imagine Sega wanted to make money and remastered their dreamcast games for Switch. They would make a killing. One of my favourite consoles with some amazing games. They can bring some Saturn games over while they’re at it!

Like others have said. Let’s have the games in collections and/or the e-shop. No more useless plastic please.

@Doktor-Mandrake I have it for the xb 360 but it’s not the best collection I believe steam got a better version.

I’ll take a mini Dreamcast for sure! And then port the games to switch! Would like some of the hidden gems like Cannon Spike and Zombie Revenge (House of the dead spin off). And of course keyboard compatibility to play typing of the dead

@Axlroselm Same here. I got the NES mini and thought it was a good idea. Played through lots of games on it, then I got the SNES mini and realized there was gonna be cables and consoles everywhere if I kept buying them, so I got the Switch game with a Megadrive collection instead of the Megadrive mini.

A Dreamcast mini sounds like a pretty good idea, especially if, unlike the NES and SNES mini’s it’s not just a limited time novelty, and it’s alongside releasing the games (plus more?) on the Switch eShop.

I’d love it but due to the size of the ISOs, I doubt it’s Dreamcast. More likely to be Saturn. If it is Dreamcast though… Jet Set Radio, both Sonic Adventures, Crazy Taxi, Seaman, both Shenmues, Skies of Arcadia, Power Stone, Code Veronica, Soulcalibur, House of the Dead 2, Ikaruga, Rez, Street Fighter 3, Space Channel 5, ChuChu Rocket and Samba de Amigo. That’s a whole lot of great games.

The original Phantasy Star Online WITH online play, and Power Stone 1+2? Oh, I will buy! I haven’t bought any of the classic/mini console releases yet.

Still have the Dreamcast too this day. But I would buy a Mini in a heartbeat. I love the Dreamcast.

The Dreamcast is my favourite console, and with maintenance and modding is still my most used, but a Mini console is a bad idea.

A lot of why its library is so beloved has to do with licensed music and third-party games, which would never make it on to a rerelease.

If they make a Saturn Mini with Panzer Dragoon Saga on it though my wallet is ****ed

Source: https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/10/segas_next_micro-console_could_be_the_dreamcast_mini_but_dont_expect_it_soon

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World news – GB – Sega’s Next Micro-Console Could Be The Dreamcast Mini, But Don’t Expect It Soon

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