NBA 2K21 is not exactly the improvement that everyone expected from NBA 2K20. While MyTeam did get some cool new changes, including new pack animations, most of the other things are relatively stagnant. Obviously the massive change has been the shot meter, but outside that, the game is similar to its predecessor.

2K has alienated a lot of their single-player users by focusing extensively on the multiplayer modes. This was reflected through incorrect tendency setups for CPU MyCareer games or modes like MyLeague and MyGM. Along with this, Twitter was rife with rumors about overalls being wrong.

There was a post that Ronnie2k retweeted, which listed out all the inconsistencies in 2K ratings. He proceeded to debunk each point in a tweet while calling the post fake news.

The post alleged that Steph Curry had a better block rating than LeBron James. Along with that, it also had other doozies like De’Aaron Fox being slower than Lou Williams and Giannis Antetokounmpo having a better mid-ranger than Kawhi Leonard.

Curry’s block is a 50 LeBron is a 64. Giannis Mid is 84 Kawhis mid range is a 91. Duncan Robinson has a 92 3pter only behind Steph and Klay. Lou Williams has an 80 speed, Fox has a 97

2K21 ratings are relatively similar to NBA 2K20. While there are big updates from the base ratings in the previous this game, the ratings are similar to what 2K20 ended on. Due to the lack of a proper off-season, with the season still ongoing, there are a whole lot of holes still to be filled.

In terms of the overalls, those rumors seem absolutely bogus to begin with. No one would give Steph curry a higher block rating than LeBron James. James has one of the most famous blocks in NBA history, and Curry is a poor defender in his position. Lou Williams is at the tail end of his career, so why would anyone even think De’Aaron Fox could be rated slower than him? Fox is considered the fastest man in the NBA. The same goes for Kawhi Leonard having a lower mid-range rating than Giannis.

The most laughable one has to be Jared Dudley having a better 3-point rating than the man that has emerged as possibly one of the best pure shooters of this season. However, 2K is a company that does make major mistakes like this on occasion, so it was a plausible story to sell. Ronnie2K evidently had to put an end to the rumors before it affected the reception of the game.



World news – GB – Ronnie2K Shuts Down Fake Rumors Involving Ratings of Steph Curry, LeBron James & Giannis Antetokounmpo in NBA 2K21 – EssentiallySports

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