Resident Evil Village he returned to show himself during the PS5 Showcase event and right after this occasion the insider Dusk Golem (who first revealed the existence of the game ever) returned to talk about problems related to the technical sector on PlayStation 5.

This summer Dusk Golem had already mentioned the problems of Resident Evil Village on PS5 and now increases the dose, reaffirming again how the project suffers from various problems. Dusk Golem is about a game originally born as a cross-gen title and later transformed into an exclusively next-gen game coming out on PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC.

This obviously led Capcom to having to heavily modify the RE Engine, the engine would work very well on PC and Xbox Series X but would have some problems on PS5: “The PlayStation version of Resident Evil Village has a lot of problems, the next-gen improvements made are great on Xbox and PC but are creating significant problems on the Sony console. The developers are considering removing some effects or limiting other aspects to see if this can help resolve the situation.“

We recall how the insider in recent months has been the focus of much criticism and controversy (what happened to the remake of Silent Hill that he so much heralded?) However Dusk Golem seems to be well informed on the affairs of the Osaka house having revealed not only the existence of Resident Evil Village before its announcement but also anticipating the arrival of Monster Hunter Rise and the separation between Capcom and Yoshinori Ono.

(2/6) that game was years off, & this game was received INSANELY well both internally & with testers, so this became RE8 again & got additional time for polish, to update the graphics, etc.

At the start of this year the game WAS 100% a cross-gen game, & aiming for a January 2021

(4/6) because there was some ideas for reality warping & cool hallucination ideas they originally had to cut because last-gen loading didn’t really make it work well, but with next-gen on the table with faster loading it was possible. So they focused their efforts on next-gen

(6/7) of RE8 is actually having a lot of problems. The next-gen improvements they’re making work fine in the PC & Xbox X versions, but are really affecting the PS5 version. They’re debating to step down on the affects & features, trying to figure out what’s going on here, & with

(7/7) these hiccups & thinking of sales debating if they should go all-in on Next-Gen for the benefits it brings to the game, or cut back to make more widely available, they’ve even been giving some questionnaires to testers including asking about the next-gen or cross-gen focus.

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World news – CA – Resident Evil Village for PS5: Dusk Golem insists, technical problems on the Sony console – Asap Land

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