The Anrri Blue Light Blocking lightweight eyeglasses are down to $16.95 on Amazon. This is a deal of the day at Amazon, which means the price is temporary and the savings will expire at the end of the day. When not on sale, these eyeglasses are going for $26 on the regular. They haven’t dropped in price since May, and back then they only dropped as low as $22. The last time there was a deal even close to today’s price was during last year’s holiday shopping season.

Cuts out 90% of blue light. Allows for better sleep. Don’t worry about eye fatigue, blurry vision, or headaches when staring at a computer for a long time. Made with polycarbonate and no prescription on the lenses. Has a lifetime warranty.

Blue Light Glasses are specifically designed for people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer. Which is probably most of you. Definitely me. We write about these glasses a lot because they can be super helpful for anyone who deals with or worries about eye fatigue, which can lead to restless sleep at night. We expect to see a lot of different sales on glasses like this as Prime Day approaches, too, since Amazon has quite the collection.

The Anrri glasses can cut out 90% of the blue light headed your way. Cutting out the blue light means relieving eye fatigue, dry eyes, and falling vision. If you’ve ever gotten headaches while sitting in front of a computer screen for too many hours, you’ll find those are reduced just by having these glasses on. They can even help you get a better night’s sleep just by not making your eyes so strained.

These are not prescription glasses or anything like that. If you need prescription glasses to see, you’ll have to order your blue light glasses probably from your eye doctor because otherwise you’ll need to wear two pairs of glasses at once. And that’s probably not any more comfortable than dealing with the blue light.

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It seems like the world is a louder and scarier place than ever before. We need to find our own ways of turning off, tuning out, and disconnecting from the madness from time to time.

You don’t need a photo retouching app to tell you how beautiful you are or try to convince you that you aren’t. So Google is fixing that.

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Amazon finally smartened up and brought both USB-C and fast charging capabilities to the new Fire HD 8 (2020). As the rest of the world has largely moved away from microUSB, this is a long overdue change, but a welcome one nonetheless. Now that you’ll get fast charging on your Fire HD 8 (2020), you’ll need a great fast charger and these are our favorites.

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World news – US – Reduce eye fatigue with Anrri’s Blue Light Blocking glasses on sale for $17

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