Xbox has acquired Bethesda for a frightening sum of money, putting that oft-referenced Microsoft warchest to use at last. The purchase price, an eye-watering $7.5 billion, eclipses the sum Disney spent on Marvel and Star Wars combined – it’s a frankly flabbergasting figure. It’s also potentially a giant blow for the PlayStation 5, but we don’t think Sony’s plans will change.

There are seemingly no limits to Microsoft’s spending power – remember, this is the company that paid obscene sums of money to top Twitch streamers in order to convert them to Mixer, only to eventually shut the website down. PlayStation is not as broke as some armchair analysts would lead you to believe, but it simply can’t compete with these kinds of acquisitions.

The aftermath of the buyout has seen Twitter react in a predictable manner, with gaming fans playing fantasy football with publishers that Sony “should” purchase in response. Capcom? Konami? SEGA? Heck, even Ubisoft – you name it, and it’s been touted. But we don’t think PlayStation’s bank balance would ever stretch that far – if this is the direction the industry is heading, then Microsoft will win.

Of course, contrary to common opinion, Sony has been cultivating its own content empire for over a decade now. The platform holder is no stranger to acquisitions – it purchased Insomniac Games last year for around $229 million, peanuts compared to the aforementioned Bethesda buyout – but it’s unreasonable to expect it to be in the market for entire publishers.

In fact, PlayStation’s pipeline is already in a very strong position. This year alone it’s already released tentpole titles like The Last of Us: Part II, Dreams, and Ghost of Tsushima, and its PS5 launch lineup still includes Demon’s Souls and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales – among others. In fact, the first year of its next-gen console looks set to blow its predecessor away – it’s an absurd launch slate.

Microsoft’s acquisition spree undoubtedly bridges the gap, and potentially even puts its competitor in front, but we don’t know all the details yet. It’s said that multiformat releases of Bethesda games will be determined on a “case-by-case” basis, and while we think it would be sensible to assume the likes of Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6 will be exclusives, they may also not be.

Even if the worst turns out to be true, Sony should not change the trajectory it’s on. The manufacturer’s been pumping out Game of the Year candidates on an annual basis for over a decade now, and that precedent will not change because of this news. In fact, it puts even more emphasis on the Japanese giant to be more creative than ever before.

The real danger for PlayStation is the bottomless nature of Microsoft’s pockets; the top-brass appears to have been sold on the Game Pass dream, and Redmond is seemingly satisfied to chuck worrying chunks of change at making it a success. Clearly the project is deep in the red right now, but the firm doesn’t seem all that fussed about the losses it’s incurring.

Sony’s going to have to use all of its business nous to navigate this potential threat. It’s still working from a tried-and-trusted model, where games are purchased outright rather than handed out as part of a recurring fee. Boss Jim Ryan’s already admitted that Sony doesn’t see the alternative as sustainable, but his company is working against a competitor that can just chew the costs.

Whatever happens next, it’s hard to shake the feeling that the industry is sprinting head-first into seismic change, dragged by a competitor with seemingly little regard for the money it invests. PlayStation, still the global market leader by a country mile, has become an underdog overnight – but it’ll believe that content, as always, will remain king.

How do you feel about where the industry is heading, and Sony’s position in it? What are your thoughts on the Bethesda buyout? Let us know in the comments section below.

A true PlayStation veteran, Sammy’s covered the world of PS gaming for years, with an enormous Trophy count to prove it. He also likes tennis games way more than you.

Invest in companies they already own. Open up more work streams. IPs are not bargaining chips and Sony should be focused on making its own output top notch before worrying about buying up other companies’ work.

I’m sure Sony can get someone to build them a decent rpg that can compete with fallout! Fallout 4 was garbage anyway.

I don’t think its that big of an issue, for that money I doubt they’re going to be locking away Fallout and Elder Scrolls as they’d just lose a ton of money, not to mention any future titles are a long way away from coming out. As for the others no matter what we think about the quality they only sell in small numbers suggesting the majority of Playstation owners simply don’t care about them.

But as I said I doubt they’ll be exclusives anyway, Minecraft continues to be multiplatform and has received a PSVR mode too, the Ori games have both gone to Switch and Microsoft don’t even care if you buy an Xbox as their games are on PC and now Mobile

Just as Nintendo might be seen as an underdog once in a while but still finds its own blue ocean all the time, Sony will be just fine because of its high quality exclusives.

As long as they’re making good games, the market will respond positively for sony, like nintendo which didn’t have full 3rd party support + a weak machine, but still sells a lot of switch hardware because of their games.

I don’t think it’s wise to port sony exclusive games to pc though, one of the reason people bought switch is because their sought after exclusive games.

Yeah $7 Billion is way too much money. It’s smart on them to buy them the week of pre orders but $7 Billion is just too much. It’s gonna take a decade to start making profit off of that

I’d be very surprised if established AAA IPs go exclusive, that would be financial suicide for MS to limit their market for big sellers. More likely new IPs will be developed as Xbox exclusives.

Sony has legacy IPs that they could bring back up from the graves. Legend of Dragoon, Jak and Dexter, Ape Escape, Siphon Filter, SOCOM. The whole problem is they tend to forget IPs and move on

The only thing I want is that Sony actually buy the rights and IP of Konami’s like Castlevania, MGS, Silent Hill and Suikoden because Konami doesn’t give a crap so at least give it to somebody who does

There is one studio which bothers me in MS hands, and it’s Arkane. Arkane is my absolutely most favoutite studio and this situation doesn’t please me at all.

I don’t see Sony has the underdog just because of this at all not to mention I don’t see the next elder scrolls and fallout not coming to PlayStation which is why Phil Spencer has already laid the groundwork for that to happen. His whole stance has been about being open and not keeping games to just one console and we all know MS wants gamepass on PlayStation and any other device they can get it on.

Playstation already has big studios to compete with the likes of Rockstar and CD Project Red. All they need is more studios (doesn`t matter if it`s a big studio like Capcom or a small one like Bluepoint).

It would be nice if Sony built out a few more studios and diversified its portfolio a bit. The 3rd person action adventure game is fun, but is getting a bit old.

@Waffles12415 You don’t look to make a profit off the acquisition itself. Microsoft have just purchased billions in IP (trademarks, copyright and patents) for storied franchises that will always have a value. MS haven’t lost money by buying Zenimax they have grown their business. The same way as when you buy a house you don’t lose the money for it because the property holds a value in itself.

The proof of whether this is a good purchase will be how much their revenue and operating profit increases and this will need to be judged over the life of the generation to get a truely clear picture.

I’m getting back into gaming after a long break. I pre-ordered the PS5 because of the track record Sony created last-gen. The Bethesda purchase doesn’t affect that decision. There’s lots of gamers out there like me who simply don’t have the time to play lots of games, and want quality over quantity. That’s also why Game Pass doesn’t appeal – I’m never going to get through the majority of the games on there.

Really think people shouldn’t worry too much about this I seriously doubt they would hold back IPs off PS5 it doesn’t make financial sense at all. Shareholders will see it as a great acquisition but they will make profit back selling the games on other systems, they are already making a loss on consoles as well I really wouldn’t worry too much.

It’s not like Nintendo players would mind a mainline Kingdom Hearts on Switch and the like, even a past one, or, say, like Xbox fans would mind Spider-Man in their Avengers game, either.

Push Square seems to have a very strict anti-port-begging policy; it shouldn’t work in one way only.

Sony will be fine. They have their die-hard fans and lots of them and they have a set of franchises that now compete with most of Nintendo’s catalogue of exclusives.

But I think ultimately Sony will need to double down on the things that made them great. They aren’t going to compete on power, they aren’t going to be able to buy studios like this and ultimately their budgets for games could be swamped by the size of the Xbox ones.

But they still have very strong Japanese links and that can be key, they need to continue to allow their devs to take risks, they could do with taking a chance on broadening their genres a touch whether through new studios or their existing ones. They need to continue to innovate and not get stale.

I do think that they need a change in leadership and and they need a much better direction when it comes to communication with their audience. They need to look at more consumer focused strategies that bring them back in line with what other digital platforms already do – a decent digital refund policy would be nice especially for those that have bought the all digital edition and are tied to games at £70!

Playstation is going nowhere right now, it makes way too much cash but it now has real competition and like their GPU and their project plans they need to stay nimble.

Bethesda needed a kick in the pants – hopefully this puts them back on the right track. Happy to buy an Xbox to play all their new games on gamepass.

MS buying Bethesda makes sense. They are a Western style developer that has a history with xbox and PC. MS is a Western centric platform holder that is focused on PC and xbox.

Having Sony buy up a random company like Ubisoft makes zero sense. Ubi might put out big games, but none of them really scream PS. They are a French company putting out a generic line up of games. If big Eastern, but with strong Western appeal Sony, wanted a company, a big Eastern, but with western appeal company is the way to go. Like Capcom. Games like Resident Evil, Monster Hunter and Devil May Cry are big titles, and ones that have that association with PS. Sega may also be a decent choice, but not in the same league as Bethesda. Sega would be more an answer to Nintendo, more so than Bethesda and Xbox.

That out the way. MS will win this regardless. It just won’t be evident during the next gen. The industry has been pushing away from traditional consoles for years. That’s the game MS is playing, and Sony is just appealing to the traditionalist. PS games will end up on the Xbox platform, and the xbox platform may end up on PS hardware. MS have bought Bethesda to make sure that the profits hit their pockets at some point. And quite frankly, if Capcom is going to put games out on xbox and PC, why shouldn’t Sony make some money off of that?

Sony will be fine, their first party exclusive’s are usually second to none. They sell systems. MS have a very strong line up of developers now though and it’ll be interesting to see what they’re doing in a couple of years time.

Both brands being strong is good for us, Sony dominating last gen has led them to be somewhat arrogant, hopefully MS will give them the kick up the arse they need.

@DrJames yeah Bethesda needed to do some soul searching, while obsidian was making Bethesda type games better than Bethesda do lol. Hopefully this acquisition will give them just that. I want ES6 to be amazing!

Sony should make a power grab maybe a big Japanese one like KT or Square in retaliation

@PeakyBlinder Publishers like Capcom and SEGA are definitely well out of their reach in terms of acquisitions, but I always thought studios like FromSoftware would be no brainers

MS are simply placing their bets on streaming to phones. There simply aren’t enough console and PC unique players to justify these kinds of costs. There are a billion people with smartphones who might get Gamepass though (the cost of which will surely rise); Will streaming hardcore games that require several hundred hours of time investment play to the candy crush crowd? Are the games even suitable for such a format? We’ll see. As a gamer I’d certainly play these games on the commute and during lunchtime at work etc, but then my money was already committed. My mum’s wasn’t and still won’t be.

It will certainly eat into Sony’s market share though and they really need to extend their streaming service to compete. What can they do to combat the purchasing power of MS though? Partnership with Ninty? Stream Switch snd next gen Ninty games on PS Now. It’s not like Ninty have the tech for streaming and it would open up their games to a much larger audience. Let’s get the old nearly team back together again. Their combined IPs…wow.

I couldn’t care less really about the Bethesda thing per se, but I did consider an Xbox series X pre-order, due in part to the more powerful hardware, better back compatibility and of course gamepass.

But as it is, when I thought it all through I have a PS+ sub until 2023, a big backlog/library of partly played and even unplayed stuff, and with 25+ years as a PlayStation gamer I love the franchises like Gran Turismo and Tekken (albeit Tekken now available elsewhere) I also plan to keep my PS4 Pro and use it as a second console on my account, which is another perk to staying with Sony hardware next gen.

As for gamepass, it looks great, but when I think of my backlog, and combine that with a lot of stuff on gamepass that I either wouldn’t be interested in, would play for a day or so just because it’s there, or that I’ve already got on PS+ or in a cheap sale, it’s not such a value proposition for me. Forza Horizon is the only game I really miss being able to play. Additionally, even with gamepass there are certain ‘big’ games that almost everyone buys and that won’t be on gamepass at all or for a while. ie Cyberpunk, GTA etc which would mean monetary outlay on top of GP subs.

I’ve tried owning MS and Sony consoles together before and it just doesn’t work for me…too much duplication of the free stuff and too little time to enjoy either to the full.

If it just comes down to who has the deepest pockets then MS will win. If both Xbox and PlayStation were separate companies it wouldn’t even be close!

I’m very disappointed by yesterday’s news though, I can’t lie. I loved Skyrim and TES 6 (whenever it eventually is released) would’ve been a Day One purchase. Maybe it still will, time will tell.

Maybe Sony should reach out to EA and ask them if BioWare are up for sale. Mass Effect and Dragon Age on Sony, Starfield and TES on Xbox. Everybody wins!

We will need to see what Bethseda put out but its not the studio that’s the point, its game pass vs marquee single player games. Its plus and now sony have to beef up to compete! New obsidian and Bethseda games at launch for gamepass entry is tempting.

The thing that worries me the most about the purchase is the way that MS seems to be forcing us into a streaming/subscription future, instead of letting us get there naturally.

I don’t particularly like the subscription model as I feel there is too much pressure to keep newness coming to the platform. To keep the appearance of value, you have to constantly keep bringing newness to it. ‘Look at all these new things you are getting for such a small price’. I feel that a lot of the time you sacrifice quality for quantity.

I’m glad Sony don’t really want to go down that venue just yet. Time will tell if it’s the right choice.

To even remotely think that Sony is “the underdog” because of this acquisition is baffling, to be honest. The man in the street who buys PlayStation because that’s what he knows – which is a large percentage of buyers – probably isn’t remotely interested in Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, or Starfield.

Plus they’ll probably still launch on PS5 anyway. Microsoft might have a bunch of cash on the hip, but they’re not about to shut off half of the income stream of a chain of companies that just cost them $7.5bn.

We live in a world where AAA games costs mega money to create! £10 game pass isn’t a sustainable business model especially when acquisitions are being made for £7billion. Long term the plan will be to have everyone paying £50 a month not £10

@Iroha “The thing that worries me the most about the purchase is the way that MS seems to be forcing us into a streaming/subscription future, instead of letting us get there naturally.”

In fairness, they’re not forcing anything. They’re offering choice. Every title they put on Game Pass is available to purchase, with larger titles being available physically in stores.

Not a single title has been “exclusive to Game Pass” or “exclusive to xCloud.” They are options. People can do what they want.

Phil is being coy right now, but the U.S. government won’t allow Microsoft to lock such a large swath of development teams outside of other consoles. That’s what the FTC antitrust division is for, and with all the attention Big Tech is getting right now, the last thing they want to do is poke the hornets’ nest.

Interesting how people view Sony as an underdog… With Sony Pictures and Sony Technologies they have a huuuuuuge global output as well. An underdog they are not, as one of the single largest companies in the world. Indeed their gaming division is the largest in the world still as well.Mixed feelings with the Bethesda buy out. I feel Microsoft get harshly treated by the press. Naughty Dog, Insomniac, Guerilla Games, Media Molecule, Sucker Punch… All studios that Sony purchased for exclusivity.Microsoft have been sitting on their ar*e for years now and are just making the purchases they arguably should have made years ago.It rubs me up the wrong way where the exclusive game arguments seems to only run one way… The main difference being that Sony seem to have been doing it for longer with their acquisitions made earlier so it’s fine…

Oh and please don’t speak for PS gamers. I have plenty of love for Skyrim, was looking forward to finding out more about Starfield and properties like Fallout and Doom have plenty of fans on PS.

I’d be shocked if TES 6 is released on PS5 but nor will I act grateful to Spencer and everyone at Xbox if it does. He’s said that he’s not interested in exclusives nor does he view Sony as the competition. Talk is cheap my friend!

As much as I might personally not be a fan of Bugthesda’s in-house bugfest RPG’s, the news that the likes of Elder Scrolls 6 or Starfield are at the whims of M$/”Gamer” Phil on a case by case basis, & studios such as those already with ps5 advertised exclusives such as Deathloop/Tokyo Ghostwire,Arkane,ID etc.,is a definite PR blow.But my concern is just as much the double talk by “Gamer” Phil. For all his “Gaming for all”,& “Bring your gaming library over”, rhetoric,it’s another Disney like swallowing of several 3rd party devs/IP’s to paywall permanently behind Gamepass.Phil Spencer really doesn’t want you buying games on an individual merit to own,he wants you renting them via subs-with preferably more “make up your own stories” online only multiplayer & cosmetics mtx.

the only system sellers are fallout and elder Scrolls, some may argue doom but nope. with the acquisition on inxile, obsidian and the new fable coming from playgrounds I think they have a ton of great potential for pumping out great RPGs, Sony probably needs to either throw out a couple or buy a studio that can, ignoring action RPGs like souls etc, probably doesn’t help Xbox though that the bigger market for these RPGs has nearly always been pc

On another note, Sony has said that Game Pass in unsustainable, which I 100% agree with….but what if Microsoft leverages the vastly larger PlayStation install base to supplement Game Pass by paying full price for Bethesda games? 100 million PlayStation users might be able to offset the 15 million Game Pass subscribers.

Is this a big deal? Yes, will it matter for the next 2 -3 years? Probably not. Plenty of time for Sony to invest in games and other developers if they wish. As it stands it took far longer for X box Pre-Orders to sell out than PS5 ones even after this announcement.

And games media / news is generally US based and more biased towards MS and Nintendo so it always seems like anything MS do is bigger better than it actually is.

@pip_muzz Or maybe because none of those studios were as big as Bethesda nor had such a large portfolio of properties.

Naughty Dog are massive now but they have grown as a company precisely because of the support from Sony. There’s no way a studio owned by Xbox would make a game like The Last of Us Part II, it’s not…. masculine enough shall I say.

If Sony had purchased a Ubisoft or Rockstar then I’d agree with you but they haven’t.

Sony need the PlayStation to be a success. Microsoft could close the Xbox division tomorrow and it would nary a dent in their profits.

@TheFrenchiestFry – People always mention Sony buying FromSoftware but unless Kadokawa Corporation decide to sell them they’re going nowhere.

Microsoft forking over 7.5 billion for Zenimax seems like a massive overpay, but it does significantly bolster their lineup.

It’s just crazy when you see a true workhorse studio like Insomniac get purchased for a measly $200 million in comparison, peanuts in comparison but a studio that seems to easily make 10 million+ sellers with Spiderman, and big hits like Ratchet & Clank, plus their VR knowledge. Sometimes it’s about the smart purchase, not how much can you spend.

It seems like another “brute force” approach from MS, trying to buy their way into the lead. Problem is I have little faith in their ability to manage studios properly, look at the current state of 343i, look at what’s happened to Rare and the direction they’ve gone. Talent can leave studios if you don’t cultivate them properly.

Doesn’t make me want to get an Xbox whatsoever, but it does make me want to build a new PC, and eventually when a new game comes to Gamepass that I’m interested in, I’ll sub for a month or two.

Arkane and Id Software are probably the biggest gets for me personally as I like Doom and was looking forward to Deathloop.

One thing is for sure, with Obsidian, inXile, and now Bethesda, MS can comfortably be called the “King” of western RPGs.

That’s about all that changes for me, I still feel like nothing can really touch Sony’s first-party outside of Rockstar, and that will be made continually clear next-gen when titles like Horizon II and God of War: Ragnarok drops as well as Naughty Dog’s next game.

I honestly don’t think Sony have to respond in any sort of big way, but I still think if they picked up Bluepoint and Housemarque it would be nice!

If I was Sony I would buy the Chinese developers behing Black Myth..this game has tons of hype and the talent behind it is obvious..

I’m not really fussed. Bethesda as a developer has been on a downward spiral for a few years anyway, and anything they’ve got coming won’t be coming any time soon. As a publisher they’re much better with stuff like Doom and Wolfenstein etc.

But honestly? I expect most of their games to still come to PlayStation. And I think they’ll start releasing more of their exclusives on PlayStation too.

I think MS will have to allow many games from those developers to appear on PS consoles to have any hope of recouping that investment. MS just want to throw money at Series X to make it successful, rather than putting the work in. I suppose it makes sense though, they only made the original Xbox to stick it to Sony.

@pip_muzz Clearly they’re not an underdog from a brand perspective. Just in the sense that they can’t match this kind of expenditure.

No one is saying Sony is broke, but I just can’t imagine going out and buying publishers is viable for them. They’re going to have to grow their content pipeline organically, which to be fair, they’ve been successful at doing for over a decade now.

I’d like to see them shore up devs like Vanillaware and Bluepoint, maybe even FromSoftware as long as the games stay on PC, but they don’t need to go chasing after publishers.I think they’d go very well with SquareEnix, but still, no need to buy them outright.

I want Sony and Nintendo to just stay the course now. Don’t knee jerk and do something that’s not needed. Plus, nobody wants to see a race to snatch up the major third party publishers. We still don’t know if these IPs will be exclusive to XBOX or not.

I mean it looks more and more like the last generation with an XBOX console, and more and more like they’ll eventually be a service on PlayStation and Nintendo consoles, even though those platforms recently said otherwise.

I’ve commented on the forums about this already, but I guess I’ll put my considered thoughts down here on it as well. Buying Zenimax was a big a hugely expensive move. But it’s one whose ramifications won’t be felt for years. Talking to a former Ubisoft manager about it yesterday he made a point I thought was interesting, Take-Two, Ubisoft and Activision Blizzard won’t be happy, none of them wish to see games become a devalued value proposition via something like Game Pass. For Ubisoft having to engage with Game Pass would spell the end for many of the games they produce, and Take-Two openly view Game Pass as competition for gamers money. So while it undoubtedly makes Game Pass way more attractive, it also probably makes many third parties even more wary of where MS are taking the industry.

I also don’t see this as an Xbox move, this is more a Game Pass move, which yeah, is inextricably linked to Xbox right now, but is clearly diversifying away from it. This is a move to shore up Games Pass and MS in the gaming sector against large predatory tech firms like Google (Stadia) Facebook, Amazon and Apple who all seem to be eying the sector enviously. If anything this could be viewed more as an MS warning shot to them. It’ll be interesting to see if Google respond more than Sony.

As to Sony, I’m not sure they will respond, although with Nintendo rumoured to be sniffing round studios like Level-5 and Platinum then their hands might get forced. My fear is that this triggers a series of “consolidation” moves within the industry, which is not consumer friendly, as this is the form of exclusitory capitalism that never serves the consumer and seeks to make other companies offerings look worse rather than making the prime companies offerings better. So please don’t wish for your favourite corporation to make things worse for others.

So what could be Sony’s moves? Well smaller studios most likely, who are financially precarious, or who they’ve had a relationship with. Buying Ubisoft or Capcom? No way, they don’t have that sort of cash, and even if they did such a move would get out, start a bidding war and price Sony out of any such deal any way. So don’t expect any big splash, but probably smaller single studio acquisitions and continuing to grow current studios. Sony actually provide a good cautionary tale about owning too many Studios, the list they’ve closed down is long, Studio Liverpool, Soho, Cambridge, Evolution, 989 Studios, 541, Zipper, Incognito and a few more. I do think Sony need to expand their first party offerings, I’m just not sure they’ll do that via acquisitions.

@Col_McCafferty I get what you’re saying, and in Sucker Punch it’s fair.Naughty Dog were huge with Crash so back in the late 90’s that really was a big deal purchase. Insomniac again is a huge purchase, especially as this gen two Insomniac games launched for Xbox with one exclusive (Sunset Overdrive and Song of the Sea )Definitely agree with your Sony buying BioWare Point, Mass Effect & Dragon Age Vs Starfield & Elder Scrolls would be very cool for both console lineups.From a positive perspective, with Fallout 4 being disappointing, Fallout 76 needing no comments and how poorly some games like Prey and Evil Within sold (comparatively) then we may even see sequels that would otherwise not have existed. It’s early days yet, but I’m not so Doom and gloom as others see. And if it makes Sony strive to be better than again, I’m happy. This is definitely the largest purchase on a gaming perspective in memory though… I can’t really think of another one like this, so it is a big deal granted.

The main thing I’ve noticed over the last few days is the definite narrative being spun by some sites and writers. Sony have had a few blunders over the past few days, but one writer on one site I used to have a lot of respect for immediately calling them the arrogant Sony of old seems like a bit of a step.XBOX was the underdog, but then they won the PR battle. I wonder how long it will take for MS to make a series of blunders and for Sony to become the underdog redemption story.It’s like those sites are spurring on the fan boys that they know hover in their comment sections.

And to clarify, I’m not talking about this site.This site and Game Informer are the last websites I visit daily now.

@Col_McCafferty I didn’t “speak for PS gamers.” I spoke ABOUT a subsection of PS gamers. Huge difference. I also made that clear.

I was speaking of the many, many casual players who default to PlayStation because that’s what they know and have grown up with, and who rarely step outside of the FIFA/COD/GTA trifecta. They account for a significant number of console sales and are not going to be swung away from their platform of choice by the outside chance that Microsoft are going to make The Elder Scrolls and DOOM into platform exclusives. Which, I would wager, they’re not going to.

And no, I’m not trolling. After the last/current generation, Microsoft are the underdog in terms of branding. Even with Game Pass, Microsoft are the underdog in terms of branding. Jeez…they’ve been the underdog in terms of branding since Mattrick decided that all people wanted from a games console was to watch TV. And branding puts consoles in living rooms.

Buying a company that likely isn’t ready to dump a dozen titles onto the market for a year or more isn’t going to change that overnight.

@Shepherd_Tallon The media has always railed against the “winners”. Xbox One debacle was bad but was also blown way out of proportion.

@hypnotoad I’m pretty sure the PS Plus Collection for playing PS4 games on PS5 is supposed to be their answer to Game Pass.

This is the best possible outcome for me. MS force Sony to start looking over their shoulder by buying companies with ip’s i don’t play. Xbox is coming back, but it’s still not for me.

@get2sammyb For sure. I guess I never really noticed it before the current gen. It’s disappointing when the discourse doesn’t stay objective.

@SuperKMx I sgree with you somewhat, but would argue the customers who buy a console (which Sony make a loss on) to just buy a couple of games a year like FIFA, probably make Sony very little money.

@TheFrenchiestFry No, PS NOW is the competitor to Gamepass (more games, cheaper price). The PS+ Collection is just a way to encourage existing ps4 with PS Plus and xbone owners who’ve never played these games, to get a ps5.

with the Xbox Series S price tag and the price gamepass sony might be aiming for people buy both and get gamepass for MS games

Absolutely nobody can argue just how valuable owning an xbox at this point . Not forgetting EA games on the pass on top of all this.

@Col_McCafferty In terms of gaming specifically Xbox are definitely the ones with something to lose this generation however. The Xbox One did a complete 180 to perception of the company this past generation, whereas Sony are pretty much on top again and are back to being as aggressive and sometimes arrogant as they were during the PS2 and early PS3 days. Microsoft may be more than gaming but gaming still makes up a major portion of their consumer base and probably a passionate following as well compared to the casuals who buy their Surface products or their Microsoft Office 365 subs. Xbox are back at that point where they have to regain the trust of those specific consumers and especially console-only gamers who walked away from their brand in light of all the practices that plagued the early days of the Xbox One, while all Sony has to do is retain their aggressive nature which resulted in their lead for the last gen.

@SuperKMx Yeah I know, but for how long? I’m always a bit wary of subscriptions. I mean, I already have 4 or 5 for various media outlets. I just can’t afford another one.

@thefourfoldroot PS Now predates Game Pass by several years. PS Plus is clearly a more direct response to that service, especially given how Jim Ryan talked about the pricing model for Game Pass not being economically beneficial for them since it doesn’t involve investing in their consoles or console-specific services.

Just to point out Microsoft valuation jumped $35 Billion yesterday after the news broke. They already recovered 5x the outlay. Don’t bet on MS needing to recoup costs.

Sony needs to do what Sony does best just keep making great games, and release a black PS5

@Shepherd_Tallon Ahh the arrogant Sony schtick. That is being thrown around more and more these days isnt it? Its abit bizarre. Having seen the last two showcases, i see a confident market leader who has everything to play for going into the next generation in what is a very crowded market, with some tough competition from both Microsoft and Nintendo.

So many of the so called blunders are more things that have been hyped up by the internet. Today’s ‘arrogant’ Sony story was that you cant transfer saved data to spiderman remaster ps5. Like whut?? Lol.

Sony lost the plot when PS3 launched. I have seen nothing to suggest they are repeating the same old mistakes this time around.

@thefourfoldroot Indeed, I agree, but they all get counted the same when people are talking about console sales figures or working out who “won” a generation.

@Shepherd_Tallon I very much think Sony have become the arrogant Sony of old. But because they are capable of putting out such high quality first party titles they are avoiding a lot of the flak at the moment. When you think about the company they became after the initial ps3 blunders they became very consumer focused and interactive and recovered their reputation fantastically. Unfortunately once they introduced the for the players mantra they seemed to dial all that back. They have become deaf to their consumer because we’ll stick around as long as first party content is high quality.

@Robinsad Nah, this is nothing like PS3. Storm in a teacup stuff. Some missteps or oversights do not overshadow all the other good stuff they’re doing.

@SirAngry ahh man id not heard about Nintendo and Level 5. I would be gutted if that happened!

I have been wondering something similar to what you picked up on about companies like take 2 and ubisoft. I do wonder whether we might seem more timed exclusivity on PS5 to maximise income before getting strong armed to release titles on to game pass by Microsoft.

People say its money hatting by Sony, but im not so sure. Game pass is a clear threat to the future of gaming as we know it – and people are sleep walking into it because, currently, it makes great financial sense for the player. It is a bargin. But for gamepass to work, it relies on service based, persistent titles. Like avengers. Like destiny. Like the division. One and done single player games will not retain that customer engagement with game pass through the life of the subscription that Microsoft desperately need. So I fully expect the types of games developed to fundamentally shift. Particularly from Xbox Studios first party output

People can call Sony arrogant all they like, but we need Sony in the industry to keep doing what they are doing.

I laugh when I see people calling Sony “arrogant”. It’s a very…rhymes with arrogant but starts with ig…statement. Sony’s messaging may have fallen off, but hello 2020, in case people have forgotten.

Microsoft acquiring Bethesda is a blow to PS5, but lets speculate for a moment, as we don’t really know what Microsoft plans to do. Can Elder Scrolls, Fallout etc be exclusively made for Xbox? Yes, but does it make “business” sense? No! Why would any games manufacturer want to cut off 2/4 of your revenue(PS & Nintendo)? However, I can see the games being “timed exclusives”! Especially with next gen consoles coming! I mean even Sony has released their exclusives, HZD and Death Stranding, on PC!! Also it’s not like Bethesda release games on a yearly basis! Elder Scrolls 5 was released 9 years ago!! The gap between Fallout 3 & 4 was 7 years, Doom Eternal was just released …so it’s not like we have to watch Xbox getting annual games! Like I said it’s a blow to Sony, but now we have to see how they respond!

@lacerz hadn’t you heard. Apparently the gaming industry is immune from Covid. Or at least you’d think so given the way people have been berating all 3 platform holders this year.

@get2sammyb thanks, every now and then I make sense and raise good points combined. It’s very rare, but it does happen. Do I expect Sony to make acquisitions? Yes. However, not in response to Microsoft yesterday, Sony have been eying up studios for a few years now, they have identified areas where they feel they’re somewhat “weak” apparently. Online competitive games, racing, FPS games, RPGs and horror. When you look at the IPs they’ve let go dormant I’m not sure they need more IP, just maybe people to revive what they already have.

Outside of the timed PS5 exclusives (Deathloop and Tokyo), what are the ZeniMax teams releasing in the next 2-3 years? Serious question.

@couldntcarebear yeah, the acquisition for me is as much as getting all of Bethesda’s back catalogue ‘free to play’on game pass from day 1. That is pretty massive. I’ve seen nothing to suggest Starfield will arrive before 2022 at the earliest and there is no guarentee we will even see Elder Scrolls 6 next generation. They have been very cagey about it saying Starfield comes first.

So i think the back catalogue was just as valuable as what comes next in this acquisition

I always hoped MS would build up a few small studios or even start some from the ground up and come up with some interesting new IPs that would finally make me WANT an Xbox – not just buy a huge publisher so that I begrudgingly buy one because it’s the only way I can play the next Elder Scrolls game etc.

@lacerz doom eternal on switch is all that comes to mind – presumably Starfield, but who knows!

@Rob_230 level-5 and Nintendo has been scuttlebutt in the industry since mid 2019. The big N has been sniffing around a few Japanese developers ever since the Switch took off. Whether anything comes of it I don’t know, but the prospect might be enough to force Sony’s hand.

Their revenue is said to be $500m. In the real world, business go for 5x profit but they sold for 15x turnover!!!

Maybe they are at the point where they are making that much profit they are buying up safe, profitable entities as a tax-dodge? pass.

My interest in Series X over PS5 just went even higher. Sony can keep FF16, I’d rather have Doom & Wolfy.

@Iroha You have the point here, look how watered done Netfix content is, churning out teenage dramas like mad..

Sony need to buy bluepoint.if they get that would be amazing.but hopefully next dishonored.evil within.comes to PlayStation.word up son

@Shepherd_Tallon I know exactly the site you mean…used to respect them a lot but the MS bias over the past week has been laughable.

It seems very trendy for the media to paint Sony as the ‘bad guys’ right now. Whether it’s because they’re all blinded by gamepass or because MS flew most of them out all expenses paid before covid to see the hardware I couldn’t say. But neutral they certainly aren’t.

@TheFrenchiestFry No, the streaming service does, the PS Now download service was clearly a response to Gamepass.And Jim said it’s not sustainable for them to put their games on Now day one as they invest hundreds of millions in every game. That’s all.

One more reason for me to pick up a Series S next year is the way I look at this. Maybe even a Series X on the payment plan.

Great announcement to have just before the console Pre-orders kick in for xbox. Very good move by Microsoft.

Sony should buy capcom, silent hill IP, kojima productions and fatal frame IP from stupid nintendo and all will be right in the world

If I were Sony I would be making preparations to acquire Kadokawa Shinpen and kill two birds with one stone: expand the company’s anime studio catalog and bring Fromsoftware to PlayStation Studios.

Kick in the ass, more like. It’s probably the best thing that could happen to us (the customers) on the Playstation side as it will mean that Sony will have to start thinking about genuine “value” and giving us incentives to keep customers more satisfied (like they did with Plus in the PS3 era). There’s no value for us if Sony went out and bought a games studio and the future games from studio are £70 each.

The Microsoft pass thing makes PS Plus look pathetic. It has to change or else people are going to quickly question if it’s worth paying x amount for two games when you have a large number on the Microsoft system.

I applaud the xBox team for their direction, it’s going to be a good fight this generation and it can only be to the benefit of ALL of us. More so if the fanboys can get their heads out of their arses and appreciate the options we have on the four main systems

Personally I’d say both are heavily biased against Sony but the latter not necessarily pro-Xbox. EG are more for Nintendo and PC gaming in general.

@get2sammyb I don’t mean they’ve made the same mistakes, far from it, but their attitude has defaulted back to that which ultimately could result in those mistakes. They seem to have lost the empathy with their consumers and walled themselves off.

Yeah, but even Starfield is late 2022 / mid-2023 without any delays. That’s halfway through this upcoming generation. Same as all the other Microsoft studios.

@playstation1995 Sony will not get Rockstar. GTAV by itself makes billions on an anuual basis…it’s basically a money printing press for T2. I like the thought though!

@BusyOlf AAA titles released for ‘free’ on a Sony Game Pass equivalent isn’t sustainable for them at least not without MTXs. MS can afford to make a loss and look like the good guys. They just want to destroy the PlayStation brand.

I think MS will try to buy CD Project Red next then two more big ones to try and hurt Sony. Sony needs to make another move. I’d say go after Bluepoint, CD Project Red , Square enix, Game Science Interactive Technology Co, Fromsoft, and have take two interactive and Capcom close partners .

@JJ2 I agree Fallout 76 was bad, and starfield is unknown , Skyrim not as big as media makes it.

@BusyOlf A race to the bottom is not sustainable unless you have the means to bank roll it. Publishers have been whining for years that the price of games is too low, and now you’re going to hand them out for a tenner a month?

It’s such an abrupt change in business model that something, somewhere will surely have to give.

If this acquisition means getting Bethesda Game Studios back on track so they don’t release any more crap games like Fallout 76, then I’m honestly fine with it. Microsoft surely won’t block games from coming to PS5 at all, as they would be missing out on an opportunity to make a ton of cash. I was planning on playing future Bethesda games on PC anyways, so I’m not that bothered by the news really.

MS is going to make them all exclusive to Xbox and PC . I already see it. Don’t trust them, look what they did in 360 days. Talked all that mess. They may have the money (1 trillion worth) but Sony has passion.

I don’t get why people are acting so insecure all of a sudden. It’s kind of funny. A worthy adversary is always better than no competition at all (like this gen). Sony and Playstation aren’t going to suffer much because of Bethesda going to MS. However, it makes sense to buy an Xbox finally. That’s what I’ll do anyway. Get both. Still cheaper than a gaming PC.

Sony has been releasing game of the year contenders since PlayStation has existed. Bethesda Softworks hasn’t released a game of the year contender since Skyrim. I don’t think anyone has to worry about this.

I think people are missing the point. Ms bought them for Gamepass and for that now they say, 3billion gamers chimera.Gaas games for phones is what they want.

@DrJames This! If anything was ever going to make me consider another Xbox, it’s these three companies disappearing from PlayStation.

@thefourfoldroot PS Now can’t be a response to Game Pass if it predates Game Pass by 3 years

Dont worry too much about the press barking left and right. That’s what they do.
They think they must have a sTrOnG opinion on everything.

What’s the chances of x box creating the game pass as an app for PS? I know it’s a long shot but is it completely out of the realms of possibility?

@Rob_230 I saw that reaction to the Spidey saves. The game us just being used to show case the improvements of the new console. If you’re going to get it again surely you’re going to play it again anyway. But it’s being spun like it’s a cardinal sin.And yes, after that last showcase in particular I was very excited. All of those amazing PS4 games for free if you sub the PS+. That’s a very nice touch.

@Robinsad. I guess I just disagree. For me I can see what they’re doing different now than what they were doing a few years ago when everyone was happy with them.Even cross platform play, they caved on that and gave people what they wanted, but the perception of an anti-consumer company has just snowballed from there.MS, Sony, Nintendo, they’re all the same. They just have different approaches to selling us games.

@KathyQ Yeah it’s very blatant in some corners. Don’t get me wrong, I’m the last person you’ll find blindly defending a multi-billion dollar corporation. It took years for me to get a PS3 because Sony at the time were just too bullish and headed in the wrong direction. But I want an objective approach to the coverage of these events, not one that offer a heavy dose of spin with the facts.

Yea i said all of this in a comment yesterday, but no one believed me. MS finally got smart and figured out a way to win. Mark my word, this won’t be the last publisher they buy. They have around 1.3 trillion dollars for stuff like this. Once they take over the third party market primarily. They then can dictate the market and what is released on Playstation and what is not. It makes my stomach turn, but its a brilliant move. Like you said in the article Sony can never compete with them financially. As big of a Sony fan I am, all this buying MS is doing makes Sony look feeble. End the end if it does keep going this way Sony is in trouble. No matter how good their first party content is. They just won’t ever have enough studios to compete.

Despite thinking most Bethesda games are way overrated, this is a huge blow to Sony…the popularity of their franchises day one on gamepass will be amazing value for Xbox. 7.5 billion is impressive.

It is simple math, 2 exclusives (if) a year for 140$ (which will be available on PC later) vs. 200 games for 5/10$ a month, in a year after a global pandemic leads to a depresion. Xbox wins… Fatality!

@Waffles12415 Actually not. Gamepass has 15 million subscribers. If you do the math i believe thats around 3 billion a year, and thats before this seismic acquisition. They’ll make the money back quickly.

@TheFrenchiestFry fromsoftware is owned by a mega corp called Kadokawa Corporation. they are valued at over $1b i believe so a fromsoftware purchase doesn’t look like a possibility unless the parent company wanted to sell them off. fromsoftware would be a perfect fit for sony, though, i agree.

@JJ2 That’s a fair shout. Like I was saying to Sammy earlier I just didn’t realise how blatant they were until recently.

I think the last game i bought released by bethesda was doom…my brother gave me his copy of fallout 4 because it was ***** no it really was utter ***** so i’m not too fussed about micro$oft buying them as all their games are usually bug ridden anyways..skyrim on the ps3 anyone? Utter joke really and all those dragons flying backwards..good luck to them..

What favours Microsoft is that say doom comes out on both platforms, it will be 70 quid day one for ps5 or free on game pass on xbox.Thats what worries me

@Boucho11 I could believe that MS would want Game Pass on PS5. But Sony probably refuses.

The coming of PS5 and Series X has really shown me that the playground console wars are still very much alive and well. People get so angry when talking about ‘the other side’ as if they’re part of some tribe and not just customers of a particular company that are out to make lots of money where possible.

I currently own a Switch, PS4 Pro, Xbox One S and a middling PC and play all four. I have no allegiance to one company as I buy what appeals to me at any given time (usually long after release as it works out cheaper, although I pre-ordered a Switch). My one hope from this acquisition is that it reunites Obsidian with the Fallout franchise. That would surely be a good thing.

we all know that bluepoint, housemarque and kojima production is a no brainer. sony should have made that happen a while ago. as for other potential purchases, capcom is within reach if the data i have searched is correct. they have a net worth just over $1b. s-e is in that ballpark as well.

sony doesn’t really NEED these publishers/studios since it has more than enough talent under its own umbrealla, but it would be a compelte game changer for the industry if sony swallowed them up and kept their content exclusive.

konami is likely worth capcom and s-e combined and would not be a good purchase for sony, simply because there is little to no talent left at konami. you would essentially be purchasing konami for its IP, pachinko machine business and fitness centers. that said, if konami IP ever goes on the sellers block, sony should and likely will be first in line. imagine owning castlevania, silent hill, contra, metal gear and suikoden IP and seeing them developed by sony first party studios? it would be incredible.

silent hill/metal gear solid sequels = developed by kojima productions (naturally) or remakes done by bluepoint
contra = developed by housemarque (action shooters is in its dna)
castlevania = developed by studio japan in partnership with fromsoftware (similar to bloodborne)
suikoden = developed by suckerpunch or guerilla games (not as crazy as it sounds)

as it stands now, konami is squandering countless millions of dollars sitting on these IP and really should be looking to lisense them out at the very least.

sorry but i struggle to see the point and great value of gamepass as people say…i paid 42 euros for an annual ps+ subscription during summer sales..that will grand me 24-28 ps4 other microsoft will charge me 100euros for an annual sub with 100+ games..but do i really have the time to play all these? the promise of AAA games coming first on gamepass is still to be examined..(the quality of halo infinite as example)..also netflix charges 12e a month for a huge amount of content but guess what? most of it is crap and not worth your money in the long run..

@lacerz The same FTC that allowed the AT&T/DirecTV merger? The same FTC that didn’t blink an eye this year when T-Mobile bought Sprint? Yeah… Microsoft will never get away with this.🙄

@zebric21 I don’t know what the future holds, but there are often amazing deals out there for Game Pass. I got 3 years Game Pass Ultimate for about £3.50/month. That gives me access on Xbone and PC. If major games are going to be as much as £70 at launch, you wouldn’t have to play many on GP to make it seem good value.

The other side of a big collection is this: You may not have time to play 100+ games, but the odds that there are several in there that you really want to play are high. Those odds are obviously lower when you’re getting a small handful of (older) games each month.

All that said, I’ve never fully got on with the service personally. I like owning my own games and am often too afraid to start a really long game on there in case it disappears before I can finish it. For people who play lots of annual sports games and games like Call of Duty where they move on to the new version each year, games as a subscription makes a lot of sense though.

@carlos82 If they feel the game has the potential to be a big goty contender they will certainly keep it for themselves. Ninja theory was a great third party developer and I personally loved Hellblade, will I be able to play 2 now? No!

Hellblade looks fantastic so that’s staying with xbox even though it was a multiplat franchise from a multiplat developer. If the next fallout looks incredible they will happily keep it, they don’t care about losing money if u haven’t notice.

I suspect something will have to give in terms that MS will have to make Game Pass profitable at some point which will shift it to a much steeper price point.

PC GP has come out of beta (ha ha) and the only change is doubling the price.

I had already cancelled my PC gamepass sub due to the delivery system making all games (except flight sim) win 10 apps and getting rid of files even when uninstalled is a pain.

100+ GB of files not removed from the system drive and required quite a bit of work to get my small SSD cleaned up

If Sony had of bought it. This article would be giving the deal kudos and saying how it proved Sony was about the games and how it was “just business” – the launch of both Xbox series x/S and ps5 has been underwhelming- the generations nonsense, the lack of any true launch titles and just general nonsense and half truths on both sides – maybe it’ll take something massive like this to make them both actually try selling games and consoles again. Don’t get me wrong both are selling well but seriously don’t tell me this is a good launch – it’s the worst launch we have had yet – for the most important things – games. Either theyll work on last gen.

I’m always a day one kinda guy and have been back to N64 days and before.

Not this gen. no point at all. If I want best graphics and only that I’d be a PC gamer.

Xbox Division is going to become a nightmare in a few years!!! Gamepass makes no money PS5 is the more popular console so they could take a huge hit in hardware & now 7.5 Billion which will take forever to make a profit on top of that Fallout cranky old engine.

@Juanalf I doubt that, they’re still here to make money even if they are playing the long game at the moment. Hellblade isn’t a big seller regardless of its quality and Minecraft is still very much multiplatform. Obviously we’ll have to wait and see but woth Fallout 76 and Elder Scrolls online multiplatform it’d be crazy not to keep the main entries that way too

@CptH0vvDy Allowed the AT&T/DirectTV merger? Didn’t blink an eye on the T-Mobile/Sprint merger? The FTC sued to stop both. It took a court ruling to allow both. Educate yourself.

Just ask nintendo, you don’t need all the biggest multiplatform games to sell a system, just aslong as you pump out quality 1st party exclusives all will be fine

I doubt Sony would ever buy another publisher. They don’t have that kind of money. If they did, Square Enix is the perfect candidate. But like I said Sony would rather build up what they have. I’m still reeling from the news. I never thought it would ever happen, that a major publisher would get purchased by a console manufacturer…

Game Pass at $10/month with 15 million subscribers will take 50 years to make back $7.5 billion. But if they manage to double the subscription base, they can knock it down to a mere 25 years. My son would be 41 by the time the deal reaches profitability, given the costs of development.

Of course, that’s how we know that nothing changes and all the games will be on PlayStation.

So maybe I can’t play PC like games then??? Er I don’t care The only game I got from them is Wolfenstein 1 and 2(the newer games) and I found the 2nd one boring really. So no loss for me if I don’t get these PC like games.

Definitely a monumental moment in gaming history, I do not think a purchase for that amount of money had ever been done (if I am incorrect, feel free to correct me).

Definitely not upset as some are, as it is business. Make no mistake, microsoft is trying to sell you some xboxes or get you into it’s ecosystem with this purchase. Good luck to them and their ambitions.

I will definitely miss Arkane Studios. Dishonored is amazing and if they continue the franchise I will not be able to play it unless I invest in building a PC, which this move has all but certainly made me realize it is not a bad idea to do.

@Stocksy If Sony had bought the article would be different, yes, because the answer to the question — What this means for PlayStation? — would be completely different.

@lacerz That’s assuming there are no operational costs at all. They bought Bethesda, but they’ll have to continue to pay their staff, office rent, overheads, and so on.

@Col_McCafferty I’m taking about all of us with my initial thoughts in terms of “where’s our value/incentives?” We have over the length of this generation had a Plus where the prices have gone up, had PS3/Vita game options taken away, no VR games, poor offerings for games on certain months and lets not forget we’re being charged to play online. Now we’re expected to pay £70 for the first party games and we’ve still not seen what the digital prices will be on the store will be.

I respect that you and others want to defend their actions from a business stand point and i don’t disagree about the sustainability of this xBox system but let’s not hide from the fact that Sony haven’t exactly been great in offering us anything new this generation outside of the games. We’ve had the same deal with Plus now for years.

Now what will be funny is Todd Howard allowed to even speak now regarding pretty much anything?

The timing of the announcement of this acquisition is totally premeditated to coincide with the imminent release of series x and PS5. MS are desperate to sell series x consoles.

MS are looking at Sony running another one horse race and are desperate to keep them in check. They paid $7.5 billion for Bethesda! They’re not going to win business men of the year are they? It’s Bethesda we’re talking about here, not Nintendo. If rumours are true they thought they could buy Nintendo a couple of years ago 😅

I think anyone buying a series x now will be buying a PS5 in a couple of years or even less.

@get2sammyb “Clearly the project is deep in the red right now, but the firm doesn’t seem all that fussed about the losses it’s incurring.”

This line the the article you wrote caught my eye, so my question is, do developers/publisher make money by putting their game in game pass? If they do, do they make the most they could possibly make, or could they have made more, for example, if they released the game normally or traditionally?

I know Microsoft pays them to have their game in the game pass model, and gamers certainly benefit the most from the model, but my question was regarding developers. I did not want to comment since I still know little about the subject so I had hope you might know more. Thanks in advance.

@Eadgar We just don’t know but Microsoft has made comments that suggest they’re taking a bath on Game Pass (at the moment).

The reason why Xbox is pushing digital content and the Switch uses cartridges is because Sony owns the BlueRay technology and gets a cut for every BlueRay produced and sold in the world. The flaw with the digital approach is that any retailer worth their salt will instruct their employees to try and sell the console that will bring them more revenue in the future with 8 years of physical game sales, therefore creating an even larger consumer base. Sony wins.

@carlos82 I think they may be exclusives but it’s a big gamble. They’ll need to triple or quadruple Gamepass subscriptions to make it work. I think that’s their gambit. Through everything at Gamepass to try and make it a sustainable model. And if it fails just sell them on. Looks like quite a desperate final move for Microsoft. If it goes wrong, and they can’t reinvent the industry as a predominantly Gamepass driven system (sigh) then I think they’ll more or less quit. But they have the money to eat the system. They just spent a third of PlayStation’s annual revenue on one publisher!

I think that MS won’t make everything XSX exclusive, opposite. They openly make it multiplatform… for a few percents from sales…It will become “how to profit on rival success”.

“Gamers want Bethesda games on your platform? No problem. For 30% of sales profits it is yours.”

@Sebatrox Didnt know Sony was that big i knew they where massive but not so massive.

They’ve seen some nice gains over the past 5 years. $67B USD in 2016 to just shy of $78B USD in 2019, with exponential growth inbetween.

Kind of how Sony receives a portion of every Xbox sale with a Blu-ray drive and iPhone because of the camera sensors.

@lacerz I tend too forget they do a lot of other stuff. Music with movies and games even electronics.

@nookie_egg I’m quite sure many can. Not everyone will see value. I personally don’t. That’s because I don’t really play Bethesda games, so this deal with MS doesn’t affect me one bit, and I’m sure there are a significant number of people who aren’t bothered either. Let’s not pretend everyone is going crazy over it. Lol.


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World news – US – Reaction: Bethesda Acquisition Is a Kick in the Balls for PS5, But Sony’s Goals Won’t Change

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