One of Razer’s most applauded product lines is the Razer Naga series. Razer has launched a new member of the series. It is the new Razer Naga Pro. Priced at $150 it comes with a promise to uplift the brand value of the series.

The new Naga Pro is completely wireless. The design tweaks on it are additions to the Razer Naga Trinity’s modular design.

The Naga Pro has the same three swappable side plates as that of the Naga Trinity. The device weighs about 117gm and is pretty easy on the hand. The magnetically-attached side button plates make this a practical option for many games. Especially, for games that require multiple commands, this is a great feature.

The mouse also has the 19+1 programmable buttons on it. You can use Razer’s Synapse 3 software to configure the buttons.

The Razer Naga is the go-to mouse for MMO and RTS gamers. The Razer Naga Trinity added swappable FPS and MOBA side plates on it. This move was widely approved by the gaming community. In the Naga Pro, the MOBA plate has been refined.

There are six buttons aligned into two small rows of three on the new MOBA plate. This provides easier access and is efficient in Battle Royale games. The MMO plate is still 12 buttoned and the FPS panel also has the same two buttons. The FPS option gives you a larger rubber grip and helps you keep the mouse steady while gaming.

The buttons on the side panels have a good height and even provide a satisfying click when they depress. And the buttons have a very precise sensitivity which comes handy during games. However, one might notice that the buttons on the 12-button panel are a little spongy. A cleaner finish and rigidity on them would have done wonders.

The Razer Naga Pro has an ergonomic feel to it. It fits perfectly under your palm and provides a comfortable rest to your fingers. The buttons on the side are also placed at an easily reachable distance from the thumb.

The Naga Pro has a full Razer RGB lighting. You can control that by the Synapse software. You can see the light on the mouse wheel, the Razer logo, and the twelve-button side panel.

Like mentioned earlier, the three side panels are detachable and use can snap them on easily. The magnets and the 3×4 array of metal contacts make this easy. There is a slot under the side panels where you can hold the USB dongle.

The mouse has the familiar shape-shifting features. You can connect it to your PC via Bluetooth or via the 2.4GHz wireless receiver. The receiver is Razer’s proprietary HyperSpeedconnection.

The connection isn’t a problem with this device. Even at a distance of 12 feet, the mouse functioned properly. There are no issues with tracking and connection.

The new mouse features Razer’s Focus+ optical sensor. The sensor can work up to five sensitivity stages. The mouse has a massive range of 100-20,000 CPI. The maximum velocity offered by the device is 650 IPS.

It also has two optical switches on the left and right buttons on the mouse. Razer claims that these buttons are faster than any mechanical switches to exist. The switches are durable up to 70 million clicks and do not allow any unintended clicks.

Razer says that it should deliver up to 150-hours of performance when used over Bluetooth. And when used over the wireless receiver it is expected to work for 100 hours. You can keep the RGB lighting at a minimum to save up some juice. The device comes with a Micro USB charging cable coated with Razer’s snag-free Speedflex braiding. Another option would be to use the charging dock that comes with Razer’s other high-end wireless models.

The Synapse 3.5 software helps users tweak the device’s performance with ease. The customize page on the software lets you customize your keys. You can assign specific functions to specific keys. Windows shortcuts, multimedia controls, keyboard functions, program/ website launch are some of them. You can also set a Hypershift button to change button bindings.

You can make unlimited profiles on the software. This allows you to save certain settings for certain profiles and switch accordingly. You can also link programs and games to each profile. This helps in multitasking. The onboard memory on the mouse has enough space for five profiles.

Apart from controlling the sensitivity and the programmable keys, you can also the change polling rate. Razer has Motion Sync, it syncs the mouse signal to the PC polling rate allowing smoother movement.

There are power-saving options and mouse surface calibration. The optical sensor on the device allows Smart Tracking. This calibrates the device automatically but you can also choose to do it via the software.

All in all, the Razer Naga Pro is the upgrade that Razer Naga deserves. It basically packs everything that you could have wished for on an update. The ergonomic design on the mouse adds a lot to its likability. The swappable panels are such a delight. The Razer Naga Pro costs $150 and performs as a strong device. The customizable options on the device and its versatility make it a very appealing option.


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