Yesterday, Nintendo surprised everyone when it announced it would be localising the original entry in the Fire Emblem series for the first time ever. Yes, that’s right, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light will be released on the Switch eShop this year on 4th December.

As happy as everyone is about this, unsurprisingly it’s now got many Nintendo fans wondering what else could potentially be translated for western audiences. If you know Nintendo, you should already know the most requested localisation is the 2006 Game Boy Advance title Mother 3, starring Lucas – or, that character in Smash with the snake.

Mother/EarthBound fans haven’t wasted any time over on social media platforms like Twitter and got Mother 3 trending right away. Here’s a round-up of some of the reactions:

While there’s no guarantee this will necessarily get the attention of Nintendo, if there was any time to be showing your support for a Mother 3 localisation, now might be it. In saying this, in February last year, it was suggested localisation of this game was allegedly cancelled due to its controversial aspects. Is this maybe why Nintendo hasn’t released it here yet?

Although Mother 3 hasn’t been officially translated, it has received a fan translation that can be played via other methods.

Now that the original Fire Emblem is on its way to the west, would you like to see Mother 3 follow? Are there any other games you think Nintendo should bring across from Japan? Tell us down in the comments.

When he’s not paying off a loan to Tom Nook, Liam likes to report on the latest Nintendo news and admire his library of video games. His favourite Nintendo character used to be a guitar-playing dog, but nowadays he prefers to hang out with Judd the cat.

Hey, at this point, Nintendo may never need to advertise for Mother 3 as the fans will spread the news much better than they ever will.

It was just so much of a limited release that it was only up for 2.47 seconds.

So Mario get a HD remaster fire emblem gets a re run in the west, SO WHERE TF IS MOTHER And earthbound I have never played any of them but I cant bc they wont bring it back! not fair and wile we are at it can we get paper mario back on trending.

As much as I would love Mother 3, the people campaigning for it have become beyond toxic, and make me wish to not associate myself with the community. Even if Mother 3 was released, people would STILL complain and say that the english fan hack is free and that Nintendo is scamming people. Then everybody will scream and cry when Nintendo takes down the fan hack for using property that wasn’t theirs to begin with.

@PBandSmelly This is true they always complain, I’m just made cuz I never got to play any of the sires as I was born after.

Even tho its my least favorite mother game, my hope and hype for it is exhausted. I just finally want to see it out since it’s perfect dor the console

I feel like there being controversial parts of Mother 3 does not really matter because you would just be able to see it on an ESRB Rating

I love how nintendo canceled the localization of Mother 3 due to “controversial issues”, when they touted SMTV as an exclusive on Switch, and sure, it isnt a first party title, but if youre a fan of SMT, you should know that the franchise has far more things that would be “controversial”, than mother 3.

Well I seen this coming considering the overly toxic comments under the announcement on twitter(what a surprise!/s).. that being said I hate to be that guy but mother 3 being officially localized seems the most likely now; in the switch era. Next year marks mother 3’s 15th anniversary so I hate to look like a clown but I do feel like we might get that e3 announcement of a collection.. or just them separately.. either way I’ll take it!

@A_standard_idiot yeah I thought the same thing, it made me wonder what the problem was with them being so sensitive with kid icarus games for that reason. Either way I’m glad that we’re getting two of them next year!

They should have done the Snes game why the NES fire emblem? The Snes has the original game plus an extra full story.

What controversial issues are keeping us from getting it. Come on now the stuff in Mother 3 is tame compared to other games and even the only thing you could say is out of line is the mushroom drug trip.

@LatsaSpege its is extremely controversial in a crap ton of aspects the way great ace attorney was (if you remember that was a Phoenix wright prequel that was rated T but has so many racist comments that it was never localized or just didn’t have enough interest. The funny thing is, most racist comments were towards the japanese people who made it lol why.) Anyway, mother 3 would be rated T for the very small amount of blood in it but the controversial parts are things that aren’t a part of esrb. Fir example, there are jokes about gay men somewhere in it which would only get crude humor (an e 10 and up worthy thing) even though it would start a frigging riot. I played the game a very long time ago forget how bad it was need to replay it. But I remember it being pretty bad and with todays sociopolitical climate it just can’t happen. If that gay joke in persona 5 was bad this is mass genocide lol

This is honestly what I hate about the Mother/Earthbound community, they can never just let another game have a moment. Seiken Densetsu 3 gets an English localization for example and the Mother fanbase starts screaming “WHERE IS MOTHER 3” and “should have been mother 3!”. For SD3 it actually got pretty toxic with people saying they hope the game doesn’t sell/fails and so on.. I think a lot of people do it as a joke but the Mother fanbase comes off as so bitter sometimes that it goes beyond jokes and memes. At this point I wish Nintendo would just give them Mother 3 to shut them up, and I say this as someone who doesn’t even care about this release of Fire Emblem. I prefer the FE3 version which has Book 2 included.

Normally I love it when people are campaigning for a Japanese game to get an official translation but the Mother fanbase has definitely become pretty toxic about it.

@Ghostchip I would think they would be able to censer it unless if it is a main story element to the game.

It certainly deserves to be localized already. I have a reproduction cartridge of the unofficial translation. It’s a fantastic game from start to finish. I would gladly jump at an official release. Better yet, Nintendo should utilize the Link’s Awakening engine and give the entire Mother series a full remake.

Mother 3’s fan translation rom should be universally accepted as alright to run, regardless of how folks feel about emulation. Because Nintendo

as it should. Nintendo has sat on this one for too long. Let it free !!

i still find it so weird how nintendo treats the mother series. fire emblem took off like wild fire thanks to smash. theyve drip fed mother and earthbound games throughout the 3ds/wii u era, but the series has stood the test of time and really shouldnt be this niche rarity nintendo dangles in front of us anymore

Just release it in america already Nintendo! I’m in my 40’s and I’d like to be able to buy a legit copy before I’m old enough to collect my damn social security. Until then i guess emulation is the only answer. Yeah it’s immoral and all that but if you’ll sell it straight up I’ll gladly delete whatever rom i may have downloaded.

I hated how l had to deal with the Japanese copy because l didn’t know how to make it English…thank goodness l got help from my friend to guide me when l played it.

@PBandSmelly As much as I hate toxic fanbases, the Mother 3 fanbase are 100% justified, not just because Nintendo can’t be bothered localising it, but also the fact that they’ve made fun of the community multiple times over the years, also they’ve never explained why they’re not localising it. Nintendo deserve the Mother 3 fanbase honestly.

Legit response. Guess we all have to buy Fire Emblem wether we like it or not

Of course nintendo refuses to make what could be one of their best selling RPGs to date out of stubbornness.

It seems that Nintendo look over easy wins. An actual Mario Rpg, an arcade style star fox game, a new version of Mario Kart. A new pilot wings, Wii sports style game to use with the joyconn, Mario Golf… I could keep going

Normally, I’d be down for getting Mother 3 localized ASAP, but the way Nintendo’s been anti-consumer with their products as of late makes me want to wait until they realize they don’t have to lock everything away in a Nintendo vault.

Mother 3 trending is fine and all, but what about the “limited time release”. It’s just weird… Weird is all I can think of.

I will honestly never understand people’s love for this series. I tried Earthbound. Did absolutely nothing for me. Eh, to each their own….

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