The release of Pikmin 3 Deluxe has seen us once again teaming up with our diminutive helpers to retrieve essential items and components and escape this strange planet we find ourselves on. The fabled Pikmin 4 might still be MIA, but this Deluxe version of the Wii U original has reminded us just how much we’ve missed the little guys.

Yes, the Switch version has us reminiscing about the cute real-time strategy series which started out on GameCube nearly two decades ago. It’s been a while since we led out plant-based buddies into battle against towering foes and on daring reconnaissance missions, so what better time to brush up on our Pikmin knowledge?

We’ve put together a little quiz to cover the basics. Whether you’re grasping at old memories or you’re totally new to the series, the question remains: How well do you know Pikmin?

The pointy-nosed Red Pikmin have a stronger attack than your average Pikmin and are also fire resistant, which makes them your go-to guys for taking on any large and/or fire-breathing enemies.

Captain Olimar hails from Hocotate, a planet with a non-oxygen atmosphere which explains why the little guy must wear a helmet when he’s out and about in the field with his Pikmin minions.

According to the game manual for the original Pikmin on GameCube (which also provides a picture of a controller and memory card for scale), Olimar stands at just under 2 cm (0.75 in) without his helmet on.

Electrical currents are no problem for Yellow Pikmin. You can also throw them higher than the other types (perhaps those big ears give them more air) and they’re also choice ‘Piks’ when it comes to digging.

Olimar’s co-worker at Hocotate Freight, Louie is the second player character and lends his Captain a hand in Pikmin 2.

Mushroom Pikmin — only seen in the first game (to date) — are created when another variety of Pikmin is infected by the spores of a Puffstool, and they attack Olimar on site.

Different onions house different Pikmin, and if your minions don’t make it back to their onion before nightfall, they’ll be devoured by the numerous predators that come out at night.

If you’re interested, LV-426 is the moon from the film Aliens, SR388 is the planet from Metroid II, and TK-421 was a stormtrooper posted to guard Princess Leia on the Death Star in Star Wars.

Where other Pikmin types drown in water, Blue Pikmin can swim and wander through pools of H2O quite happily.

Koppai — the planet Alph, Brittany and Charlie come from, and different from Olimar and Louie’s home — gets its name from Nintendo Koppai, the original name Nintendo traded under. ‘Koppai’, which can also be read as ‘karuta’, is Japanese for ‘(playing) cards’.

So, how did you do? Feel free to challenge your friends and family, and try out our other quizzes if you’re after more video gaming brain-teasers, including:

Gavin loves a bit of couch co-op, especially when he gets to delegate roles, bark instructions and give much-appreciated performance feedback at the end. He lives in Spain (the plain-y bit where the rain mainly falls) and his love for Banjo-Kazooie borders on the unhealthy.

I know nothing of Pikmen. Let’s give it a shot…
edit: and, a 9/12 not bad guess work

11 out of 12. I know Pikmin VERY well!
(As well as The Carpenters. 😁 Nice reference there.)

7/12. I’ve played Pikmin 3 for a couple hours, so I didn’t guess on all of them, but…

9/12. Had to think hard on two or three of my right answers. All my guessed ones were wrong for once.

8/12 I’ve watched playthroughs of pikmin 1 and 2 and played some of pikmin 3. Not the biggest fan of the series, but I’ve enjoyed what I’ve played of it so far

A whopping 9/12. I’ve only played Pikmin 3 and whatever that mini Pikmin game was in Nintendo Land.

5 out of 12. I only played the first game and the only important thing I know is that Yellow Pikmin are the best

I only know of Pikman from 3DS, I did see the previous gen but I never collected the game til 3DS.

I don’t know Pikmin, I have never played it and have no interest in doing so, never even touched Olimar in Smash, but I played the quiz for the heck of it just to see how much guessing I could get right.

As much as I love this series, I’ve only played Pikmin 3. Release Pikmin 1 and 2 on the eShop already Nintendo!

Jumped in blind to just guess at everything, and got a 4 out of 12. So, about as well as I usually do on these quizzes.=P

11/12. I’m so mad I missed the height question! All I could remember was that he was around the height of a coin.

I got 9 almost entirely because of Pikmin’s representation in Smash lol the series isn’t for me

Easy quiz. I got 9/12, and I’m no Pikmin fanatic–I’ve never even played the third one.

11/12, but I forgot to log in before I did the quiz lol So after lagging in I got, unsurprisingly, 12/12. The only question that posed me any difficulty was number 12, it was so unexpected xD

Completely unrelated, but I fought so hard in Hades (the game) that my right arm (in real life) started to hurt. I had to pause the game just to get my bearings. Alas, I will escape the House of Hades.

The answer possibilities of the ninth question are super nerd-well chosen! Best question of the quiz! 6/12, btw. I stink.

9 of 12, but i think i misclicked on one of the questions. Nah i take my point loss like a man happy with that score and a huge pikmin fan..

@ummyeahnintendo yellow pikmin are the worst in pikmin 1, they use bomb rocks, and that’s about it

I did not know about mushroom pikmin. I’d love to replay the 1st two games on the switch.

6/12. Thought that was pretty good for having never played a Pikmin game but them I read the comments…

10/12 – Didn’t know Mushroom Pikmin was a thing (speaking of which, I’m pretty sure they attack ‘on sight’, not ‘on site’), or what the Pikmin 3 planet was named after, but apart from that, a pretty nice, breezy quiz.

One that tripped me up was Olimar’s height. I was going off of how tall he was in Super Smash Bros. compared to the other fighters, thinking he was 1.25 meters exactly.

12/12. I feel like the quiz would have been more challenging if the questions were about some of the Pikmin’s sub-abilities. Examples, yellow Pikmin digging faster than other types or how blue Pikmin act as life guards for other drowning Pikmin.

10/12 I platnumed the first 8 missions in Pikmin 3 deluxe. Mission 9 seems like there must be a trick to platnum.

6 but to be fair I’ve never played a Pikmin game or read anything about them


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