PlayStation Now appears to really be embracing the spooky month of October as the Japanese PlayStation Blog confirms the list of PlayStation 4 titles hitting the service this month. This is another excellent update for subscribers, bringing with it a list of games we’re sure you’ve been wanting to get your hands on. The headliner is Days Gone, which still stick around until 4th January 2021. Deacon St. John is then supported by the PS4 remake of MediEvil and Friday the 13th: The Game.

If that wasn’t enough, PS Now members will also get their hands on Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince, Battle Princess Madelyn, and Steel Rats. Everything but Days Gone appears to be a permanent addition to the service, but some good things must come to an end. Just Cause 4 and Watch Dogs 2 have now left PS Now. For a full list of All PlayStation Now Games still currently part of the service, head on through the link.

Are you happy with this month’s additions? Work out which one you’ll be playing on Halloween in the comments below.

On any given day, Liam is most likely playing the latest PS4 release or hunting for a Platinum Trophy. Outside of video games, he can be found tirelessly supporting Derby County, unfortunately.

Okay that’s it, I’m not renewing my PS Plus subscription. PS Now selection is SO MUCH BETTER. Another great month !

Lovely, I wasn’t convinced by the MediEvil demo but this means I can give it a go without extra spending.

This is why I get PS Now instead of PS Plus. So much more value! I’d get both if they would promise not to put Now games on Plus and vice versa, but they don’t!
Just link the damn things together Sony!

@thefourfoldroot I think PS+ type of subscription is better though. You add the games in your library and they dont go anywhere. That’s one of the reason I think PSNOW and Gamepass type are rubbish but that’s me.I really want to know how PS+ is going to be on PS5. It’s not clear as of now.

@Medic_Alert Still many 10s of millions of potential customers who could be tempted by 75% sales and such down the line.Plus, to be cynical for a second, it provides some urgency for those who were thinking of subbing. Having something AAA on indefinitely (as most are to be fair) means that people feel ok delaying indefinitely…

@ShaiHulud I recommend it, it’s a really cool game even if it is a bit outdated.

As someone who doesn’t go back to games once completed, there is no real difference for me. 3 months is usually enough for me to finish any game which is the minimum time limit for any big game on the platform (others are 6 months).

In theory you are correct of course, but in practice there is no difference for me accept you get far more games on Now and they are generally of higher quality.

If I play Days Gone on PSNow and then I buy a PS5 and it’s part of those Playstation Plus games- will my save carry over? Will I have to start it again?

I don’t see why not, the Days Gone you would play on PS5 is the exact same PS4 game, so if you save to the cloud it should be fine.
The issues have been going from PS4 to PS5 versions of games – I’m guessing due to how the different architectures retrieve information from the very different hard drives (and even that’s not an insurmountable issue as MM manages it).
Would be good if Sony would confirm though.

@thefourfoldroot I guess my argument is that selling the game at 75% off is far less valuable than repeated monthly subscriptions which once people are in that system have a tendency not to leave whether they use the service or not.

@thefourfoldroot I get what your saying. People are different. It s basically rental services and not my thing 🤷‍♂️

@Medic_Alert The games disappearing after a random amount of months is a big reason I haven’t invested in Now yet. Not that it really matters anyway. Buying games in discount is often so cheap that I don’t really care about services like Now or Game Pass anyway.

You can either buy God of War for 15 euro and take your sweet time about it. Or spend 20 euro for two months of Plus or Game Pass and just hope you finish a game within that timeframe.

@Medic_Alert You are probably right on that point, although I wonder whether the idea that these big AAA games will come and stay indefinitely, as opposed to being perhaps available, and then for only short periods of time, would impact launch sales of first party story based games. That’s likely what Sony might want to avoid as a policy, rather than missing the tail off sales.

To be fair it’s not random, and that’s what makes it OK for me. They say up front if a game is added indefinitely (the majority) or if it’s on for 3 months or 6 months. I can then plan my play accordingly with no fear it’ll be pulled. In fact, it’s actually good to be given that deadline sometimes, it stops me drifting between lots of games, lol.

@thefourfoldroot Yea, I get why it totally works for some. And I’m glad you’re enjoying the service (it just isn’t for me).

@JJ2 – I understand your point but Game Pass is amazing value even if you only play MS stuff or games by their studios. Those never leave the service. Forza Horizon 4, Gears 4 and 5 and Doom Eternal easily make up the cost of a 12 month sub alone for me. YMMV of course.

@JJ2 Yeah, people are different. For me game are rental – I very rarely keep them once finished. Other people are collectors and like to have lots of physical discs (even if they are just keys these days that are useless in the event a game and it’s patches are delisted).

I do have lots of c64 cassettes, NES and SNES games, ps1, 2, N64 games etc, etc, that no longer work too.

As I’ve grown older I’ve come to accept that life, and everything in it, is a rental, so the distinction with sub services doesn’t bother me any more, lol.

Fair enough, everyone is different. That’s why I don’t want PS NOW and Gamepass to push us towards a subscription only model, as I know at least MS want to do, and certainly google, Amazon etc.

@thefourfoldroot As gamers right now we can choose between physical, digital or subscriptions, which is great. I imagine it will stay that way for the next generation as well, though I wouldn’t be surprised if we were going to see Game Pass-first or even Game Pass-exclusive at some point, just like the Netflix Originals.

Nice, I’ve been wanting to play Days Gone to at least see what it’s like. And now it’s FREE.

Excellent, I subscribed to PS Now a week ago and have been enjoying it, more games being added is great news.

Yes, I’ve said that recently too. Great time to be a gamer with MS subsidising the growth of their sub service for the moment, and the used physical market being a thing.
Eventually I fear physical will go the way it has in the PC space, and obviously MS will need to start to raise prices and do Gamepass exclusives as you say. But for this gen it should be great.

They need to merge ps now with ps plus, as when the ps5 comes out there will hardly be any ps5 games on the free monthly games

I bought Days Gone a while ago and only got around to playing it this summer. I really enjoyed it even if it has borrowed a lot of ideas from other games. Thought the story was quite good in the end as well.

Have to say that I’ve enjoyed having PS Now this past 6 months as well. It’s given me chance to try a lot of games that I wouldn’t normally and have bought some games that I enjoyed playing on the service so that I’ve got them for keeps. I think subscription services can be good as long as you don’t destroy buying games as well which I fear is the plan that MS have.

I think I’ve suggested this before but it would be good if Sony could somehow use the streaming side of it to allow us to try games off of the store first before having to commit to buying. It could let you play a certain amount of it before dumping you back to the product page. Guess it would need to be available in more regions for that to work though.

I’m glad days gone is on PSNow, this means we will have it in a few months on Plus.

@JJ2 I feel the same. Don’t like the idea of a game I’ve started being taken off me. Give me best of both, pick a game on PSNow or Gamepass and as long as I’m still paying let me carry on playing. That would be too simple 😁

@Crowley22g Yes. Not only that but I feel (I maybe wrong) when you add them to your library they shouldnt be able to take them back. However the other subs can be changed anytime and you just consume whatever they want to give you or take from you.I’m not a sub person anyway. Hard to keep up with recurring bills that keep adding up.

Decent but they are desperate for me to chose between plus and now. Depending on what happens with ps5 I may let plus expire

If you’re playing days gone all I will say is keep playing there is a second ending

@LiamCroft I really, really, enjoyed Days Gone, it was a ton of fun to get the Platinum Trophy. For people that are into the genre I highly recommend it.


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