Ask ghosts thought-out questions from this list through the Oujia board in Phasmophobia to collect evidence and help your teammates.

Phasmophobia, a paranormal investigation game developed and published by Kinetic Games, tasks four players with hunting down, locating, and communicating with ghosts. One of the resources at their disposal is a Ouija board, a tool they can use to ask the ghost questions to get simple answers. With these answers, players will be able to identify what kind of paranormal creature they are dealing with, and how to keep their teammates alive.

Because Phasmophobia utilizes voice recognition software, players have an unlimited amount of questions that they can ask the ghost using the Ouija board. There are some, however, that will lead to a quicker conclusion than others. Asking the wrong question can lower the player’s sanity and make the game more difficult. This means that the game relies more on keywords than a specific wording. Asking generic questions first and then specific questions will help narrow down information. Once enough evidence is collected, players will be able to identify what kind of ghost they are dealing with. Below, players can find a list of questions that are likely to get answers from the ghost.

After players ask a question that a ghost can answer, the ghost will move around the planchette to spell out their answer. Players can ask questions referring to the name of the ghost’s victim, such as “Who died?”, “Who is your victim?”, “What is the name of the person you killed?”, and “Who did you murder?”. They can also ask questions referring to the ghost, to find out their age, how long they’ve been dead, and where they are. Variations of the questions “How old are you?” “How many years ago did you die?” and “Where are you?” should all get answers. Knowing where the ghost is can help the players determine where to put their cameras to capture more evidence of the ghost, and where to hide to evade its attacks.

Other questions pertain to the number of people or ghosts and their location. “How many ghosts are in here?”, “How many people are in here?”, and “Are we alone?” are all acceptable answers. Players can also ask which room is the ghost’s, by asking questions like “Where is your room?”, “What is your favorite room?”, and “Who is in this room?”.

Using these questions, players can prompt the ghost into revealing more about themselves, making it easier for them to investigate the paranormal entity, protect their teammates, and collect evidence. A complete list of questions is below.

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