It still feels like the UK and the rest of Europe have been shafted by the extra week we’ll have to wait for the PlayStation 5 launch. Made to wait until 19th November 2020, it’ll be difficult for us to watch as our US friends get their hands on the console seven days earlier than ourselves. Nevertheless, at least we’ll be able to purchase a single PS5 game during that time. Amazon UK has updated its listing for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and attached a new 12th November 2020 release date to the game.

Yes, that means you’ll be able to buy and receive the latest Ubisoft open-world title and then have nothing else to do with it for a full week. This date is clearly meant to line up with the US launch of the PS5, but it doesn’t look like the publisher is bothering to delay the UK version. To be fair, this approach is somewhat commonplace as certain PlayStation 4 games also went on sale just before it hit store shelves. It’s just funny to think of owning a PS5 game without a console to play it on for a week.

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On any given day, Liam is most likely playing the latest PS4 release or hunting for a Platinum Trophy. Outside of video games, he can be found tirelessly supporting Derby County, unfortunately.

Part of me just wants to go to the store on this game’s release and pretend I’m living in the future.

You joke, but there will be a fair few people who buy it just go have some ps5 goodness in their hands.

I noticed this last week on GAMEs website and thought they had just messed the date up again.

The exact same thing happened with Black Flag, I had that a week before I had a PS4 to play it on.

With godfall, spider man, sack boy and demon souls. Might get this one early next year. So much goodness.

@BearsEatBeets Lol me too. First game I played on ps4, with a bit of Resogun on the side.

I remember as a kid being allowed to read a game’s instruction manual before Christmas. Got me excited for the game lol. Sad we don’t get them any more.

I guess the frog legs didn’t get the memo about different release dates in Europe and NA.

I remember PS4 games going on sale a couple weeks before release back in 2013. Think I already had 3 or 4 games and a DS4 before even having the system!

Breath of the wild came out before the switch so not too unusial now i suppose. I am tempted. Its 47 quid at ShopTo and for the many hours of game, it should tide me over until ratchet and clank

@GamingFan4Lyf As far as I know, yeah. The only catch is at some point the free upgrade thing will stop, even if it’s after the PS6 comes out, so in the long run you’ll be stuck with a PS4 copy.

Are PS5 games confirmed as being more expensive than their PS4 counterparts? If they are, this raises an interesting point regarding free upgrades – couldn’t you just buy the PS4 version (assuming it’s cheaper) and then claim the free upgrade? 🤔

I actually don’t mind the extra week. I enjoy watching unboxing vids, initial impressions, digital foundry analysis so that’ll all keep me busy.

And again, it’s only a week. I remember the PS1 where it was nearly a year gap!! I actually imported a Japanese model early in 1995 along with Tekken and Ridge Racer and I like to try and forget how much that cost me back in the day 😲

Why bother pre-ordering? The frequency and speed of Ubisoft games going on sale means it will be discounted by the time the PS5 is out in Europe.

It sucks that those who want that PS5-specific physical release will have to stare at the box and imagine the game running on PS5 until said individuals can finally get their consoles.

I remember buying my first X360 PS Vita and PS4 games before owning the console. I think I had a PS4 game for almost 2 years without the console.

Did this with MGS4 bought it way before I had a PS3. Just wanted that game so much and was worth it.

I picked up a $5 copy of Okami and I’m preordering Star Wars Squadrons to play when I get a series X. Waiting a month to play while youtube is churning out videos is gonna be a pain.

Ubisofts website is saying 10th of November for all platform’s and watchdogs is 29th of oct for all platforms to, either ubi aren’t clear in when choosing your preferred platform or thats their actual release dates which is odd. Anyway when I bought black flag and cod ghosts I had them for ages on my shelf before the ps4 came out.

I just want to add if you go onto the ubi website you can get a 20% off code if you have uplay points to use only 100 to redeem i got assassins creed and watchdogs for £48 each for ps5 with free delivery.

@thefourfoldroot lol same here, I remember my parents letting me open one present on Christmas eve one year and I got The World Is Not Enough. I didn’t have an N64 so I knew what was coming the next day.

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World news – US – One PS5 Game Can Be Bought a Week Before the Console’s UK Launch

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