This Friday, a brand new Game & Watch system is being released by Nintendo in celebration of Super Mario’s 35th anniversary. It’s a pretty exciting launch for collectors and fans of Nintendo’s history, but the company has today apologised for an error that will be present on all systems.

As you may know, the system includes a digital clock which features 35 ‘little touches’ for owners to discover. One of these is a ‘Mario Drawing’ song that, while vocalised in English, also displays lyrics in a number of different languages.

“We would like to inform you about an error with one of the digital clock’s 35 little touches in the Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. system.

Unfortunately, the ‘Mario Drawing’ song (vocalised in English only) that can be accessed by holding the A button, displays an incorrect language’s set of lyrics if German, French, Italian or Spanish is selected from the title screen. English, Dutch and Japanese languages remain unaffected.”

When you do get your hands on the system later this week, then, you’ll have to choose a different language to the one you actually want if your chosen language has been affected. The table below shows which language will be shown depending on which one you select.

Nintendo goes on to promise that the launch of the system will still take place this Friday:

“The system launch is not affected. Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. will launch on November 13th as planned. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

Ryan can list the first 151 Pokémon all in order off by heart – a feat he calls his ‘party trick’ despite being such an introvert that he’d never be found anywhere near a party. He’d much rather just have a night in with Mario Kart and a pizza, and we can’t say we blame him.

Quite the QA failure there, but I guess that might happen if Japanese(?) developers don’t know what German, French, Italian, or Spanish sound like.

It’s like a bonus puzzle game. You need to figure out which language to select to get the one that you want. It also causes exposure to foreign languages, which is mind-expanding. Educational chaos… I’m all for it! 😆

@aros2k I am not accusing you or anyone else here of double standards. I would just like to point out that, if a Western developer like Microsoft had swapped Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Tagalog, someone would come along and cry, “Racists!!!!1!”.

Well this is kind of bad on Nintendo’s part…. I mean, not game breaking, but certainly not something you’d expect from them.

To be fair, to confuse Languages of the same Family is fine, when you don’t know the specific “touches” they have.

And german and english.My Name is Azuris, hold my Beer.Mein Name ist Azuris, halt mein Bier.

@Azuris In this case they’re dealing with vocalised lines, so listening to them it should be fairly apparently which language is which through accents and inflections.

What I’m saying is these are western languages and we’re more used to hearing them, the same way we westerners might struggle to differentiate some eastern or Asian languages.

This is a very peculiar mishaps. I wonder if they will be doing a second run of these at all with this bug fixed?

Old school console made with a 2020 mindset, i.e. no quality control, we’ll fix it with a day-1 patch. Except this time, they can’t! If I was planning to get this it wouldn’t affect me directly, but it would always bug me knowing there was something wrong with it, even if it was a feature I didn’t use.

@rob7979 if they continue to produce these until March the chances are this will get corrected so the earlier version will definitely be worth more

@sandman89 it’s not so obvious if the guy is being sarcastic and pure speculation on your part
Its almost like you cant hear tone of someones voice on internet, shocker I know!

@Doktor-Mandrake how do we know it’s a guy? We can’t hear their voice on the internet you know 🤔

I guess it’s OK for Italians, just imagine it is Argentinian Spanish and you will feel more at home

@klingki I’m in the States and finally gave in and preordered from the U.K. Amazon site. I’m tired of having these things release at some random time on a weekday and get sold out in two hours.

Wonder how it happened.Looks like every language got moved ‘one space over’, French into German into Italian into Spanish into French.

If someone was preparing say, a Spanish translation and there was a French song in the middle of Spanish lines, that should’ve been obvious, so… is this song is the only translated text in the Game & Watch?

If they fix this in a second batch (if there’ll be one), this first one might be extra valuable for collectors in the future.

Future collectors item , it just amazes me that they let that happen . It makes no difference really to me but who signed it off as checked when There was this error ?

I wonder if it’s even releasing in US this week. Preorders have never gone up because the unit is still awaiting FCC approval. What the heck has NOA been doing?

I’m still hoping that when folks start getting their hands on this they find a way to load more games on it and via the USB C port would be amazing. Fingers crossed as it would make quite the little emulation machine even if it’s just NES games.

I guess this is going to become a rare collectors item once they start to ship a revised version down the line.

That thing really does look good but SMB1? After playing SMB 35 on the switch extensively, I feel like that was the games swan song. It was a fun take.

@XiaoShao They are i talked to my local gamestop about them. They are getting some in but they didn’t say how many they are going to be in stock hope this helps!!

I preordered this and other day my Mrs saw an advert for this and said “well that’s something we definitely don’t need”……..

@Stocksy fortunately the size means it can live incognito in your household for many years before she spots it 😀

It sounds quite minor as long as they make that table easy to access. Bit disapointing from Nintendo though.

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