Joy-Con drift has been a real bone of contention for Switch owners ever since the console launched in 2017, and Nintendo has faced more than one lawsuit over this alledged design fault.

It’s now facing another, this time in France. French consumer organisation UFC-Que Choisir has announced that it is suing Nintendo for “planned obsolescence and anti-consumer practices”.

UFC-Que Choisir claims that although Nintendo is currently offering free online repairs to users affected by the issue, the Joy-Con controllers are faulty at the point of production due to the drift issue and the company has done nothing from a manufacturing perspective to remedy the problem.

UFC-Que Choisir goes on to list two potential explanations for drift – the premature degradation of electronic circuits, and/or a defective seal on the inside of the controller which causes both “internal and external debris and dust” to make its way within the joystick, which causes the controller to think a direction is being pushed on the analogue stick even when it isn’t being touched.

While Nintendo was informed of this malfunction, the Japanese giant chose not to modify the components subject to this failure. The nature of the failure, its frequency of occurrence with players, the limited lifespan of these products and the inertia of the manufacturer, however informed of the malfunction … These are all characteristics that indicate that Nintendo is engaged in practices of planned obsolescence.

The UFC-Que Choisir has therefore filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor of Nanterre. Our association once again calls on Nintendo to review the manufacture of its controllers to avoid the almost systematic appearance of this failure.

Nintendo’s president Shuntaro Furukawa acknowledged in June that many Switch owners have experienced the fault, but was unable to comment further due to ongoing litigation on the issue. Earlier this month, Reddit user Crownshots claimed to have been successful in getting their money back from Nintendo over the drift problem via a small claims court.

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They’re probably not fixing it because of these lawsuits, Lol.It would be used as a proof of guilt, meaning they’d have to pay out millions.

Cue a fierce discussion over whether joy con drift is a big deal or not. Expect lots of people stating they’ve never had joy con drift so it’s not an issue along with others saying that it’s totally normal to spray your controllers with contact cleaner every time you want to use them.

Just kidding. Anyway, Nintendo should make better Joy Cons component if Switch 2 / Pro do exist.

Given the sticks I’ve bought off Amazon have eventually drifted I can only assume Nintendo use the same supplier and have a huge warehouse full of them they need to get rid of.

So they should, It’s not fair on everyone who has to keep replacing joy cons or continue to keep sending their switch in for repairs because of the drift. Nintendo has known about this for ages and has done nothing about it.

Personally haven’t had the issue (plus I mainly use my Hori Split Pad Pro) but it clearly is an issue still 3 and a half years in.

I wish they would just fix the problem on manufacturing side and be done with it, surely it would be a more cost effective solution than to be repairing so many for free and constantly getting sued over it?

I’m a Nintendo fanboy like a lot of folks. But they need to be held accountable for this. Their air of indifference to it has been insulting and disappointing

There’s still a leap of logic between “your product isn’t very good” and “I get to sue you”. If you don’t want to deal with a bad product, don’t buy it. Things break and wear out over time. There is no singular “right” amount of time that should be.

Good, the idea behind the Joy-Cons is great but Joy-Con drift and connection issues make the whole think aweful

Sue the heck out of it.I have 3 pairs and all 6 joycons have some degree of drift. Nintendo have to learn its lesson.

@FantasiaWHT Except the part where they tell you it is a good product when you first buy it, only to find out that you’ve been lied to.

Something tells me that if you bought a TV or a computer or whatever and it breaks well within the warranty every… Single… Time despite the seller promising you that each one is great and that they’ve addressed the issue… You’d be upset to.

Given what they charge for joycons, even at a ~50% drift rate it’s probably profitable to pay for shipping both ways to replace them, especially when they can replace/repair as many as 4 at once, like they did for me.

This is what swayed me to not buy a Switih Lite in the end. Turns out, Nintendo made 0 changes to the sticks when making the Lite, thus, a high change of drifting is present

I gotta say ever since I changed my JoyCon sticks myself for third party ones, knock on wood but they’ve been drift free.

And what about the SR/SL buttons that invariably stop working after 1/2 years? I had to fix this problem on 4 out of my 6 joycons (I keep a small inventory of replacement parts bought off AliExpress now)

@Dezzy here in the US you can send the joycon to them, they’ll repair it for you and they’ll send it back to you; all.of this at no cost. At least here they preferred avoiding future lawsuits. I wish it were like this all over the world. Some countries don’t even have Nintendo offices.

Here we go again…click click click. Engagement. This site doesn’t care what you think. Just keep on clicking, react to contrarian opinions and watch them roll in.Traffictastic. “Aaaah joycons! Great! Guaranteed a few fights! Loads of clicks!”

My left Joy Con were fixed for free, and now the right one is randomly drifting.

@UmbreonsPapa I agree. The Switch Lite was the chance to make this better, and they passed it up. Even recent joycon color variations… This has just no justification to it.

@Kalmaro “Good product” is not any kind of objective measurement, much less an enforceable promise. Calling that a “lie” is just silly. Also claiming every single joycon breaks (much less within the warranty period) is also just demonstrably false.

Had my Switch for three years, the drift came along earlier this year and it is as irritating as advertised. I expect Nintendo will release a new Switch in near future that will address this problem, which is why I refuse to replace the joycons until I know for sure what their solution will be. I even told a gaming friend to buy the switch lite or wait until a new/improved switch comes out.

I can’t swim straight in Splatoon. I’m on my third pair because of drift. I will Never give Nintendo money again for their current stock of joycon. Bad product that I won’t hesitate discontinuing to use. Let the switch collect dust until there’s a reliable replacement

They fixed all four of mine for drift and shoulder buttons not working. But i think one of my red ones is going again, which means the “fix” only works for about 6 months

I’ve had two sets of Joycons and both have problems with drift. I don’t like how Nintendo have only provided the free replacements in some countries. For example it doesn’t apply in the UK so i’m out of luck. It also is pretty bad that they have made absolutely no effort to fix it. Contrast that with Microsoft and the Red Ring of Death (ok, so that’s a bit more serious!) They acknowledged the problem and took the hit to fix it and ended up selling as many consoles as the PS3. Doesn’t look like it’s affecting Switch sales so Nintendo is just ignoring it

@FantasiaWHT Yes products can wear out over time but joy cons wear out much easier than other controllers not only today but compared to Nintendo’s past controllers. Hard not to buy joy cons when it’s a main method of how you play Switch games. As comments say, some have had 3 pairs and all of them are drifting. These products are faulty and need to be fixed.

I manage five, yes F I V E, Switches. About 20 joy-cons between them. All, yes A L L, have been sent back numerous times over the last three years. I’ve had four rounds of replacements in 2020 alone (not all were duplicates, but some were). This is a huge problem, but I’m guessing there is not a way to correct the problem without redesigning the controller or it would have already been corrected. I have 2017 remotes, the AC Switch remotes, Switch 2.0 remotes (the one with the better battery), and all have the same fate. All of the people who play are younger and all play Zelda. That is a game where drift shows how bad it makes gameplay. When Link starts walking through Hyrule when you are trying to be stealthy or setup for the perfect shot, it drives the player crazy. I can’t tell you how many times I have went to someones house that has a Switch and they are actively playing with drift. Fortnite characters running sideways… How annoying. (I probably can tell you how many times… probably 5-10. lol)

Sent in my joycons due to drift, they sent me a whole new pair for free.

Normally many European Countries have Warranty Laws to support Customers in such cases.Germany 2 years 3 Years in Sveden And it seems like even 5 Years in Schottland and 6 in the Rest of the UK

I hate to say it, but good. Personally both my sets of Joy-Con drift ridiculously to the point where its practically unplayable. I hope they upgrade the controllers to be much more durable. Sure, all controllers can drift but the lack of care and quality usually seen in Nintendo Products is clear here.

@FantasiaWHT So you’re telling me that if someone sells you something they say works fine, and it does not, that is not lying?

I mean, you’re welcome to believe that, you’re going to have a hard time defending that opinion though.

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World news – GB – Nintendo Is Getting Sued Yet Again Over Switch Joy-Con Drift

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