After months of rumour and speculation, Nintendo has finally lifted the lid what must be the gaming industry’s worst-kept secret of 2020: Super Mario’s 3D adventures from the Nintendo 64, GameCube and Wii are coming to Switch in the form of Super Mario 3D All-Stars. Super Mario 3D World is also on the way in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury.

Updated with HD visuals for Switch and now available to play on-the-go, here’s the lowdown from Nintendo’s official press release:

Obviously, we’ve had the pleasure of Super Mario 64 in portable form already on Nintendo DS, and Chinese gamers have been able to enjoy Super Mario Galaxy on Nvidia’s Shield for some time now, but it’s great news that Nintendo is celebrating Mario’s 35th anniversary in style with these Switch remasters and all these other announcements.

Gavin loves a bit of couch co-op, especially when he gets to delegate roles, bark instructions and give much-appreciated performance feedback at the end. He lives in Spain (the plain-y bit where the rain mainly falls) and his love for Banjo-Kazooie borders on the unhealthy.

It’s a shame all the rumours and leaks over the months completely ruined what could have been an exciting announcement but good to finally have official confirmation.

Ahahahaa some people were.. i won’t believe it till I see it and had like over 75 likes.. now that person needs to eat his words. LMAO

This comment is one single “HAHAHAHAHA” directed at anyone whos been saying this wasnt going to happen

Is anyone else slightly disappointed that Galaxy 2 isn’t included? Great announcement though, I’ll most certainly be getting this.

I hope and pray that the 35 player Mario game is a tech test to see if 30 player F zero can hold up online.

Honestly shocked. Nintendo never seem to actually do the things that were rumoured for this length of time. Guess that means Switch Pro is real too 😂

Haha im actually really surprised they are releasing just ports and all in one collection. I can’t say I’m that hyped now that the news is here, but I’ll take it

I want to see more on this – how is FLUDD going to work in Sunshine, and do we need to use the motion controls for Galaxy?

Wait… the physical edition is a limited run and will only be available until spring 2021?

I’m glad for the news of the inevitable. Nothing really ‘new’ about any of this. Remasters are fine but still… Hard to be upbeat about a battle royale Mario and a port of a game from the late ’90s. Despite my bellyaching, I bet I will still buy it…

I’m glad I kept the thought “those rumours are nice but I won’t get hype, will wait for a confirmation” because I got genuinely surprised and excited about the 3D All-Stars!As I love Mario 64 and never played Sunshine neither Galaxy, I’m getting it for sure

I am going to get crap for this, but I am still disappointed. Higher resolution and updated control scheme. And that is about it? Not actually remade? Not even Galaxy 2 included?

@MS7000 it is still better then nothing, but it could have been better. But Super Mario Galaxy 2 tho…

I shouldn’t be this excited for games that I’ve owned for 25+ years, but dammit I’m pretty excited!

Some nice surprises in there (Mario 35 Battle!) and definitely happy with All Stars being included on SNES online and 3D World + but I was hoping the 3D All Stars Collection would have been a bit more remastered, looks pretty barebones. Still gonna buy it of course!

This also definitely means there will be a general Direct sooner rather than later (I predict next week) as Nintendo has no big November/December titles announced.

I am very disappointed. Galaxy 2 is amazing and if they are doing the first one they could do it all the way. Should at least be DLC.

@jwfurness To me it sounded like both the physical and digital versions are limited, disappearing at march 31st 2021.

OMG…!!! 🤯🤯🤯I thought i saw Mario Kart 9 when i watched the gameplay i was thinking “Is that Mario Kart AR ?!”Mario Sunshine on Switch, OMG…!! I have never played that game but it great to see finally it playable in portable mode. I have finished Super Mario Galaxy 1 Wii but it wasn’t really fun to beat the Bowser so to replay again on Switch made me think twice. Anyway, GREAT Direct on this month !!! 😁😁😁

I admit I was a bit let down when I saw Mario 64 basically looks the same, but it was nice to see Sunshine and Galaxy so crisp and widescreen

@Expa0 I totally agree. Anyone who cannot snag a copy in that window will be paying quadruple the price on eBay. Why would they limit a collection that so many people have been chomping at the bit for?

So, does someone want to explain why is a Mario remaster package going to be a timed, limited retail release instead of a normal one?

I was expecting a bit more…The 3D collection is a let down as it is just a slightly better port of the originals.

I’m all in on 3D All-Stars & 3D Lands/BF. Never played 64, Sunshine or Galaxy so i’m so excited to get the chance.

The Mario Kart Live has me really interested too. Me & 3 of my kids each own a Switch and I could see us having dome serious fun with this!

Not a new proper Mario Kart like I wanted, and I’m not really interested in getting whatever that is, but I forgive them as it looks innovative and cool af.

Disappointed that the Mario Battle Royale thing is limited…. Why? Also, don’t see why the collection is limited either…. Nintendo being Nintendo.

So now Galaxy 2 is going to be the only mainline Mario game not playable on Switch?

Anyone saying they are not buying this because galaxy 2 isnt here is a spoilt brat. This is amazing news. Definate buy

@rushiosan a, I like the pfp, but b, yeah, kinda dumb. I buy digital, but I feel bad for the peeps that dont.

@Tuulenpoika The best i can come up with is FOMO.Nintendo wants to boost sales for this fiscal year so they make a limited release of a highly sought after product.

Does not really make much sense to me but we need to have perpetual growth to make shareholders happy.

I just want to know if I can play Galaxy on my Switch Lite, it looks like it’s joycon only

Shoutout to kids like this who told me Super Mario Sunshine won’t be on the Switch.

@MeowMeowKins I’d have cut Mario 64. The game looks and plays like hell compared to the others.

These comments shock me honestly. All stars for free with online.. Battle royal mario free with online.. events for free in multiple games.. cool game and watch / mario kart toy. And 3 amazing Mario games for $60 portable on switch? Be happy, this is incredible.

@jwfurness Very strange about limiting it… It could sell millions after marrch 31st 2021 so I really cant see why Nintendo would do this, it’s basically leaving money on leaving money on the table…
As you say prices after this will go up so be sure to get a copy before then that’s all I say…

@frabbit out of curiosity why would FLUDD work differently on Switch than it did on GameCube? The Switch has more buttons than the GC controller. I didn’t play much of Sunshine so this announcement is super exciting for me.

@MS7000 completely agree with you.All these ports are very basic IMHO. The Mario Kart thingy might be interesting for younger kids but not very user friendly in most of the houses in Europe that have a smaller living space area. Everything else was just ‘meh’

Day one purchase. Good job Nintendo.
That was a hell of a reveal (and a tease – especially for Mario Sunshine the past year or so).

I am just waiting for Super Mario 3D World to be removed from the WiiU eShop any minute now.

Where are the naysayers now making fun of all the leakers and rumours? I knew that the collection and the Wii U port were both true.

@KnightsTemplar It’s underwhelming to not have the best game of the Galaxy pair, plus it costs $60 and will be a limited run. There’s virtually no excuse to not include it, and enough reasons for anyone to be disappointed.

Did they forget about Galaxy 2 orAlso the ONE time a remaster would be justified and they couldnt be botheredAt least we have another Wii U game and a spinoff of a spinoff

I’m excited about the remasters and 3D World port. But I’m also excited about the other stuff as well. Not really a merchandise guy. But there are some really nice items that I may be willing to splurge on.

A load of awesome surprises. I’m a bit confused about no mention for Galaxy 2 (are they merging the two games in one nowadays? Even the retrospective only depicts G1), but even if it’s regrettably omitted, hard to look the gift horse in the mouth when you’re finally getting so many past entries right here on Switch instead of shamanic dances around various emulators and controls on general purpose platforms. Home Circuit and a limited edition G&W unit, while of little use in my circumstances, look neat as well, and… as if Tetris 99 wasn’t enough, did they just turn Super Mario Bros into a battle royale? NOW I’ve seen everything.😆

I doubted this 3D collection was real but I’m glad i was wrong! I own and have completed every single Main series mario game to date including the RPG’s. Well i still have yet to play Mario and Luigi paper Jam but that’s the only one i haven’t got around to yet.

If nothing else at least this finally gets mario sunshine out there again for those who missed it! Also it’s unfortunite that the 3D all stars won’t include mario galaxy 2 but whatever. Still happy about this!

What on earth is happening in March 2021 that means that nice things have to stop?

Battle Royale Mario looks great – I wonder if they took inspiration from that one online that did the rounds a while ago?

Love the Game and Watch system though I bet it’ll be hideously expensive and hard to get hold of.

Physical Mario Kart has got legs – but seems like you will need one Switch per car ‘additional games, systems and karts required for multiplayer’ so that can bugger right off.

It’s amazing how they were able to keep this a secret for so long! Anyway, count me in for the 3D All-Stars, and the addition to 3D World will make that a purchase for me as well. I’m excited for the SMB 35 game (and a little disappointed it’s a limited-time deal). My son will love the Mario Kart “AR” toys (though a little expensive) – that’s a very cool, “Nintendo”-y idea.

Apart from Galaxy 2 seemingly being missing (unless maybe it’s hidden away after you finish the first one or DLC something) the 3D collection is fantastic. Very excited to play through them again.

Definitely keen on that Mario Kart AR/toy thing as well – would be great fun in the office at lunchtimes!

So nothing is really remastered. The 2D games are the same as the SNES All-Stars and those are only available online….

The Game & Watch, that’s cool, but I’m not sure I can bring myself to buy SMB yet again, even in that neat format.

Mario Kart Live and 2020 Game and Watch looks amazing but is kinda pricey. But CAT MARIO AND PEACH AMIIBO?? And I thought I’d never buy Amiibo ever
Why is everything ‘limited’ ? F for respect for archivists and late comers to Switch.

And now I can take a deep breath and relaxxxx. Best news I’ve heard for a long time! My year/ life is complete xxxxxxxxx

Great stuff – hope that Bowser’s Fury expansion is substantial and I’m excited to try SMB35. Though that being limited (along with the 3D All-Stars pack) is bonkers to me.

While im looking forward to trying Sunshine for the first time and replaying Galaxy (and later 3d World)… Im a little disappointed in SM64. Mainly because i associate Allstars with being more of a substantial graphical upgrade than just aspect ratio and resolution improvements. Would have liked to have seen the game in a newer engine physics-wise or at least highest res models.

@Alucard83 what’s so bad about that person not believing every rumor? I also tend to not pay attention to rumors, otherwise chances are you’ll be left dissapointed.

@Strumpan @jwfurness ohhhh so it would be pressure sensitive. Interesting. Like I said I didn’t get to play that game much because I never got around to buying it back in the day so I had literally no idea.

Would also love to have seen a handheld collection too (land and new). But we got a good haul!

@Grahamthecracker Hey. So the GC had pressure sensitive triggers that determined how much water shot out of the FLUDD, and the Switch doesn’t have the pressure sensitive triggers! When you’re playing on the GC you use the pressure triggers to determine the height you go to when using FLUDD as a jet pack type thing. And also to control the power of the hose (so the distance the water shoots out) when just using it to clean graffiti and stuff.

I’m gonna need both the Mario Splatfest tees. I’m not going to make the same mistake like the Final Fest tees and only get one of them.

A bit disappointing, 60 euro for 3 12+ year old Mario games. Well since it is Nintendo it was expected to be overpriced. Would like there to be an option to get the games seperately, only one of the three I do not own is Sunshine. The Mario battle royale does seem a lot of fun though.

@MeowMeowKins if you are satisfied for ports with minimum improvements and a full price, then, it’s good for you.For a special occasion of their main franchise I was expecting much more care. The Mario 3D collection doesn’t even include Galaxy 2 for Christ’s sake.If they had done a complete remaster on these games and left galaxy 2 out I’d understand but no, all of them are nearly straight ports.

Regarding limited time…”*While Super Mario 3D All-Stars can only be purchased until 31/03/2021, owners can still play its entire contents after this date has passed, and can also redownload it from Nintendo eShop if the software has been archived.”

where the heck is galaxy 2 lol, i guess ill just go grab my wii to play all my old wii and gamecube games still -.-

I will get some of these things, but all I know is if they do the same thing for Zelda’s 35th next year I will end up spending an ungodly amount of money.

The Mario Kart idea is brilliant. Had me clapping in my living room. Not that I’ll ever get it, but it’s really neat. I can see kids having a blast.

I’m getting that 3D collection like there’s no tomorrow. And I’m stoked it’s coming so soon! I thought I’d have to wait until 2021 for that. Full disclosure: I never played the whole way through any of them, so this is big news for me, a chance to fill some rather shameful gaps. Over 100 hours of Mario await!

Yes, some graphical updating would’ve been nice, especially for 64. But then again, I’m wary of remasters. Sometimes they’re finely done, other times they overhaul the art style. And that I don’t care for.

@Ralizah I mean, sure, but 64 still holds up if you get past that with it’s tight platforming. Sunshine…just uses a water robot…thing to achieve easy platforming. And the pachinko…ugh

@Beaucine doesn’t that take up a BUNCH of space tho? Not good for people in an apartment. Or is it just the kart, not the track?

After seeing all the modding of sm64 on PC with HD skins and higher polygon models, I’m left feeling that they’ve done the bare minimum.

@BenAV Disagree. I think Galaxy 1 is the superior game. There are some knotty underwater swimming parts, but besides that– the music, story, and ideas are fresher and more creative than in SMG 2.

@MajorTom bro, that’s less than 20 dollars a game. At GameStop, 64 Ds still costs 40 dollars. I wouldn’t consider it a bad deal

@MajoraSmash it all feels…smoother in Galaxy 2. Polished, refined, it’s like Nintendo KNEW what they were doing and hit their flow for 2

@Arkay don’t pay them any mind, just probably salty no one has ever liked their comments.

Damn, the fact Mario 64 will be non widescreen sucks. I’m better off playing it on my N64. I’m happy these are coming out for everyone who’s never played them but damn.

I really hate how the 3D Collection is a limited run release. EVEN THE DIGITAL VERSION.

Great news but my heart sank when I realised Mario 64 isn’t the remaster I was hoping for…

@tanaka2687 if you could pick different game art styles it would be more appealing. I’d prefer Mario 3 or World tbh

@MeowMeowKins Oh, I’m not bothered by the logistics of it because I live in a one-room apartment, so setting up a Mario Kart track here is basically science-fiction. I just like the idea, you know, in theory.

@MeowMeowKins Mario Galaxy is 20 euro as a download on the Wii U, same as Mario 64 but that one is just 10 euro. I really don’t see how those two with Sunshine can become 60 euro.
Edit: let’s also give other bundles for example. The Remasters of the Crash Bandicoot trilogy were 40 euro at release and those even were remasters instead of ports.

What on earth is the reason for the limited availability? Seriously? Why doesn’t Nintendo just ship them ALL to the eBay pirates so we can enjoy paying $500 for them? What possible reason could they have for imposing a limited window on this? Now I’ll have to amend my expectations to IF I can get it, instead of when I get it.

Were they worried they might make too much money if they didn’t slap a cap on it? Really, after months of speculation as to whether these would be real or not, who expected the issue to shift to “oh by the way, it’s actually a collector’s item you may never be able to find because people snap up as many as they can to resell at a profit”?

Maybe I’ll try to get it, but I truly hate these frustrating struggles to find an available copy when they make limited editions. But I’ll bet the resellers are already drooling in anticipation, and I guess they’ll wind up making more money than Nintendo from this.

The Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. handheld will be released on November 13th in “limited production” for $49.99

Ugh. I have a working Donkey Kong G&W and will try to get this. Except I bet it is sold out by robot scalpers in seconds. :/

Even though I knew it was on it’s way, still brought a tear to the eye.

“If playing on Nintendo Switch Lite, detached Joy-Con controllers are required and sold separately. See for details.”

Game & Watch: yes!!! Now let’s just wait a couple of days – after the release, of course – so someone hacks this and allow us to install all kinds of GB/GBA roms on it!

@MeowMeowKins Well, the pachinko level sucks, but it’s only one short, hidden level. The rest of the game is platforming bliss, IMO, and features some of the best level design and mechanics (I really liked FLUDD) seen in any 3D Mario game.


World news – GB – Nintendo Announces Super Mario Remasters And Much More In Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct

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