The news comes nine years after the handheld machine first hit the market back in 2011, introducing truly innovative glasses-free 3D tech and a fantastic library of games that would be enjoyed for years to come. The discontinuation applies to all six models of the 3DS family – the 3DS, 3DS XL, New 3DS, New 3DS XL, 2DS and New 2DS XL.

Sales of the 3DS have been steadily falling since the arrival of the Switch back in 2017, and Nintendo failed to provide any future sales forecast for the system in its recent fiscal year earnings report, suggesting that its discontinuation may well be just around the corner.

If you’re still thinking of buying a 3DS at this late stage and happen to see any in-stock at major stores, now will be your last chance to get a brand new console.

It seems fitting at this point to revisit our list of the best Nintendo 3DS games ever made – a celebration of the console’s finest moments. If you haven’t already, feel free to give that a read and see how many you’ve played.

We’re sure you have plenty of fond memories playing with your 3DS. You’re welcome to share them in the comments below.

Ryan can list the first 151 Pokémon all in order off by heart – a feat he calls his ‘party trick’ despite being such an introvert that he’d never be found anywhere near a party. He’d much rather just have a night in with Mario Kart and a pizza, and we can’t say we blame him.

Great selection of games on that machine. Still working through some of them and very much enjoying it.

Absolutely brilliant console. Loved my 3DS and 2DS. Never played the 2DS XL but tempted to get one before they’re not available at all.

I wanted to buy a 3DS XL a few months ago but the only models I could find new were the newer 2DS XL models. I ended up having to get one second-hand.

I know that this would have been inevitable… But it still makes me a bit sad.

I was never a fan of the 3DS era, to be honest I always saw it as a low point for Nintendo as far as their handhelds go, sort of related to the Wii U era IMO, but it sold well enough so I guess I can thank it for keeping Nintendo afloat during a trying time.

I guess it’s time to officially say goodbye to the 3DS. Your era of games and memories will not be forgotten.

Well, I did let people know about that in the forums, right?
You also failed to mention that the console itself was quietly put out of production in their Japanese website, with no mention of it at all in the official NA one.

I thought they had already stopped making it a while ago! I wanted to get a new New 3DS XL at the start of lockdown to play some games I hadn’t played before but regular stores had all sold out (some had stock of the 2ds but wanted the real 3D deal).

Out of luck I managed to find the SNES edition being sold with not too much of a mark up. Have enjoyed playing Super Mario 3D Land, Ocarina, Fire Emblem Awakening and some classic gameboy colour games (2x oracle games, Mario golf, 6 golden coins). What to play next?

Sniff. What a trooper. I hope Nintendo returns to the dual-screen handheld concept one day – that library is too good to leave in the dirt.

Ah and how could I forget Link Between Worlds – one of the main reasons I bought the console!

Great console that has some awesome games, but as with everything it had to come to an end at some point.

I’m sad production has come to an end but there’s still so much I want to play so it will get much more use yet.

This will sit snugly next to my Vita and Switch for many years to come. Discontinued does not mean switched off.

Thanks for all the good times. I traded in my OG 3DS way back in 2018 but still have my Ocarina of Time one unopened, LBW XL, N3DS & SNES N3DS XL.

Plenty of JRPGs still to go through, think I may fire it up soon in honour.

okay now I feel bad for completely ignoring this beautiful piece of hardware the moment I got a Switch…

@Joriss I found the 3DS quite hard to go back to after getting my Switch… An amazing handheld during it’s prime though!

I’m glad it was ultimately successful after a rough start. Great games and a lot of moments it still has to offer me. It will never be dead to me.

My favourite console, I still spend more time on my 3DS then I do on my Switch. With so so many great 3DS games and then you have access to the many, many great DS games, it will be a timeless console, it’ll take years to play through the impressive library.

I thoroughly enjoyed the 3DS from its release until today and definitely beyond. It’s the only console I’ve played so much I had to get a replacement!

I tried to fix it but the screws stripped and I couldn’t get into it without breaking it beyond repair. I was gutted.

@Clyde_Radcliffe Word, well the 3DS did keep me sane during that long flight the first time I went to Japan

This isn’t just the end of the 3DS era, but also the end of dual-screen gaming in general.

I still play Pushmo (pullblox) because with 3D Picross there is simply nothing similar for the Switch. I love that stylus!

3DS is what brought me back into gaming consoles and buying physical games. It’s kind of sad to see it disappear from the shops. I doubt we’ll ever get another gameboy type console like this ever again.

Still some awesome RPGs at a great price on the eShop. I’ll be so sad when mine breaks and I can’t replace it.

Wasn’t aware there’s still new stocks of the 3DS. What I could see were the regular colored ones.

Happy with my Pikachu and Hyrule versions though I missed out on the FE Fates one!

Farewell 3DS but I hope they don’t pull the plug on the 3DS eShop anytime soon. The idea of losing all the 3DS digital only games and Gameboy/Gameboy Color VC games would suck.

Add it to the list of legendary consoles. One of the best game libraries on a console to date. I thought I’d hate some games like FE:Awakening but now I absolutely love them.

Well guess It’s time to finally upgrade to a 3DS XL. So how long before the eshop access gets shut down? I got alot of leftover games in my wishlist. Farewell Nintendo’s best handheld! No switch is not a handheld. Not in my house. Mine stays in the dock.

I loved the 3DS but the Switch replaced it as soon as it came out.I never touched my 3DS since.

I’m so lucky to get four 3DS XL machines in 3 different regions (USA, Japan and PAL). 😄

USA / NTSC U: Old 3DS XL Pink White & New 3DS XL Pearl White (Left) Japan : New 3DS LL Pearl White (Top Right) PAL : New 3DS XL Fire Emblem edition (Bottom Right)

Great console. My new 3ds in regular size from 2015 is a lovely piece of kit.

Hopefully it’s a while before they drop service for the eshop on 3DS. I mean you can still use PSN on PS3 and that thing is from 2006.

Astonishingly good system, released at the perfect point of my life with so many amazing memories! Will continue to play my 2011 console for years to come!

It’s had an amazing run after the rocky start, it may be discontinued but I will still continue to play mine now and then…So in that regard long live the 3DS!!

While it is the end of an era, I still had a lot of fun over the years with the 3DS family of systems.

I bought my 2DS XL last year and am still absolutely loving it. I use it nearly every day, more than my Switch! I kind of wish I got two now that they’re out of production. May pick up a 3D model down the line on eBay.

It had to happen at some pointIt had a good runRIP one of the best consoles in history Welcome to the hall of fame!

@Slowdive Let’s not forget Iwata was actively laying the foundation for the Nintendo Switch during his final years, so we are now enjoying an even greater era thanks to the final fruits of his labor. Iwata’s legacy remains strong even today through–along with the efforts of his team of engineers–his conceptualization of the “NX.”

Sometimes I catch 3ds fever. Last time about 2 months ago it was mario kart 7 that gave it to me. It got so bad or should I say good ,that I even switched my PlayStation tv on and played 2 games also.

For me this was one of the great consoles. I went mainly digital and the VC library in your hand is superb, especially if you were lucky enough to get the GBA games. Still play mine often, and I still love the 3D technology. I know it wasn’t for everyone but I thought it was amazing. The 3DS library is diverse and fantastic. A perfect console for me.

Tremendous console. Possibly my fave handheld of all time. Still dipping in now i am picking up a lot of games on the cheap, and i think it will be the first console i introduce to my son and daughter in a couple of years.

I still use mine regularly, I use it more then my Switch actually. That won’t change for awhile.

Were Nintendo still making 3DS machines? I thought it had been 2DS only for a while now.

Keeping mine just so I can still play Nintendo pocket football club.Wish they would make a Switch version.

Mutant MuddsShovel KnightOcarina of Time 3DMajora’s Mask 3DSuper Mario 3D LandMario Kart 7The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Damn, thought I had a bit longer. I want a brand new one before they’re gone, my current one has been played to death, as in the battery life is like 30 minutes and several buttons don’t register input anymore. May have to jump on one sooner rather than later, I need continued access to the Fire Emblem games.

I’ve had every Nintendo console/handheld since the NES. If I think about it, I think I’ve spent more time playing the 3DS (since launch – today) than any other Nintendo system (maybe other than the NES.) It’s the best handheld system of all time. It has one of the best back catalogs of any system. It was also the best “social” system ever made. I took it everywhere. Pre-COVID, I went to a lot of comic cons a year, and I would always take it with me hoping to get some of the missing states (countries/territories) I was missing on street pass. Street Pass was on of my favorite things about the system. Thank you 3DS, for all the great memories, but I’m not done with you yet!

What a great console the 3DS was/is. I will never forget StreetPass, playing way too much Monster Hunter 4, New Leaf… damn. I put so much time into my 3DS, arranging my hundreds of digital games into neat folders…

Good night sweet prince. The 3DS had and has an incredible library, and was so integral to keeping Nintendo afloat while the Wii U struggled. A wonderful little console, it stands with some of the best Nintendo’s ever made.

Definitely true for those games, but I also like Capcom’s use of 3D in Resident Evil Revelations too.

I have been wanting to buy a New 3DS (NOT new 3DSXL, NOT new 2DS) for many years and couldn’t find one for anything close to regular price. It seems production of certain models ceased many years ago. I regret buying the XL model instead when they released the two “new” ones.

Regarding the console in general and the library of games. I love both immensely. I absolutely loved the goggle free stereoscopic 3D effect. Most people seem to forget this was the unique selling point to begin with. This for me was truly amazing, groundbreaking and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I became very upset when somewhere along the line most developers completely ignored it and churned out 2D games. For more than half its lifetime there were hardly any games taking advantage of the 3D (including by Nintendo themselves). I thought it was a cheap copout and such a missed opportunity. Oh and the 2DS can one.

I still carry a small model New 3DS with me. It’s a fantastic system with an awesome library. I love Super Stable 3D. It’s one of my favorite features Nintendo has ever implemented.

@HexagonSun The small New 3D is the best handheld that Nintendo has ever made. I still use it a lot, more than my Switch.

@MoonKnight7 That was a good one too. Pretty amazing what they were able to achieve with that game on the hardware.

I sort of agree. I liked the 3DS, but the original DS is probably my all-time favorite piece of Nintendo hardware. It just had such a vast library of quality games and it was one of the few times in Nintendo’s history where the third party titles outshone the first party.

It was, it looked really good on that little screen. Even being able to change the 3D depth in the game settings gave you even more 3D moodiness to play with. Story kinda lost me by the end, but it was a solid game for sure.

Yeah, not surprised at all (I didn’t even know they were still making them), but I’m glad I nabbed a New 2DS while I still could – my DS/3DS collection ain’t going anywhere, and I doubt they’ll be completely replaced by Switch iterations for a good long while yet…

Brilliant console. Had the OG, then the XL then the New3DSXL. Good times. Will still keep mine for many a year. Too many good games downloaded. Plus it plays my DS catridges!

Respect! The 3DS may have started out on a bit of a bumpy road but it was a truly fantastic console with some amazing games. The whole 3DS family of consoles will be looked upon very fondly by gamers.

RIP 3DS family! I’ll never forget me and my sons throwing our systems in a backpack or pockets and heading to Mcdonald’s or the mall looking for Streetpasses. Wow, and the games on that system, awesome library.

I remember when 3DS first launched I decided to pass on it and wait for the Vita instead. Years later my Vita did okay, but it can’t compare to the great games I eventually played on 3DS. Such a great console and I’ll always keep that 3D slider maxed!

I still remember when it came out. I’m still playing several games I never got to ! I play my DS and 3DS regularly, Switch or not.

I took a picture of my brother standing next to the 3DS on the shelves in the store so the memory of 3DS on sale will last now. Kind of silly but dammit I love that console! And I’d have done the same for GBA had we phone cameras back then!

@sanderev Great. Now I can’t get that song out of my head. Thank you so much 😛

What of the eShop though? How long until all those sweet 3DS and DSiWare games cease to exist? Just thinking about all those re-released titles that you know will not be making a comeback, Mysterious Murasame Castle, Pokemon Crystal with link support, Four Swords single player, it’s best not to dwell in the past I guess.

But, why couldn’t Nintendo ever release a top screen TV viewer or something? Or at least release a model with excellent screen quality.

Looks like I’ll just be skipping over any New 3DS games sadly. Really wanted to play Hey Pikmin! (I know it’s not a standard Pikmin game, but I love that genre). But I’m saving my money for a Switch, so buying another handheld for a few games seems pointless now. I understand why they dropped it.

Though I never had one seems to be a well loved system. Had a really rough launch but seemed to blossom into something special!

@AlienX Even the Wii U eShop is still online, so I think it will remain for the coming years. Maybe eventually if the Switch successor comes around and nobody is playing on the 3DS anymore..

The Nintendo 3DS is my favorite video game system of all time. It had two of my favorite games of all time (Pokémon Y and Animal Crossing: New Leaf) and my favorite online game of all time (Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon). The 3D effect was outstanding, and I enjoyed seeing it in every new game for years and years. The StreetPass feature surprised and amazed me, and I still remember being the first one among my friends to discover there was a limit to the number of games you could have StreetPass on for at any given time (and of course, it was when I was playing the Bravely Default demo, so I had to use up one of my limited number of plays to go into settings and make room for it lol). This system really helped me get through high school and the few years of uncertainty in between high school and college, and I’m so glad it was as successful as it was!

@Lordplops There is probably over a dozen wonderful 3DS that I just missed (so many great games!). I’ll be purchasing those and the cheap and enjoying this system for years to come.

One of the best libraries of any console, and my most played system by far (with many hours still to come).

I hope they will still provide repair services(like fixing the screen or replacing the battery)for a little longer. Also, I think stopping the Nintendo Zone was a dumb move because I have Yo-kai Watch Blasters and there are unlockables connected to StreetPass.

Best handheld ever! I remember the excitement of getting it! Still got a load of stuff to play on it.

This is so sad but I get it. The 3DS is by far the greatest handheld ever made. I have over 60 games on it and dumped thousands of hours into its amazing library. Thanks for the memories old friend. I’ll keep it forever.

I do have fond memories of playing my 3DS. Just yesterday I was playing Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. Memories. Misty water-colored memories of the way we were.

Probably my fave system of all time.i think I got 13 of thethe different models which will last me til I’m like dead! I think my fave is my 2d Xl white orange it’s beautiful. Love the design and the 3ds analogue beats the hell out of switch sticks for me. Good times got about 100 games and still a few I haven’t tried yet. How long is the shop up for? Will probably download a few games to say goodbye when they do . What a library. Hope one day they do a switch clamshell design with better sticks xxxxx

@tatchy I would pass on the 2ds xl. The speakers are in awkward place. You can accidentally cover them up while holding it.

I got mine on day 1 and I’m still playing it now – I started Dragon Quest VIII last night!

My 3DS is still going strong and steady along my Switch. Gotta play through it’s great library!


Nintendo 3DS Family

World news – GB – Nintendo 3DS Production Has Officially Come To An End

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