Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has revealed he thinks Dr Disrespect is hiding the true reason for his mystery Twitch ban, explaining his thoughts on the matter on his own stream.

Back in June, the streaming community was left baffled at the news that long time giant of Twitch, Dr Disrespect, had been banned from the platform – and seemingly without reason.

While rumors swirled, there has been no concrete reason for the indefinite ban, which is still ongoing at the time of writing, nearly four months later.

What makes the ban even more bizarre is that it came just months after Doc signed an exclusive deal to continue streaming on Twitch; a move that was rumored to cost the platform millions.

However, some streamers have floated the idea that the Doc knows why he was banned, but is choosing not to disclose the reason with his audience.

Ninja echoed these thoughts during an October 8 livestream, with the streamer back on Twitch after his own move away to Mixer.

“I don’t know what happened [with Doc],” Ninja said. “I don’t know what he did, I don’t know what Twitch thinks he did. All I have is hearsay… I don’t think they can just like ‘pull the plug’ – usually, people know what they did to get banned.”

Ninja went on to say that smaller bans tend to be more unclear, but a permanent ban – as it is rumored the Doc was handed – tend to come with concrete reasoning.

“But, a full ban, I feel like you have to know what you did,” he finished. “It sucks, man. But also, he’s kicking *ss and taking names over on YouTube… this isn’t some political bullsh*t, I can tell you that right now. Something happened. He did something ban-worthy.”

“I do believe that he might not have been told about it, I don’t think that he doesn’t know what it is. Like I would have a pretty good f**king idea, like a pretty damn good idea, of what I did to get banned, If I just randomly got banned.”

Even if the Doc hasn’t been explicitly told what the reason for his ban is, Ninja believes he will have a good idea of what caused it.

Whether a reason ever makes it into the public domain is another matter, but Ninja has joined the growing number of people who have their doubts about Doc’s knowledge of the reason behind his ban.

Korean streamer HAchubby was hilariously interrupted during her IRL stream while she was playing the piano, as an unexpected song blasting through the store speakers at totally the wrong moment.

HAchubby is a Korean streamer who is learning English, and sharing her content to a multinational fanbase of over 200,000 on Twitch. She is most often found streaming IRL, collaborating with other streamers, as well as sometimes showcasing her piano skills.

She’s previously gone viral on multiple occasions for her streaming antics, as she seems to attract incredibly funny situations. In one popular clip she and fellow streamer Yuggie_TV tried their hand at the rubber band watermelon challenge, and were left flustered when the melon exploded when they least expected it.

One fan even stream sniped her in an IRL stream, presenting her with a pizza box that had the iconic Twitch “Jebaited” emote hidden inside.

This time around in an IRL stream, HAchubby took a quiet moment to sit at a piano in a music shop, and play a soft tune for her followers. It seemed that such a calm activity could not possibly be interrupted by any bizarre occurrences, but the most unexpected things always seem to happen to the Korean streamer.

As the piece she was playing came to a lull she looked up at the camera, just in time for the song “U Guessed It” by OG Maco to start blasting through the speakers abruptly, at full volume no less.

She immediately doubled over with laughter, bewildered by the abrupt ending to her lovely solo. Through her laughter she said “what the heck is this timing?” looking around the shop, absolutely baffled.

The clip of the incident has now garnered nearly 60,000 views, with people loving HAchubby’s brilliant reaction to yet another crazy IRL stream.

Source: https://www.dexerto.com/entertainment/ninja-thinks-dr-disrespect-knows-the-reason-for-his-twitch-ban-1430310/

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