Months after the Mixer shutdown and a supposed bidding war to claim one of gaming’s biggest celebrities, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has revealed why he settled on a return to Twitch over a new home at YouTube.

Ninja has long-been one of the biggest personalities in the gaming industry. As a result, it’s no surprise that every major streaming platform was trying to place the highest bid and recruit him under their banners.

Months after the shocking Mixer shutdown, Ninja’s next move was still up in the air. A mysterious YouTube stream had fans believing that he’d just revealed his new home, though an eventual Twitch deal completely changed the narrative. So what happened in this period of relative silence?

It turns out that Ninja was simply weighing his options. As his close friends like Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop made the move to YouTube, to “avoid the pressures“ of Twitch’s Subscriber system, Ninja was close to joining him.

“Were you thinking about seriously going on YouTube?” Fortnite content creator Lachlan Power asked during a recent Duo session. “We were highly considering it,” Ninja quickly responded. “It was a lifestyle thing at that point.”

“No matter what, that transition at the start is always going to be super difficult,” he acknowledged. Regardless of where he ended up, he knew it would be challenging after representing Mixer for as long as he did. However, his sights seemed to have been set back on Twitch all along.

“Twitch is streaming right now. If I do amazing things for gaming and for streaming, I think it would have more of an impact if done on Twitch.” That’s not to say his impact would have been reduced had he joined YouTube instead, it just comes with a different label altogether, according to Ninja.

“When someone says ‘you’re my favorite YouTuber,’ almost no one ever means your streams on YouTube. They think of your YouTube videos.

“It’s just the news in general. No one ever reports on a YouTuber getting a million live viewers or raising millions of dollars for charity,” he explained. “But when someone like Logan Paul f***s up, it’s YouTuber this, YouTuber that.”

Obviously, a few other minor factors weighed on the decision. From the lack of a proper clipping tool, to the entire notion of gifted subs, a huge revenue stream for content creators, Ninja still believes they have a ways to go. “Competition is great for everyone,” he assured. 

While Twitch is ‘the’ home for streamers in Ninja’s eyes, things could always change down the line as YouTube continues to evolve its own streaming service.

Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo and Tyler ‘Trainwrecks’ Niknam could not contain their excitement during a Pokemon unboxing stream, as the popular Twitch content creators pulled some of the most lucrative cards in the world today.

While 2020 has seen the rise and fall of many popular trends, the latest craze is a return to our childhood. Pokemon card collections have always been a big deal, though internet personalities have taken things to a whole new level this year.

Logan Paul was among the first to truly popularize the unboxing content again in 2020, shattering records with his investment in the collectible cards. Ever since, tons have been following on and looking to raise the stakes even further. Unfortunately, not every purchase goes according to plan.

The latest in line was Twitch  duo Trainwrecks and Mizkif. They spent two hours live on Nov. 8, unboxing packs and reacting to rare draws. However, not even they could have predicted the insane value of the cards in front of them.

It didn’t take long before the crew had unboxed some extremely rare cards. Anything 1st Edition is worth the effort to track down as only 10,000 copies of each card have ever been created. Add on the fact that various 1st Edition cards can be holographic as well, and you’ve got some real money on your hands.

One of the first pulls happened to be a 1st Edition Dark Dragonite Holo, worth up to $1,000 in mint condition.

That wasn’t where the Holo luck ended either. Moments later they pulled a Dark Charizard of the same tier; a card that sold for over $10,000 on eBay this year.

“What the f***,” they repeated in disbelief. “We got the holographic Dark Charizard! “What is this luck?”

If you’re a Pokemon fan or a card collector of any kind, you know that the condition of the product is all too important. Any scratches, bends, or tears in a card will drastically reduce its value.

It came as a fright to everyone, then, when Trainwrecks hilariously dropped one of their new cards, worth an estimated $3,000.

Ultimately, the crew was in shock as the final value of their collection came together. If everything happened to be in perfect condition, “the total would be $91,925,” they were told while on stream.

It could be a while before anyone tops that on Twitch, though with the success of their latest haul, there’s every chance Trainwrecks and Mizkif are back at it sooner than later; looks like they’ve got the Pokemon pack itch!


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