Thanks to Surrender at 20 and moobeat, the newest upcoming League of Legends champ, Samira, has been revealed. Riot has not yet officially announced her, but has been teasing her in game, with hidden missions to unlock a Samira inspired emote, and more. Now, her abilities, stats, and other details are dataminable on the PBE client, but she is not yet playable or purchasable there.

Samira appears to be a complex fighter that levels up through the course of a fight, and who has tools for both melee and ranged combat. All four of Samira’s abilities plus her passive have been pulled, but they may not all necessarily end up in this exact order, and the numbers may be wrong or undergo further tuning.

Her passive is Daredevil Impulse, which builds up her “style points” from an E rating to an S rating, and affects her damage, range, movement speed, and gives her some bonus CC. (Samira is a 200 years champ.) 

Her first skill is Flair, which changes based on the range of the target. At long range, she fires a shot, but at melee range, she instead slashes her sword in front of her. 

Her second skill is Blade Whirl, allowing her to damage nearby enemies and knock down enemy missiles, like a very temporary Wind Wall. 

Her third skill is Wild Rush, which sends her dashing through her target and damaging all enemies in her path. Killing enemy champions refreshes Wild Rush’s CD. 

Her ultimate is Inferno Trigger, which she can only use if she’s fought enough recently to receive an S Style rating. She unleashes a flurry of shots, shooting everyone in her immediate area 10 times. 

In earlier leaks, it was shown that Samira had some connections to Katarina, with her similar ultimate and flower theme. In those leaks, she was said to be a good target for all levels of play, someone who would be simple enough to use, but also allow for skill expression at higher levels, and would be fun for all. That makes her a great target for skin sales as well, and her release skin is in the recently announced PsyOps line.

The numbers for sure need tuning, but what do you think of her kit? And how many more champions does Riot have scheduled for this year? Riot just released Yone and Lillia within the last month, and Seraphine has been gaining traction recently as well. Get ready for more excitement coming soon!

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World news – CA – Next League of Legends champion, Samira, revealed on PBE

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