It’s hardly a secret at this point, but Sony is definitely looking to create some brand new virtual reality controllers. The PlayStation Move wands have served well, but the tech is 10 years old, and PSVR deserves better. Presumably, the platform holder is set to produce a brand new VR headset for use with PS5, but until we learn more about that, a new patent gives us another look at potential new controllers.

As you can see from these images, this controller concept falls in line with what we’ve seen before. Back in February, Sony filed a simpler patent for a more advanced VR input, and more recently, it was revealed that finger tracking is currently being researched. In this latest patent, it looks like the design incorporates finger tracking on the central grip, while an outer ring sports a few sensors that the PSVR headset can track in order to accurately position your virtual hands.

This is all similar technology to Valve’s Index controllers, and even these concept drawings look pretty close. The design won’t be final, but it doesn’t look far off — we’d expect the retail ready controllers will look roughly the same as what we see here. As always with patents, there’s a possibility this product won’t ever see the light of day, but given all the evidence, we’d be very shocked if Sony simply relies on Move once again.

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Having grown up alongside PlayStation, Stephen has developed a wide knowledge of video games, from AAA blockbusters to the smallest indie gems. He also has the Platinum for The Witness, so there’s that.

I’ll not count on anything until Sony confirm they are definitely building a next generation headset. I fear that if MS take too much of their player base Sony may focus resources elsewhere, such as in purchasing exclusivity and Now games.

I be really interested to see where VR heads down the line in 4-5 yrs.Every year there seems to be a improvement software and I think at some point it will be really cool to see ppl with impairments to fully enjoy a high pace game.I dunno as long the tech giants keep pushing the boundaries, I wouldn’t be surprised if something comes out of small beginnings.

I think this is one area that Sony could do really well in, they already have the best selling VR headset and thats pretty basic. If GamePass is MS’ future, then I think potentially Sonys may well be in VR, depends on how much they are invested in it as a product.

I wish VR Option is an Optional way to play, not as Mandatory way to play.
Better VR Compatible rather than VR Required.
VR itself still really expensive.
And still not many PS4 games using VR.

@thefourfoldroot there’s already rumblings about the money they spend and focus on VR. It’s not cheap. However, it’s been a profitable endeavour for them so far, and I think coupled with the PS5 then VR could really take off if they get it right. I wouldn’t want them throwing the towel in just yet. However, as I intimated a few days ago, Amazon has moved into the gaming space, we’re expecting Apple to make a play at some point next year, and Facebook too… so Sony might need to focus all their resources on their core gaming business.

.. lol.. the way Sony are going at the moment, I wouldn’t be surprised if PSVR2 uses existing moves and the old camera and they just repackage it and charge double the amount! After recent events, I’m not holding my breath for PSVR2 or its quality…

I love my PSVR but those move controllers really need to be replaced ASAP, they are pretty hopeless a lot of the time and not helped by the one camera limitation. An update can’t come soon enough for me

@SirAngry I guess it could be a good differentiator against MS, and the streaming services which can’t realistically run VR currently. And yes, it is making money (unlike Gamepass), so most signs are good.I just have a nagging doubt that Sony may have to spend big to compete with Gamepass, and the low profit margins in VR currently may lead to delaying VR revisions.

@thefourfoldroot PSVR2 is already quite a long way along it’s development path though. They’ve been trying out new controller types, and much of the tech in the PS5 is there, in my opinion, specifically to support a hi-def and fidelity wireless headset. So part of me thinks there’s a far larger synergy this time between the headset and console. It’ll come, but I think in 2022.

@Anti-Matter I understand what you mean but if you are one of the many who have paid for a PSVR headset you want games which are specifically designed to be played that way. I’ll use Beat Saber as an example, because that is a fantastic game. Ultimately that game is as good as it is because its in VR and solely VR.

Let’s hope. There is a big difference between doing R&D and locking in patents, and actually committing to manufacture and release.

The controllers are the main thing to fix though. They are terrible snd need urgent attention.

With the extra processing of the ps5 the headset is not bad. I’m happy to wait for a new headset separate from the controllers – especially if they could wait until they have eye tracking and foveated rendering nailed, as well as good inside out tracking. Really don’t care about it being wireless.

Generally I agree that bespoke is better in most games, and some games need to really be designed around VR, but racing games, flight games and Rhythm games are examples of genres that can easily fund the VR element through a standard version
We also had the fantastic Resi7 that worked great releasing as both immersive VR and flat window games.

@carlos82 I’m the same mate, I go to play some games and after a while I just put it off as the move controler is just not good enough for most games. These days I tend to stick to games like beat saber, pistol whip etc. They are fine for games like that, but games like Skyrim and stuff there just no fun. Bought the walking dead when it released and probably played about 30min before giving up lol. Hopefully we get new controllers sooner rather than later. Still I do love the vr, had my bro on superhot few weeks ago he bloody loved it lol.

@thefourfoldroot I haven’t seen the prototypes or anything, but Sony have been supposedly working hard on new controllers for PSVR, and fixing issues with the headset. I think they’re locked into releasing a new PSVR2, just don’t think it’ll be in the first year of PS5. Their focus will surely be on getting that sold.

Exceptional experiences that will only get better and a key differentiator (for me anyway) rather than this push for subscriptions from the team in green.

Although I did hover over an XBox Series S pre-order a little too long the other day which surprised me.


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