Sony decided to another week off from discounting the latest and greatest games on PlayStation 4, so this new sale is the first one we’ve seen for 14 days. What also makes this fairly significant is that it’s the final batch of price drops to conclude just before the PlayStation 5 launches, sounding off at midnight on 11th November 2020. Who knows where we go from here — PS4 sales on PS5? Let’s hope so! Anyway, without further ado, let’s take a look at what we’ve got in the latest PlayStation Store sale.

Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition is at its cheapest ever price on the PS Store, coming in at £8.99/$12.49. We also have Blacksad: Under the Skin for £11.24/$14.99, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection at just £8.74/$9.99, and Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition for £5.24/$5.99. There’s also a speedy 30% discount for FIFA 21, which is already down to £55.99/$55.99 for the Champion’s Edition. Jurassic World Evolution can be picked up for £11.14/$14.84, Red Faction: Guerrilla Re-Mars-Tered is £6.24/$7.49, Shenmue I & II can be copped for £8.99/$8.99, and The Suicide of Rachel Foster is already half price at £7.99.

As for the bargain bucket prices, we have American Fugitive for £3.59/$5.99, Darksiders: Warmastered Edition at £3.19/$3.99, and Grow Home coming in at just £1.94/$3.99. There’s also Old Man’s Journey for £1.59, Risen 3: Titan Lords – Enhanced Edition at £3.99/$4.99, and Trials Fusion for £4.79/$4.99. The corresponding sale pages aren’t live in either Europe or the US just yet, but you can head on over to PS Prices for the full list of PS4 discounts right now. Let’s hope these sales get even better once we’re buying backwards compatible titles via the PlayStation Store on PS5. What PS4 games will you be picking up? Share your digital haul in the comments below.

On any given day, Liam is most likely playing the latest PS4 release or hunting for a Platinum Trophy. Outside of video games, he can be found tirelessly supporting Derby County, unfortunately.

Hmmm.. Tales of Versperia – Buy to own for £9 or limited time to play free on Game Pass… choices.

After multiple patches that may or may not exceed the game itself in size the game is still barely passable as I had multiple hard crashes , freezes , glitched icons that wouldn’t go away among other things

The story is pretty good but it’s not worth all the hassle due to the bugs and the gameplay being more linear than your average Telltale game if you can believe it

It’s much harder to see if there’s anything I want to buy in the sale with the new website. I had a wishlist for a reason!

@SuperSaeko What a shame, really enjoyed the graphic novel so hoped this would have been good.

Tales of Vesperia for £8.99 is amazing though, I think I’ll be grabbing that as I’ve been wanting it for a while.

Highly recommend Old Man’s Journey at that price. I recommended it at full price, so at less than 2 quid, I urge people to play it if you like indie games with a great narrative

If you want to experience the story which is pretty good find a no commentary let’s play on youtube and treat it as a movie …

Not a fan of the new online store No game names under the icons so difficult sometimes to work out what it actually is (or if its game or DLC), no links to DLC within the game pages, no screen shots or movies, and no longer a wish list so I can quickly check if any of the games I’m interested in are in the sale.

@mightyquin sites like PSDeals or PSPrices are basically mandatory now. Better orgainsed, wish lists, price tracking and links to reviews on the games’ pages.

@dazzlerJJD yeah, thanks to psprices I don’t even care what Sony to their store…wishlists, price history, email notifications of price drops. Indispensable.

Very annoying now the Wishlist function is gone from the store, I used to just scroll through it to see what games I wanted were on sale, now I’ll have to scroll through the whole list so it’s good to see some of the bargains pointed out here – cheers!

I have a feeling PS Prices is going to see a lot more visitors / usage now that Wishlists have been removed. But im going to snap up Alien Isolation Collection and Stories Untold for a little last minute spooky PS4 treat

Already played and finished tales of vesperia (my fav tales) on xbox 360 years ago, but I’m interested in playing this again on ps4 😃

The lack of wishlist on the new psn store is really annoying, I can’t easily see which one of my wishlist games is being discounted 😕

Wishlist still works on the PlayStation App – at least for me it does – just checked it on iOS in USA

@everynowandben The App I believe is being updated this weekend / next week to be more inline with the new store, so say goodbye to your wishlist. The messaging app is also being made redundant as well

I 100% prefer buying on PlayStation, but Xbox got my money this week – way better Halloween deals over there.

EA Family Bundle might be worth a mention, too. Unravel is a decent game and if you want to play Garden Warfare 2 for a bit before it dies completely as well as het an NFS Pack all for £5.19 then why not? I personally think Unravel is a decent title for around that price so will be getting that and Mad Max. Already have Red Faction Remastered and Handsome Collection.

I’m not seeing any discounts this time around that interest me. Though without wishlists, there could be something I’m missing.

@themightyant Well, it isn’t free on Gamepass so through PSN it’s $9 and through Gamepass it’s either $10 or $15. Either way you’re factually paying for it, it’s just to own it is factually cheaper than to rent it. By the way, if you do go the rental route, and don’t finish it before your sub renews, tack on another $10 or $15. I’d personally go the $9 own it forever route.

@Sissyrobyn996 you are right of course that Game Pass isn’t free. But when you are paid up for several years already for £1 it feels like it.

I had hoped that whatever EU Store issues that’d prevented Chucklefish/dev of Timespinner getting a sale last time would’ve been resolved. Likewise 2+yrs since Cursed Castilla/ Super Hydorah had their last discounts, Blazing Chrome, River City Girls & Battle Princess Madelyn have all had sales everywhere bar PSN!😨Shantae Pirates Curse & HGH also 2+yrs since any discounts despite sales elsewhere this year.


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