If it’s not EA, it’s publisher 2K causing controversy by applying unskippable adverts to load screens after launch. PlayStation 4 title NBA 2K21 now sports in-game ads before you hit the court as the game loads in the players, crowd, and arena. In the tweet below, you’ll see how the Oculus Quest 2 is advertised to PS4 users before they hop to dunk a two-pointer. A quick clip of an actor applying the headset appears before the $299 price flashes on-screen.

This was a problem players faced in last year’s NBA 2K20 and it appears to have come back once more in this year’s iteration. Of course, the advert does not break up gameplay and, if anything, adds to the authenticity of 2K’s aim of creating a real-life basketball match on your telly. However, nobody really enjoys being advertised to after purchasing a $70 game, do they? Who knows if this tactic will also carry over to the PlayStation 5 version, which costs even more if you opted for the version containing a free next-gen upgrade.

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I doubt it will carry to the ps5 version as there should be no noticeable loading screens on ps5.

@Weebleman They’ll still be there. To think they are just being included to kill time is astonishingly naive.

If in game ads are added for “realism”, it should be the user’s option to turn on or off. Otherwise, it’s simply a cash grab for a full priced game.

Outcome is obviously the same — it’s still an unskippable ad at the end of the day — but I think this is part of the 2KTV episode that plays while the game is loading.

With microtransactions being “phased out”, developers have to make their money somewhere, so they sell airtime in their games instead. This will go on for 5 years until the next money making scheme arrives.

NBA 2K is absolutely stuffed with ads by the way. The other day I was able to design my own in-game Gatorade bottle and got sent an email for a discount on a crate of it.

In a loading screen its alright to me since it can’t be skipped anyway. Not while you are trying to play the game like the EA scumbags.

Regardless of whether the hardware has superfast loading or not, they can still build in unskippable ads that pop up and pause any progress to loading, cannot be clicked away etc until a set time has passed.Its not just ‘loading’ screens, as in when the game is actually’ loading but can be a ‘splash’ screen with a set time before it can be clicked away.Point is, they can actually build it into the game so it doesn’t matter how fast the game loads, it will still display an advert with a set time until an action button to skip pops up.Another reason to avoid this…What ever next? halfway through a mission you get an advert break??

Source: https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2020/10/nba_2k21_is_the_next_game_to_include_unskippable_adverts_after_launch

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World news – CA – NBA 2K21 Is the Next Game to Include Unskippable Adverts After Launch

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