Facebook CEO and Co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg, revealed in a video that he is a fan of Samsung smartphones and has been using the Android phone from the OEM for many years.

Clearly an interesting revelation disclosed by Zuckerberg. This piece of info was revealed in a conversation with Tech YouTuber Marques Keith Brownlee, aka MKBHD.

Notably, Mark did not confine his statement only towards the love of Samsung phones, but he also highlighted his love for Android OS in general.

For the unaware, Samsung and Facebook have partnered in the past for various projects. Notably, the Gear VR uses Facebook’s Oculus technology. Besides, all the Galaxy devices come pre-installed with Facebook apps and services.

So, the company’s co-founder and CEO’s inclination and favoritism towards Samsung is quite understandable. However, the CEO also revealed some insight into this decision.

When MKBHD asked Mark which phone he has in his pocket right now, and Mark replied that he has been using Samsung phones for a few years and he is a big fan.

Moreover, he also stated that he believes that Samsung makes great phones. He also pointed out the importance of Android OS for Facebook.

Additionally, Zuckerberg added that billions across the globe make use of the Android operating system to access Facebook services.

Which is the reason Android smartphones are important for him as well as the whole company. The rest of the project management team at Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other services use Android to have exposure and knowledge of various Android smartphones.

And iOS or Apple devices, as a whole, would not be fruitful for the company in this regard. However, the interesting thing is that another big name joins the list of Android users across the globe.

It has been a topic of discussions among many that which phone the big names in the industry use. Quite cleverly though, Zuckerberg did not show or reveal which smartphone exactly is he currently using.

We speculate that it could be the latest Galaxy Note 20 Ultra or Galaxy Z Fold 2. But that is just what we believe a billionaire would use who also happens to have great ties with Samsung.

Clearly, due to the vast variety of Android smartphones available in the market right now, it is potentially apt to use an Android device for testing out its services for billions across the globe.

You can share your view about this interesting fact in the comments below. And if you want to listen to the whole conversation between MKBHD and Mark, you can watch it below.

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Source: https://www.androidheadlines.com/2020/09/mark-zuckerberg-says-he-has-a-samsung-smartphone-in-his-pocket.html

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World news – GB – Mark Zuckerberg Says He Has A Samsung Smartphone In His Pocket

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