Madden NFL 21 is nowhere near as bad as its Reddit community would lead you to believe, but football fans are frustrated with the state of the series. The new release attracted ire earlier in the year when it announced that the updates for Franchise mode expand to X-Factor abilities and an extended Wild Card round. Honestly, the list of tweaks resemble patch notes rather than a brand-new release.

EA Sports put out a video statement to calm fans, claiming that it’s listening to feedback and has plans to improve the popular campaign mode in future entries, and while it wasn’t particularly well received – well, it did temporarily pacify players at least. Of course, the backlash was always going to flare back up at some point, and it looks like the free ten-hour EA Play trial has proven the straw that broke the linebackers, er, back.

Virtually every Tweet published by the Madden NFL Twitter account is filled with #FixMaddenFranchise responses. This is a similar campaign that happened to FIFA 20 last year, and to be fair publisher EA Sports does appear to have responded in principle, with FIFA 21’s career mode looking like a significant step forward by the annual soccer sim’s admittedly low standards.

The real problem is that traditional modes like Franchise are not necessarily big money-spinners for EA Sports, with the likes of Ultimate Team riddled with microtransactions. Even the new Street-inspired Yard mode appears to be a means for the publisher to peddle potentially pricey cosmetics. Fingers-crossed the firm is paying attention, and has big plans for Franchise in next year’s game.

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The only way they’ll fix the franchise mode is if the same people stop buying this garbage every year.

Do not buy it. They are “cosmetics” – stop playing Dress up doll in video games with real money.

I typically buy the new Madden on release day every year, but I’m starting to feel like I should wait a bit this year.

@Agramonte I do like playing dress up doll in video games but not for real money. Although it’s more of an ‘ooh that top looks nice’ than ‘let’s buy that f**k off massive shark head and plonk it on my car’.

@nessisonett for sure, I just went to 4 different villages to get the parts for the Mongol Commander’s Armor in Ghost of Tsushima. Looks amazing… I wanted it.

And if people want to But it, go crazy. But let’s not pretend we have no idea why it is there or how to make it stop.

The only way Madden can improve is if 2K also gets the NFL license and EA feels the urgency to be the best.

🍿 Popcorn for the people who don’t play Madden but want to see where this goes.

It’s funny that they say franchise mode isn’t a big bread winner for them. It’s the only reason I buy Madden. So while it may not be a big cash cow for them, they’re going to get $60 less a year from me until they give me something new. The scouting was better five years ago, when each player had a scouting report. Now it’s just the same old stuff with a few number tweaks every year. It sucks that they stopped trying.


World news – US – Madden NFL 21 Sparks Fresh #FixMaddenFranchise Campaign

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