MacBook maker Compal has recently been the subject of a ransomware attack that happened just over the weekend. The alleged hackers laid claims that they have accessed encrypted files and have stolen particular encrypted data.

According to an article by 9to5mac, it actually comes straight ahead of the awaited event announcing Apple’s very own first Silicon MacBooks. This attack was also during the time that Apple had received a huge amount of orders for its stated next-generation MacBooks.

According to a report by the Bleeping Computer, it was stated that the ransomware attackers were demanding a total of 1,100 Bitcoins with an estimated worth of just about $17 million given the current exchange rate.

The report said that Bleeping Computer has indeed confirmed that the known Compal has suffered a particular DoppelPaymer ransomware attack right after they received a ransom note that was used in the attack.

The DoppelPaymer is a ransomware operation mostly known for its targeting enterprises by means of gaining access through certain admin credentials and utilizing them in order to spread throughout the whole Windows network. Once the said ransomware is able to penetrate and gain access towards a main Windows domain controller, they then deploy the deadly ransomware payloads towards all of the devices linked to the network.

According to the said DoppelPaymer Tor payment site that was linked straight towards the ransom note, the attacking ransomware gang is now demanding a total of 1,100 Bitcoins or exactly $16,725500.00 as of the immediate prices given to receive a certain decryptor.

According to the received ransom note along with the DoppelPaymer’s history, the given attackers have most likely stolen the unencrypted data as an inclusion of their attack. The stolen data will then be used as a sort of double-extortion strategy wherein the attacking ransomware gangs then threaten to release these files on certain data leak sites just in case the ransom won’t be paid.

The report was then denied by the key MacBook maker known as Compal but according to 9to5mac, the evidence is still pretty compelling. The laptop maker stated that this was merely an “abnormality” within their own office automation system. Lu Qingxiong then said that the very main reason for the incident was a certain abnormality within the office automation system.

Lu Qingxiong then emphasized that the company Compal is not actually being blackmailed by hackers and that everything within production is normal. This was according to a report by the UDN.

The total orders that Apple has taken for the Apple Silicon MacBooks are actually equivalent to close to a fifth of the previous MacBook sales that the company has been able to garner last year.

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World news – US – MacBook Manufacturer Compal Hit by Alleged ‘Worst Ransomware Attack Ever’ Demanding $17 Million: Company Denies

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