It’s no secret that Super Mario Sunshine is included in Super Mario 3D All-Stars for the Nintendo Switch. In this classic 3D Mario adventure, Mario must clean up Isle Delfino and restore it to its former glory by collecting Shine Sprites. Hidden throughout the game’s seven courses there are 15 secret Shine Sprites — and there are two in every level.

To help you find them all, we’ve broken down a list of where and how to find every hidden Shine Sprite in Super Mario Sunshine.

Experience Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy wiith higher resolutions and presented in widescreen.

Start episode 8 and go back to the cave that led you to the secret stage before. This time, you’ll be able to keep FLUDD. Instead, you’ll be tasked with collecting eight Red Coins before the time runs out.

Head back to episode 6 and towards the back of the Dirty Lake. Back in the secret stage, you’ll need to ground pound the red switch and collect the eight Red Coins in 1:30 to get another Shine.

Replay episode 2 and if you can get a better time than 40 seconds in the Blooper race, you’ll earn another Shine.

Head back to episode 4 and head to the top of the tower at Ricco Harbor. When you reenter the secret stage, ground-pound the red switch and start the time.

Replay episode 1 and enter the sand castle that leads to the secret stage. Run through the first row of sand blocks and trigger the red switch. You have one minute to grab all of the Red Coins.

Replay episode 8 and head over to the reflective panels. Find the sprout in between the panels and spray it with water, which will create a staircase leading down. Spray the wall at the bottom to reveal a Shine.

Head back to episode 2 and back into Monty Mole’s cannon. Once inside, stomp on the red switch on the Yoshi block.
You have a minute to collect all eight Red Coins.

Replay episode 5, and reenter the secret stage using a orange Yoshi. Once inside, jump pass the rotating blocks and ground pound the red switch. This time you have two minutes to collect all of the Red Coins.

Go back to Episode 2 and re-enter the secret stage. Head through the first part as you normally would. Once you break past the brown blocks, you’ll find the red switch. Ground-pound it and start the timer. You’ll have 1:30 to collect all of
the Red Coins

Return to episode 4 and head back into the casino. Play the games and get access to the secret stage again. Time is short on this run — you’ll only have one minute to collect all of the Red Coins once you press the red switch.

Revisit episode 6 and reenter the special stage through the shell. Make it pass the first few obstacles and smash the red switch to start the timer.

Enter any episode after episode 5 that has clean water to get this Shine (anything after Episo). From the start, head to the area where the grandpa Noki told you about the ancient king’s treasure. Head to a green arch and wall jump between the walls. You’ll jump into a secret path. Follow the path to another opening. When you jump into the new opening, you’ll be shot up to the top of the cliff, with nothing but a tree and a gold bird. Spray the bird to get the shine.

Head back to episode 5 and enlist Yoshi’s help again to get back into the secret stage. Once in the stage, hit the red switch and start the timer.

Replay episode 8 and head to the giant palm tree in the back of the village (the one you ran to when you raced II Piantisimo). Use FLUDD to hop onto the giant palm tree leaf and towards the tower with the emblem of the sun on it. You’ll know it because a Red Coin is sitting on top of it.

Stand on the emblem and aim FLUDD at the sun. Spray it down and the Shine is yours.

Now that you know where all of the secret Shine to acquire every Shine Sprite in Super Mario Sunshine, you’re one step closer to finding all 120 Shines. If you want help with Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Galaxy, we have guides for those games as well.

Experience Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy wiith higher resolutions and presented in widescreen.

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