As part of today’s surprise Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase, Ubisoft has revealed that Just Dance 2021 will be launching on Nintendo Switch. No surprises there!

This latest instalment in the world’s biggest music game series comes with new songs, new modes, and an “improved” World Dance Floor. Details of these new features can be found below, including our first glimpse at part of the game’s new soundtrack:

Over 40 New Songs and Universes – There’s plenty of music for everyone in Just Dance 2021, including “all the good girls go to hell” by Billie Eilish and “Don’t Start Now” by Dua Lipa.

It’s never been easier to start dancing with the new quickplay mode. For those looking to get straight to playing, the game will have a randomized playlist ready from the Start menu.

Improved World Dance Floor – Challenge fellow Just Dancers from all over the world during permanent tournaments. You will be matched with players of a similar level as yours for a fair dance battle.

The first songs revealed include those listed below, although Ubisoft promises that there are plenty more to be announced:

The game launches on Switch 12th November, and will also be available on PlayStation, Xbox and Stadia. At present, there is no mention of a release on Wii or Wii U, despite Just Dance 2020 appearing on the former last year.

Are you a fan of the Just Dance franchise? Will you be strutting your stuff with this latest entry? Tell us below.

Ryan can list the first 151 Pokémon all in order off by heart – a feat he calls his ‘party trick’ despite being such an introvert that he’d never be found anywhere near a party. He’d much rather just have a night in with Mario Kart and a pizza, and we can’t say we blame him.

The further along we go with Just Dance, the fewer I’ve heard of any of the songs on here (though assume ‘In the Navy’ is a village people cover’.

But then they’re not aimed at old me, and they’re still fun, so power to them

I just got JD 2020 on the sale, I’ll gladly wait for this one to go on sale as well xD Good songs thou

I could never get into the JD games. Maybe that’s because I’m picky with my music

Sad to see Just Dance not release on Wii this year. It’s not like I played it there, but it feels like it’s an end of an era.

Feel Special is the only song I know of from that list, but I guess it’s aimed at kids these days.

I remember the first couple of games having a good mix of old and new though…

Is it coming to the Wii? I feel they wouldn’t say there was a Wii version in a Nintendo Direct presentation. Ubisoft would either announce it at E3 and in trailers on Nintendo’s YouTube channel, they’d show the box art at the end alongside the Switch version. They showed the past few Just Dance games in Directs and only mentioned the Switch versions when Wii versions were also available

Who knows? There’s a small chance as the Wii version was the second highest-selling version last year and it outsold the PS4 and Xbox One versions combined at launch and we know Ubisoft likes moolah and being the last publisher standing on abandoned platforms.

Man… that trailer was so good. I’d have bought the game there and then if I could. I appreciate some people may have heard too much Dance Monkey, but I think it’s great, and for some reason it’s never sounded better than it did in that trailer.

The lack of a Wii version is not cool man. Now my sister is angry cause she’ll miss this new entry of Just Dance. The Wii is all she had.

The wii is dead, RIP, but I LOVE that box art. Much different than past games

Thats twice now that group has appeared on just dance. But i think the more upbeat and danceable yes or yes or dtna would be a better fit.

I got JD2020 on sale a few months ago and I was very disappointed with the song selection. If I get 2021, will be on sale as well.

@NintendoWiiDS : It would have made perfect sense to announce the Wii version in a Direct. The footage would have been supplied by Ubisoft anyway, so they would have included the Wii logo alongside the Switch logo if they had any intention of releasing such a version.

But based on what Vblank have said about their physical release of Shakedown Miami, Nintendo had given them an exemption as they were about to terminate production of Wii discs moving forward, so I imagine that this is well and truly the end of the line. I’m sure Ubisoft would have released a Wii version if given the option (particularly given its rather unusual sales performance), but I don’t think it is in Nintendo’s interests to continue producing Wii discs purely for one game per year.

I guess they make bank on iterations of these games. However, a single version with additional songs as paid DLC seems like a logical approach.

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World news – US – Just Dance 2021 Announced For Switch, Launches This November

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