The leader of Manchester City Council has said the row with government over Tier 3 restrictions is not just about the money.

Sir Richard Leese said most people who test positive for the virus “are not getting particularly ill” but the problem was too many now getting ill and increasing hospital admissions and numbers in intensive care.

He said the Government’s “blanket business closure policy” is questionable and instead suggested a shielding programme for those most at risk would work better.

Sir Richard, along with Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester and nine other borough council leaders in the region are currently in a stand-off with Government.

The Government is trying to cut social interaction by closing pubs and other businesses while keeping schools and the economy open.

Greater Manchester, and other regions, have cast doubt on government strategy while also demanding more cash to help locked down local economies.

In a blog post Sir Richard said both sides agree on reducing the number of cases leading to hospital admission and that the current situation needs action.

But he claimed the Government’s approach to bringing down the number of coronavirus cases is not based on the evidence or supported by the science.

Sir Richard claimed the Government wants to close bars and pubs without any evidence they are a major cause of virus transmission and without any evidence that closing them would be effective.

“Too many are now getting ill and the number of hospital cases is going up, as is the number of people with Covid in intensive care.

Sir Richard said, with improved treatment now, the “good news” is the death rate for infections will not be “anything like” April or May.

But he said the “bad news” is, if cases continue to rise, hospitals will have to again start cancelling other patients’ treatments.

He said medics now know the most at risk of hospital admissions: older people and people with existing underlying conditions, diabetes, obesity, high-blood pressure, other respiratory illnesses.

He added: “If this is the evidence, wouldn’t it be much better to have an effective shielding programme for those most at risk, rather than have a blanket business closure policy of dubious efficacy.

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A man in Blackpool has been punched in the face for taking his mask off to speak to his elderly mother while they were travelling on a tram. Police said the victim is in his 60s and his mother, who is in her 90s, is hard of hearing. As the pensioner removed his face covering to speak to her, the suspect came up behind him and demanded that he put his mask back on, police said.

Wales to enter 17-day ‘fire break’ lockdown amid stay-at-home order Wales lockdown rules as ‘sharp, deep’ measures announced Government portal sends people to testing site that doesn’t exist Alzheimer’s and heart disease home deaths soaring during pandemic Who will blink first in the battle of the North? Subscribe to The Telegraph The Government is to hold talks with local authorities in six regions with a view to moving them to Tier 3 regulations, Matt Hancock has said. “Talks are continuing this afternoon, led by the Communities Secretary, with Greater Manchester,” the Health Secretary told MPs. “And this week further discussions are planned with South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, the North East and Teesside.” This would leave millions more Britons affected by the most stringent set of current restrictions, which already apply to Liverpool and Lancashire. Welsh leaders today confirmed a so-called fire break lockdown which will take effect from October 23 and last for two weeks, in which everyone except for key workers will be ordered to stay at home. Meanwhile Andy Burnham, the mayor of Greater Manchester, has said he won’t “roll over” and place the region under Tier 3 curbs at the “sight of a cheque”. Follow the latest updates below.

Male teachers now make up just a third of the workforce in secondary schools after a steep decline in the numbers of white men choosing the profession, new figures have revealed. The proportion of men teaching 11 to 16-year-olds has fallen year-on-year over the last decade, hitting its lowest level last year when numbers dropped to 35.5pc, according to an analysis by the Education Policy Institute (EPI) think tank. Experts say the decline could be the result of a perception more commonly held by men that teaching is a lower status job, while other career paths offer more earning potential. The study also found that despite the workforce becoming more female-dominated, the proportion of black and minority ethnic (BME) male teachers has risen to 17pc – which, for the first time, is broadly representative of the wider population. Since 2010, the number of BME male teachers has increased in both primary schools – by 114pc – and secondary schools – by 34pc. Meanwhile, the number of white men in secondary schools has fallen by more than 12,800 since 2010 – a fall of 17pc, the analysis has found. “This is an important consideration in areas where there is a prevalence of underperforming white working-class boys,” the report said. Both trends may have implications for pupil outcomes, the report said, as there is evidence that pupils have higher learning outcomes when they have “a teacher like me” in the classroom. Joshua Fullard, author and senior researcher at the EPI, said: “Evidence suggests that when a teacher matches the background of their pupils, this can help to improve pupil outcomes. “It’s therefore encouraging that despite the overall decline in males, we have seen a rise in the proportion of BME male teachers, which now corresponds with the population as a whole.” The proportion of men teaching in secondary schools has fallen year-on-year since 2010, hitting its lowest level last year when 35.5pc of teachers were male, the analysis shows. But figures in primary schools have stagnated over the last five years to 14.1pc. The decline of male teachers has occurred in every region in England, except for inner London. Men are least likely to go into teaching in the North East, where across all schools, just one in four (24.4pc) teachers are male, according to the report. It suggests that the decline of men in the profession is likely to be caused by the public sector pay freeze over the last decade. The think tank says the Government is likely to need to recruit more men in shortage subjects, like maths and physics, to meet recruitment targets, and it should continue to offer top-up payments to help recruit and retain maths and physics teachers in the most disadvantaged areas. Dr Stephen Curran, a teacher and former government adviser, said there is still an attitude amongst some men that they can earn more money outside of teaching. He said: “We still have a gender imbalance in this country. There’s been quite a lot of work to correct it, but the perception still is among men that they can earn a higher salary outside of teaching than in it…Men that I’ve talked to say ‘I can earn far more as an accountant in the City’. That kind of attitude amongst professional educated men persists.” Professor Lee Elliot Major, professor of social mobility at Exeter University, said the declining popularity of teaching could be because it is seen as a low status job among men. He said: “Sadly, the teaching profession suffers from low pay, low social status and stereotypes that it’s female work – all of which drive the underrepresentation of males. “We need to give greater value and respect to one of the most important jobs in society so we attract good people irrespective of their gender.” A Department for Education (DfE) spokeswoman said: “We are working to increase the diversity of the teaching workforce, and have improved pathways into the profession with the aim of a diverse workforce that supports the progression and retention of all teachers, regardless of gender.”

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North Korea detainees subjected to ritual torture and sexual assault – rights groupPrisoners considered ‘less than an animal’ by regime, according to interviews with 15 former detainees by Human Rights Watch

Thousands of people have protested across France after Friday’s terrorist killing of a school teacher. Samuel Paty was beheaded on Friday in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine by a 18-year-old Moscow-born Chechen refugee who was shot dead by police.

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UK refuses to restart Brexit talks despite EU accepting its demands. No 10 unmoved even after Barnier’s offer prompts Gove to make U-turn at dispatch box

The president stood on stage this weekend and encouraged his followers to shout ‘lock her up’ about a governor whose kidnapping attempt was just barely thwarted by the FBI. A battered Trump is a dangerous Trump

‘This Morning’ star Phillip Schofield has admitted he still feels ‘pretty confused’ about his identity after coming out as gay earlier this year.

HuffPost UK reader Gill asked: “I heard research has shown reduced oestrogen makes you more vulnerable to bad Covid. Is this true?”


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World news – GB – ‘It is not about the money’, says council boss in lockdown row

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