Ever since it passed through our cosmic neck of the forest, it has been a spectator of stars First Scientists are perplexed and amazed. Now, a new theory has emerged that a cigar-shaped space stone could actually be dust.

On Earth, “dust bunnies” are piles of accumulated dust and debris that are held together by static electricity that floats around under the furniture, pushed by the winds. However, scientists behind a new study suggest that ‘Omuamua is the first string to be found among us. Solar system, (By default) may be a scale-up dust bunny.

The study, led by Jane Lou, an astronomer at the University of Oslo in Norway, found that the nebulae of a comet outside our solar system could have been turned into an international space rock from dust. This rock, the accumulation of rock and dust from the comet, is pushed through space by solar radiation and finally makes a short trip to our solar system.

After scientists discovered ‘Omuamua’ in 2017, they developed a myriad of theories about what the object could be, how it could have formed, and how it was traveling so fast in space. The theory surrounding the object had to keep in mind O’Malley’s strangely poor, cigar-like shape and its fast speed, at about 57,000 miles per hour (92,000 kilometers).

Researchers have proposed Probably the material is solid hydrogen He, as the rock is close to a star, turns to the gas and pushes O’Muamua forward. Some scientists have suggested that the object, which looked like the size of a cigar, was Really like more discs in reality. Still others wondered if the rock could be one Alien Light Cell Created by an intelligent alien species.

In the new discovery, Lu and his team suggested that a large portion of the rock would probably break the comet’s nucleus once, and as dust and gas particles flow away from the nucleus, they would attach themselves to a rocky piece. Giving up, eventually forming ‘Omuamua’. As the piece gets bigger over time, the gas blowing away from the comet will eventually push the dusty rock into space.

Scientists suspect that the actual comet was a “long-term” comet, which takes a long time to orbit its stars and travel far away from them. Due to the weak gravity of the comet and the radiation pressure, the researchers think the object separated from its parents and went into intercellular space on a path and eventually carried it on a short cycle through our solar system.

Luu thinks that with unequal survey technologies such as the Telescope Pan-Stars 1 (Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System), which first saw ‘Omuamua’ in 2017, we will see more and more intercellular interlopers like Omuamua. According to a statement. The Pan Stars 1 telescope In Hawaii, located at the top of the top of Maui’s recent volcano, there is a space-rock hunting powerhouse that can see very faint things like ‘Omuamua’.

It is important to observe new astronauts, because ‘the speed of Omuamua means that scientists have only been able to see it in our solar system for a few weeks. By discovering new objects, scientists could also see if they were created in the proposed way by Lu’s team in a new discovery about Omuamua.

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Source: https://www.sproutwired.com/interstellar-visitors-omuamua-could-actually-be-a-cosmic-dust-bunny/

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World news – US – Interstellar Visitors’ Omuamua could actually be a cosmic dust bunny

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