Update: The Race With Ryan Deluxe Edition is now available for $29.99 / £24.99 / €29.99, both digitally and physically. A new trailer has been released to celebrate, and we have a rundown of everything included below:

Race With Ryan Road Trip Deluxe Edition is the ultimate Race With Ryan experience bringing together the original title and all new content released since launch for a total of 16 tracks and 33 fan favourite racers. The brand new DLC pack adds 2 new tracks and 7 racers including Montana Panda, Nevada Ryan and Wisconsin Lexa. Fans of all ages can take to the track with their favourite racer and cruise along Route 66, Icy Land, Forest, Redwood and New York, New York, before zooming to the finish line.

Original Article (Mon 11th May, 2020 15:30 BST): The Deluxe Edition we’ve all been waiting for is finally here, as Outright Games reveal the Race With Ryan: Road Trip Deluxe Edition and Race With Ryan: Surprise Track Pack DLC.

Yes, arguably the most irritating racer on Switch is back with brand new content, available as a digital update for those who already own the game, or as part of a Deluxe edition bundle which apparently offers “the ultimate racing experience”.

The new Track Pack DLC adds two new tracks – Icy Land and Route 66 – and five new racers including American Titan, New York Lexa and New Hampshire Panda. This expansion pack is available as we speak for $7.99 / £5.99 / €7.99, so feel free to get on that immediately if you already own a copy of the game.

If you’d rather wait for the Deluxe Edition – which will be available both digitally and physically – that’s planned to launch in October. This will contain the full original game, Surprise Track Pack DLC and a brand new American road trip themed pack.

We reviewed the base game when it first came to Switch in November. If you can’t tell, we weren’t exactly impressed. Here’s what we had to say:

“Putting our opinion on the cynical Ryan phenomenon to one side, the resulting game is nevertheless a slightly below-average kart racer that handles reasonably well but generally underwhelms, from the pitifully small number of tracks to the uninspired, floaty-light weaponry. Give your kids a Mario, Sonic or Crash racer instead; they may be young, but they aren’t stupid.”

Ryan can list the first 151 Pokémon all in order off by heart – a feat he calls his ‘party trick’ despite being such an introvert that he’d never be found anywhere near a party. He’d much rather just have a night in with Mario Kart and a pizza, and we can’t say we blame him.

They most absolutely are young and stupid because a lot of kids actually enjoy this game

@nessisonett It sounds like they took well to the criticism and want to improve on the game! 😂

Ohhhh that’s nice a game whose existence I completely forgot is getting DLC I will likely forget about too.

watches the video, around the 30 second mark When Ryan popped up in the bottom right hand corner, I wanted him to say ‘Toasty!’

I honestly wonder if the original release’s success was driven by the perceived “rarity” of the game and collectors lapping it up. I expect the same to be done now for this new “complete version”.

The irony of the game’s titular hero and the author sharing the same name can’t be understated.

Seriously, screw this kid’s parents. I don’t allow my son to watch Ryan. It sets up an unrealistic expectations for children. It’s not the kid’s fault, but the mom, in particular, is a manipulating wench.

So you guys will write about this, but not that Kirby is in a fortnite trailer? Ight…

It’s always like this with really young child stars. They only have a shelf life of a few years. Gotta milk that cow like crazy while the milk is still coming.

@JasmineDragon Yeah especially when it comes to Youtube child stars like this. Considering how the legal guidelines have changed with them not being allowed to exploit children like they used to along with Ryan getting older as all kids do I would expect this to be one of their last attempts to milk the brand for what it’s worth.

@RupeeClock He’s NINE. He looks FOUR. I can imagine his parents will just keep going until he moves out, or has no more views

@Bobb I bought Garfield Kart because I wanted to experience some life changing shovelware. Now, I am by no means claiming its a good game, but I didn’t think it was nearly as bad as the reviews suggested. It probably could be patched up to be a decent game (not that I expect that to happen) because it’s a case of everything feels a little off, as opposed to having problems so major the only fix would be to start over.

@King-X Ha, I was literally just playing the DS edition of Diddy Kong Racing last night. That game is really overdue for a sequel.

@Bobb for garfield, it would be better to just make the game again or forget it even exists

Unfortunately what often happens with these child stars is in about 15-20 years his mugshot will be on the news. Either from getting arrested from being coked out of his mind in a random Carl’s Jr. at 2am or getting pulled over from driving 107 mph in a 45 mph zone with a open bottle of Jack Daniels & pills.

Hopefully his family and those around him (his legal, sales, marketing teams, etc.) are providing proper guidance, any needed counseling and support to ensure he’s well educated to grow up to be a upstanding individual. Not just another “fall from grace” statistic.

@RupeeClock Get ready to see Ryan do tik tok dances and call gamers the N-word when he’s 13.

“This expansion pack is available as we speak for $7.99 / £5.99 / €7.99, so feel free to get on that immediately if you already own a copy of the game.”

@Dakotastomp Did you see what I said above? What you said is definitely a precursor to my prediction….Let’s hope not but won’t be surprised if it does happen

I think Gary Coleman is a more appropriate comparison for what could happen to him later…

I honestly feel terrible for kids forced to make YouTube channels. Their parents only make them do it so they can get their selfish asses billions of dollars.

They probably don’t love their children besides the fact that they get them money, which is just… depressing, honestly.

Knowing pocket.watch I’m surprised they didn’t add MTX. Have you seen the HobbyKids’ blatant Carls Jr. advert cartoon? pocket.watch are money-grabbing leeches exploiting the lack of regulation for new mediums.

Great news – the switch has been crying out for a kart racer…. barely any of any quality available 😂😂😂😂

Parents buy your kids the proper choices not this you cruel monsters – if your kid would rather race as Ryan than Yoshi…. you’ve failed already.

Step aside Mario Kart! Move along CTR! Race with Ryan is clearly the kart racer masterpiece we’ve all been waiting for!

I saw this game on Playstations YouTube channel, The comments were turned off, I wonder why …

it’s like we aren’t the target audience for this game and people can’t figure it out.

@Switcheroot : Exactly. I’m sick of the constant nagging for DLC. I like my deluxe editions complete as is, thank you very much.

@Severian Trying to be positive about this kid’s future, ironically the upside is that everyone could forget who this kid is in a few years. Then he can have a normal childhood again while he’s still young. Another advantage this kid has over Gary Coleman is Ryan will grow up and be hard to recognize. Coleman looked the same as he did on TV for the rest of his life and EVERYONE knew who he was. Not that I particularly approve of what his parents are doing, but I don’t think this is nearly as bad as what happens to a lot of child actors.

Noice!!! This is already at the top of my non-existent list of games to never buy! Now I get to not buy the DLC either!

@TheFox Jake Lloyd is another extreme I could argue, but Ryan probably has a ton of friends who want his toys as opposed to Jake being bullied.

I don’t think he’ll have a normal childhood due to all those toys and online presence though.

Man, I’ve been waiting far too long to play as Montana Panda. I hope they add Master Chief and Goku on the next DLC

This kid is so annoying. I am just waiting for what usually happens to child stars when they get older. Mark my words they are going to find him with a bag full of coke and his face in some hooker’s vagina just watch.

@JoeyTS So nothing to do with it looking crap then, I would so much rather play any Mario Kart or CTR or Sonic All Stars games, Hell even Modnation Racers looked better than this on the PS3, Shame that game died.

I wonder if there will be any money left by the time Ryan hits 18, or will his parents have spent it all. See Jackie Coogan Law.

Sorry, Ryan, you may have recieced a few novelty sales from your first game, but your time is up. Time to go.

So kids can have technically horrible games because they are directed towards them and everyone else should just ignore how awful it is?

@doctorhino true words have never been spoken. This is also the question in arts on whether something is not just good or bad, but tasteful. This “game” is not good or tasteful.

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Review: Race With Ryan – A Thoroughly Average Racer Tied To The Most Annoying Licence Imaginable

Review Race With Ryan – A Thoroughly Average Racer Tied To The Most Annoying Licence Imaginable

Source: https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/10/hooray_race_with_ryan_is_getting_paid_dlc_and_a_physical_deluxe_edition

Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Outright Games

World news – US – Hooray! Race With Ryan Is Getting Paid DLC And A Physical Deluxe Edition

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