Bacteria can live in outer space without protection. And it is not a theory. It is a fact.

Bad news for our next trip to Mars. Astronauts will have to take extreme care in don’t carry bacteria with them, because they could survive on Mars, and even colonize planets…

An experiment carried out by researchers at the University of Tokyo has shown that Deinococcus radiodurans bacteria can survive for years in outer space, without protection. It is not a mathematical calculation or a theoretical speculation. It is a fact. As simple as leaving several colonies of these bacteria outside the International Space Station for three years. A part have survived …

These Japanese biologists placed several samples of Deinococcus radiodurans colonies of at least 0.5 mm outside the Station, without any protection. They have been exposed for three years at temperatures of more than 100 degrees below zero, in a vacuum, and subjected to ultraviolet radiation from the Sun … And they have survived.

The scientists found that the bacteria that were in the layer most exposed to radiation died, but with their body they formed a protective layer that kept the bacteria inside safe, for no less than three years …

Analyzing the percentage of surviving bacteria, they estimate that colonies with a thickness of 0.5 mm could survive between 15 and 45 years in space, without protection. On the other hand, the largest colonies, of 1 mm, would only last a maximum of 8 years.

This discovery makes the theory of panspermia viable, which ensures that microorganisms can travel between planets (in an asteroid for example), and therefore life on Earth could come from another planet.

NASA has released a video showing the most detailed panorama of Mars ever seen. It is made up of 1,200 photographs captured by its Curiosity robot, which has been pacing the surface of the Red Planet since 2012.

But this raises another problem, and that is that Bacteria could also survive a possible trip to Mars It will last a few months, and even colonize the Red Planet or other places.

In any case, this experiment only demonstrates the survival of bacteria in space, but not the trip. It remains to be seen whether they could survive the increased radiation outside the shielding of Earth’s magnetic field (the Space Station is still partially shielded), as well as a high-speed landing on Mars.


World news – GB – Hi-Tech : Terrestrial bacteria survive for years in space without protection, and could colonize other planets | Technology

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