A satellite image of the Northeast Pacific taken by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) on Sept. 12. Credit – NOAA

Satellite images recently shared by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) show massive amounts of smoke engulfing the Western Coast of the United States and extending hundreds of miles over the Pacific Ocean, as dozens of wildfires continue to ravage California, Oregon and Washington and create dangerous air quality conditions for millions.

This #FullDiskFriday, the #GOESWest satellite is continuing to watch the sobering amount of smoke from wildfires spreading across the #WestCoast of the U.S. @NIFC_Fire says there are 102 large wildfires and so far, more than 4 million acres have burned. pic.twitter.com/8IyzZufITS

The unprecedented wildfires — which experts say are fueled by climate change — have burned hundreds of thousands of acres and killed at least at least 14 people, according to NPR. The fires have also created dangerous air quality conditions in much of the West Coast, and health officials recommend people stay inside whenever possible.

In satellite images taken by NOAA on Thursday and Friday, enormous amounts of smoke created by the fires can be seen extending and spiraling hundreds of miles out over the Pacific Ocean.

#SATELLITE SPOTLIGHT: This #FullDisk #GeoColor view from @NOAA’s #GOES17🛰️ covers the globe from western Australia to eastern North America from 22,300 miles up. From this perspective, you can see the vast extent of the #smoke from the western #wildfires in this 24-hr loop. pic.twitter.com/03RWwzu7lp

I didn’t think the satellite images of the West Coast fires could get more jaw-dropping and alarming. I was wrong. The smoke has been wrapped at least 1,000 miles west into a cyclone, and also is wafting far southeast, over Ariz. pic.twitter.com/U1fQqaX0MG

UPDATE: Here’s another look from @NOAA’s #GOES17🛰️ of the stunning amount of #smoke covering the West and Pacific coast this afternoon. As of today, there are about 100 large #wildfires currently burning in the U.S., covering more than 4.5 million acres. #WesternWildfires pic.twitter.com/n9yCahEU9z

Smoke is creating poor air quality conditions for much of the west coast. Take steps to minimize the health impacts. Stay inside and close windows and doors.Don’t rely on cloth face coverings or surgical masks to prevent breathing in wildfire smoke. More: https://t.co/lzg2OC54VY pic.twitter.com/Xo9tehH5xP

Today in horrifying satellite imagery: The bulk of that smoke from the Oregon and California wildfires is being pulled into a huge cyclone over the Pacific. Stretches back almost 2,000mi to New Mexico. pic.twitter.com/ez84jFbI0a

On Saturday, NOAA shared another 24-hour time lapse of satellite images, showing the smoke continuing to extend and swirl over the Pacific.

UPDATE: In this 24-hr #GeoColor loop, @NOAA’s #GOES17🛰️ is watching the #smoke from the #WesternWildfires blowing over the Pacific Ocean and swirling into a low pressure system. @NIFC_Fire says nearly 28,000 firefighters and support personnel are responding to the #fires. pic.twitter.com/hUURtBiSLH

As of Saturday morning, 24 active large fires are burning in California, 14 active large fires are burning in Oregon and 15 active large fires are burning in Washington, according to the National Interagency Fire Center. Twelve active large fires are also burning in Idaho and and nine active large fires are burning in Montana. In total, 97 large fires have burned 4.7 million acres in Western states, per the Fire Center, and evacuation orders are in place in California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Idaho and Utah. More than 29,000 firefighters and support personnel are working to fight the fires, per the Center.

The fires have caused the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. to have some of the most unhealthy air conditions in the world, according to the Associated Press. On Friday, officials at Oregon Occupational Safety and Health department urged employers to stop or delay outdoor work activities due to the dangerous air quality.

Source: https://news.yahoo.com/heres-massive-amount-smoke-created-190452685.html

Wildfire, NASA, West Coast of the United States

World news – CA – Here’s What the Massive Amount of Smoke Created by West Coast Wildfires Looks Like From Space

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